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House Proceeding 03-24-10 on Mar 24th, 2010 :: 0:02:40 to 0:08:15
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Jerry Lewis

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Jerry Lewis: emergency funding that is not yeeded foroff sets. with -- that is not needed for offsets. with that i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california. mrlewis: the fiscal path our country is currently on is unsustainable. with an annual deficit of $1.6 trillion, a growing mountain of

Jerry Lewis

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Speech By: Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis

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Jerry Lewis: debt and unemployment hovering near 10%, it's clear that we must change our course now or face catastrophic consequences in the very near future. my colleagues, the simple truth is that uncle sam needs a diet. the single greatest challenge

Jerry Lewis

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Jerry Lewis: of this congress and our best hope for lasting recovery lies in curving uncle sam's appetite for spending. it's time to cut up the government's credit card and live within our means starting right now. today, just two nights ago

Jerry Lewis

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Jerry Lewis: congress passed a $1 trillion health care bill that was opposed by every republican house member and 39 democrat house members. never before in our nation's history has such a historic legislation been passed by one party over such widely based bipartisan opposition. now, here we are again

Jerry Lewis

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Jerry Lewis: preparing to vote on yet another huge spending bill that was crafted without any ansparency or bipartisan involvement. most members would agree that providing relief to americans suffering from national disasters is a responsible and worthy use of taxpayer dollars.

Jerry Lewis

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Jerry Lewis: there's already $1.4 billion in the jobs pipeline. it's worth noting that the $600 million for summer youth jobs program is being offset by unusual funding -- in the unused funding from the stimulus bill and other past spending bills.

Jerry Lewis

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Jerry Lewis: but my underlying question is this -- if there is $1.4 trillion already in the pipeline for the department of labor jobs program, why can't we return the rescind $600 million back to the treasury for deficit reduction?

Jerry Lewis

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Jerry Lewis: why must my democrat frien members, 37 democrats, 23 republicans. it's worth noting, however, that my chairman has made it a habit to write his bills and completely bypass the democrat and republican members of the committee. do not for one minute believe that this legislation reflects the work of the house

Jerry Lewis

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Jerry Lewis: appropriations committee or even the democrats on the appropriations committee. because it does not. to my knowledge, this bill has had no input from any members other than the chairman himself. there has been no markup, no amendments and no potential offsets debated or even

Jerry Lewis

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Jerry Lewis: discussed by the committee. for example, the $1 trillion stimulusackage and the subsequent senate stimulus passed by the house prior christmas, this legislation will pass without any opportunity for a member to amend it. with billions and billions of stimulus funding still unspent,

Jerry Lewis

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Jerry Lewis: there's no reason why the entire emergency relief portion of this legislation could not be entirely paid for or be used to begin paying down that $1.6 trillion deficit for the year. mr. obey has argued that republicans didn't, quote, pay for disasters when we were in charge.

Jerry Lewis

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Jerry Lewis: surely we can cut unspent stimulus funding to pay for the fema spending involved here. we shouldn't continue to spend money we don't have. mr. speaker, we can agree to disagree on the cause of our economic troubles, but the fact remains that we cannot spend our way into economic health.

Jerry Lewis

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Jerry Lewis: until the congress curbs its appear tied for spending, our economy will continue -- appetite for spending, our economy will continue to suffer. i urge members on both sides of the aisle to assist, especially after sunday's budget-busting vote on health care, that we fully offset the entire cost of this legislation so they do not further burden future

Jerry Lewis

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Jerry Lewis: generations with even more debt. i will close as i beganwith this comment, the simple truth

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