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House Proceeding 03-24-10 on Mar 24th, 2010 :: 1:44:20 to 1:48:20
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Dan Burton

1:44:19 to 1:44:40( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. for what purpose does the gentleman from indiana rise? mr. burton: i ask unanimous consent to address the house for five minutes and to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. burton: madam speaker, i'm not going to talk for five minutes, but i would like to talk to my democrat colleagues tonight because once again it

Dan Burton

1:44:20 to 1:48:20( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Dan Burton

Dan Burton

1:44:41 to 1:45:01( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: seems we'repending money that we don't have. i know this may sound funny but the american people can't figure out why they have to balance their budgets and we just keep spending money we don't have and we don't have and we don't have. now, the bill we passed today provided $6 million in funds that we did appropriate money

Dan Burton

1:45:02 to 1:45:22( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: for, for youth -- for summer jobs. we had $5.1 billion for disaster relief. when a disaster relief i think is something very laudable. we had the president say for what is called pay-go. if you come up with a program and you don't have the money, you have to find the money someplace else by cutting another program to take ca of

Dan Burton

1:45:23 to 1:45:43( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: the one that you're funding. so we had another $5.1 billion added to the deficit today. the deficit projected by the white house over the next 10 years is $900 billion a year. and they've been short on their projections all over the place. for instance, they said that the health care bill we just

Dan Burton

1:45:44 to 1:46:04( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: passed, which most americans don't want, was only going to cost about $800 billion-some. but when you recallize -- realize you're paying for six years of benefits and taxes 10 years, it will cost more than $800 billion they are talking about.

Dan Burton

1:46:05 to 1:46:25( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: it will cost $1.6 trillion or $1.7 trillion at least for 10 years of coverage and 10 years of taxes, but they don't tell us that. i'd just like to say to my colleagues tonight and my colleagues back in the office and if i were talking to the american people if they were listening, if i could talk to them, i know i can't, madam speaker, i would say what we need to be doing in washington

Dan Burton

1:46:26 to 1:46:46( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: is we need to be telling the president and the democrat leadership to go down and buy several thousand reams of additional paper and several million gallons of ink so they can go down to the printing presses at the mint and print money we don't have. that's what they ought to be doing. and then the people who have

Dan Burton

1:46:47 to 1:47:07( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: money in the bank, let's just say you have $1,000 in the bank, madam speaker, and we double the money supply by printing money that we don't have, we double the money supply, you have $1,000 in the bankyou still have the $1,000 but only buy $500 worth of product. that's where we're heading. inflation is a hidden tax that people don't even realize

Dan Burton

1:47:08 to 1:47:28( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: they're getting. and that's what's going to happen if we don't get control of spending. the budget this year was $3.85 trillion that we don't vfment the health care bill's going to cost more like $3 trillion in the next 10 years that we don't have. that doesn't include the doc fix which is going to cost, what, $250 million-some we

Dan Burton

1:47:29 to 1:47:49( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: don't have. -- $250 billion-some we don't have. i would say to my colleagues and to the american people if i could talk to them, and i know i can't, you ought to tell your representative, quit spending money we don't have. you're ruining our children's future, you're creating a society that's going to be costing them a lot more, taxing

Dan Burton

1:47:50 to 1:48:10( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: them a lot more and giving them a quality of life that does not equal what we have tay. and it's a terrible legacy to leave to the future generations. and, madam speaker, with that i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: ms. woolsey. mr. jones. mr. defazio.

Dan Burton

1:48:11 to 1:48:20( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: of oregon. mr. moran of kansas. ms. kaptur of ohio.

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