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Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: result. i would like to reserve the balae of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from florida. mr. diaz-balart: i yield such time he may consume to the distinguished gentleman from washington, mr. hastings. the spker pro tempore: the gentleman from washington state is recognized. mr. hastings: i thank the gentleman for yielding. i wish my friend from colorado had yielded to me. he's right. i served on the rules committee for 12 years. and i understand what it's like for the majority to have to

Doc Hastings

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Speech By: Doc Hastings

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: control their agenda. i fully understand that. but this is the people's house. and we ought to be able to debate issues on where there may be some disagreement. now, you're a new member here. i hope that at some time you will enjoy, and i say that in

Doc Hastings

0:25:19 to 0:25:39( Edit History Discussion )

Doc Hastings: all sincerity, enjoy having a bill on the floor under an open rule to debate under the five-minute rule. i'm not sure if you know what member to speak for five minutes on a rule unlimited time. i see my friend from california, mr.iller, sitting here. i remember in my first term when

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: i was in -- in 1995. we had some humongous debates on the floor here on forestlands. probably some other things. and those debates went well into the night. i remember very scifically. and at the end of the day, we voted. one side won and one side lost and we went on to the next issue. but the pattern in this congress

Doc Hastings

0:26:01 to 0:26:22( Edit History Discussion )

Doc Hastings: has been not even to have a debate. and i don't expect you to totally agree with me. you're new here. maybe you ought to go back and look at some debateshat we have had in the past. or look at some rules. we are coming to a time here in this process where we call

Doc Hastings

0:26:23 to 0:26:43( Edit History Discussion )

Doc Hastings: appropriation season. appropriation season is -- historically been a time when there is open debate. i hope i'm wrong. i hope i'm wrong but i suspect that the rules committee will come up with what they call preprinting requirement open rules. that's not an open rule.

Doc Hastings

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Doc Hastings: just by definition if you have preprinting requirement how can it be open? i suspect that's what's going to happen. and so one more step here where the people i think will be denied access to their members, their representatives will have access to an open debate. it just seems to me that we have

Doc Hastings

0:27:05 to 0:27:26( Edit History Discussion )

Doc Hastings: gone through this year in the -- and the ruckus we had on the floor with a.i.g. last week, oh, my gosh. we are shocked because of that provision that was in the bill. it was which we had absolutely no chance to read it. now, clearly people on your side of the aisle didn't read it. clearly people in the other by

Doc Hastings

0:27:27 to 0:27:49( Edit History Discussion )

Doc Hastings: didn't read it. because the whole debate on that was, my goodness, how could these a.i.g. executives get the bonuses? and what is ironic about this, we found out now that one senator admitted, yes, ok, i did -- in fact did put that provision in there. at the beckoning of the administration. we still don't know who in the

Doc Hastings

0:27:50 to 0:28:10( Edit History Discussion )

Doc Hastings: administration told that senator that that provision should be in there. but i only make that observation because it seems to me we should learn, we should learn that some of these things don't work good because the laws that we are passing are affecting all americans. and if we have to come back and

Doc Hastings

0:28:11 to 0:28:31( Edit History Discussion )

Doc Hastings: say, good -- goodness, we didn't know this was in a particular bill, that doesn't do justice to what we as representatives, people's representatives, should be doing in this house. so i am -- i'm pleased that at least some of my amendments were made in order. i wish they all could have been made in order. i would have taken the consequences of the majority of my colleagues didn't agree with

Doc Hastings

0:28:32 to 0:28:45( Edit History Discussion )

Doc Hastings: my approach to that. i would hope to have an opportunity to at least debate that. but i wasn't allowed that opportunity. and i think that is a bad trend in this house. i hope it goes -- it gets more open. but i suspect that will not be the case.

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