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House Proceeding on Mar 24th, 2010 :: 1:34:25 to 1:39:40
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Virginia Foxx

1:34:25 to 1:39:40( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Virginia Foxx

Virginia Foxx

1:34:43 to 1:35:05( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: that he mentioned were in my district because of the rain that we had recently. but you know, declaring a disaster and allocating money to those counties are two different things. i would bet, and i'll ask -- i'm sorry i don't have to do it while we're here on the floor, but i bet it will be 18 months before any of those people see

Virginia Foxx

1:35:06 to 1:35:26( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: a dime of money because the bureaucracy is so incompetent in terms of responding to people. so the money won't be given out for a long, long time from those disasters. unfortunately. because when those things happen people need help right a.

Virginia Foxx

1:35:27 to 1:35:49( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: now, we could have gone through regular -- need help right away. now, we could have gone through regular order. but my guess is you could declare jobs being created through more government funding. you know, madam speaker, i was in the congress when katrina

Virginia Foxx

1:35:50 to 1:36:12( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: hit, and here's what happened. we were on the august break, katrina hits on saturday, sunday, monday. the speaker of the house, mr. hastert, had a conference call on wednesday of that week and he said, i either can call everybody back into session and we will allocate the $10 billion that needs to be allocated for katrina right now

Virginia Foxx

1:36:13 to 1:36:33( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: in an emergency or we can have unanimous consent, no one will come forward and object, i'll bring a few people back in, we'll take care of this need immediately and that's exactly what happened. everybody knew there was an emergency, and we reacted to it. i don't understand my colleagues saying we are not preparedor a massive disaster.

Virginia Foxx

1:36:34 to 1:36:55( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: if we aren't with all the money that we spend on things then we have a major problem. i think we are prepared for major disasters. we showed that on 9/11. we showed it with katrina. so this is a strong dog, that's all it is. now, given the best efforts of the democrats toreate jobs starting with the stimulus last

Virginia Foxx

1:36:56 to 1:37:19( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: year, perhaps this bill would be better title the disaster relief and summer government jobs act of 2010. as has been so well articulated in a march 3 "waington times" editorial, from immigration to clean energy, to expanding the social safety net, there's no

Virginia Foxx

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Virginia Foxx: better way to grease the skids for government in washington than watch supporters line up in potential opposition crumble, end quote. the piece goes on to cite multiple examples of how democrats claim their proposals will create jobs, but what they never seem to mention is where these jobs are coming from. ends up many of the democrat policies actually do create

Virginia Foxx

1:37:42 to 1:38:04( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: jobs after all, government jobs. and they do so by stealing jobs from the private sector. and don't just take my word for it. let's look at the evidence. as you can see this chart shows the net job gains or loss by major sector from february of 2009 to february, 2010. it illustrates how the private

Virginia Foxx

1:38:05 to 1:38:26( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: sector lost 3.9 million jobs over the past year while government grew by a total 293,000 jobs. again, the american people are understanding this and they're getting sick and tired of it. they don't want to be paying

Virginia Foxx

1:38:27 to 1:38:48( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: high taxes, to be put in debt for -- until infinity in order to create more jobs generally paying twice as much as the private sector jobsdo. the senate health care overhaul replete with its back room deals mandates a dubious constitutional standing and a dozen tax increases that break

Virginia Foxx

1:38:49 to 1:39:10( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: the president's tax pledge is now law. it remains to be seen how this health care overhaul will be implemented, but one white house advisor said it must be implemented, quote, effectively, efficiently and with great accountability, end quote. if that sounds familiar, it's because last year the white house was saying the same thing

Virginia Foxx

1:39:11 to 1:39:34( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: about the stimulus bill. turns outhe $1 trillion boondoggle wasn't nearly as stimulative as advertised. job creation not so much. this is the proof. you know, our colleagues continually say that we don't represent things accurately. i know we can argue about numbers, but these are not republican numbers.

Virginia Foxx

1:39:35 to 1:39:40( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: these are numbers that are true and, madam speaker, this bill is not going to do anything to

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