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Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: mr. hastings: thank you, mr. speaker. and i want to thank my good friend and former seat mate on the rules committee for yielding the time. mr. speaker, while i support the underlying goals and indeed the idea of this bill, i have fundamental concerns with what is lacking in both the bill and the rule.

Doc Hastings

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Speech By: Doc Hastings

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: this bill and rule have focused on clearing up how to budget for fighting forest fires. that's good. but the democrat leadership is averting its eyes and its legislative power from the need to prevent forest fires from happening in the first place. under the democrat majority, not a single hearing has been held

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: on wild land fire prevention this congress, and only one hearing was held in the last congress. hundreds of millions of dollars have been provided to place more forested land under federal control. but little has been allocated to actively manage these lands or help the forest service and department of interior clear

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: areas and create firewalls between populated areas and potential tinder fire boxes. i know that while this rule has been much more generous, and sometimes when i say that with all the closed rules we have, even one amendment would be generous, but while this rule has been much more generous in making amendments in order than

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: recent examples, of the five amendments that i filed, the two which explicitly, explicitly addressed fire prevention were not allowed by the rules committee. as was congressman herger's amendment, a commonsense budget neutral one, that the gentleman from florida pointed out would simply say excess funds in this

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: account should go to fire prevention. i don't understand what is wrong with even debating it? keep in mind, mr. speaker, when we allow these amendments to be made in order, we are not saying they are going to pass. we are simply going to say that they'll be made in order to debate. why wouldn't we want to have a

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: debate that says we have excess funds and if there's no fires so there's some funds left over, we'll put that in fire prevention. why for goodness sakes could we not even debate something like that on the floor? but, that seems to be a batern unfortunately in this congress. mr. speaker, we immunize our

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: children to prevent illnesses and suffering. we treat our hom for termites and other pests to save us from expensive extermation and rye pairs down the line. farmers spray their crops to prevent plant disease and produce healthy products. why can't we extend the same principle to our forests?

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: preventing devastating forest fires or reducing their severity will save monny, property, and even lives. i know my friend from colorado in his opening remarks made mention of a forest that is devastated by a beetle. there is nothing in this bill that prevents the bettle infestation, now there -- beetle infestation, now there are

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: amendments that may be addressed, and frankly my would address it more fully. i think this bill of carving out something to say the forest service or anybody that fights forest fires will have a dedicated sum of money to fund those, i think that's good policy. but once again, this does not address the underlying issues.

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: that's really where we should be focusing. so i hope in e future that my majority colleagues will heed the words of our beloved icon of the forest service, smokey the bear, when he says, and i quote, "only you can prevent forest spires." with that i thank the gentleman for yielding. i yield back the balance of my time.

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from colorado. mr. polis: thank you, mr. speaker. the gentleman from washington had two -- three, i'm sorry, three amendments that were ruled in order. of the several that he submitted before the rules committee and those of course will be given consideration.

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: amendments that directly relate to our friends, the invasive species in this case. mr. hastings: would the gentleman yield? i appreciate the gentleman for yielding. i'm very thankful you made three of my amendments in order. but as i explained in my remarks

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: regarding the herger amendment, when you make an amendment in order, you are not ensuring its passage. all are you ensuring is you are going to have a debate on the issue. so i wonder why you wouldn't -- because there is some 20

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