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Bob Goodlatte

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Bob Goodlatte: broad based list of organizations. well over 40 that are in support of the pending legislation. i reserve the balance of my time. the chair: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from washington. mr. hastings: thank you, mr. chairman. mr. chairman, i'm pleased to yield five minutes to the gentleman from virginia, mr. goodlatte.

Bob Goodlatte

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Speech By: Bob Goodlatte

Bob Goodlatte

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Bob Goodlatte: the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for five minutes. mr. goodlatte: i thank the ranking member for yielding to me. mr. speaker, i want to commend him and chairman rahall for addressing this important issue over the last two years. the wildfire funding problems for the forest service are some of the most challenging issues the agency faces today. wildfire funding costs have skyrocketed over the last

Bob Goodlatte

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Bob Goodlatte: decade and are consuming the forest service budget which means there is much less funding for other forest service needs. we'll continue to see high costs and more dame to our forests and communities unless we take steps to reduce fire risk in our national forest. we must provide the forest service with additional tools to get our federal forest in a

Bob Goodlatte

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Bob Goodlatte: hatey, more fire-resist sent condition -- healthy, more fire-resistant condition. the problems of forest management affect not just western states but those along the eastern seaboard as well. virginia is one such example. last year virginia had more acres burn than any year since 1963, which shows how the

Bob Goodlatte

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Bob Goodlatte: problem of forest management has progressively worsened. this version of the flame act is different than the one passed last congress. however, the bill does not do enough to address the problem causing the increasing cost of fighting fires. that is the unhealthy conditions of our forests. my amendment to the flame act, which i will offer tomorrow,

Bob Goodlatte

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Bob Goodlatte: will provide the forest service with an additional tool to address these problems that will ultimately be a my amendment creates a new contracting tool for the forest service to partner with states. this will give the forest service permanent authority to contract with states to reduce wildfire risks across boundary

Bob Goodlatte

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Bob Goodlatte: lines. this practice is commonly known as good neighbor authority and has been tested in states like colorado and utah where it is proven to be effective. currently h.r. 1404 contains no such tool for the forest service. the significance of this measure is that it will encourage both federal and state agencies to work together to address unhealthy conditions

Bob Goodlatte

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Bob Goodlatte: in federal forests. fires know no boundaries. they can start on federal land and easily spread to state and private forest land and vice versa. my amendment provides a more comprehensive approach to preventing dangerous fires and fighting them when they happen. i'm pleased that my amendment has the support of the society of american foresters, th western council of state

Bob Goodlatte

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Bob Goodlatte: foresters, the forest foundation and other forestry groups. i have also spoken with the forest svice and they have told me they have no objections to this amendment. i might also add that we have a clear -- cleared this amendment in the agriculture committee, which shares jurisdiction wi the resources committee for forestry issues, and they also

Bob Goodlatte

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Bob Goodlatte: have no objection to this amendment. this is something that the professionals who fight forest fires around our country, the professional forest fighters, the societies that are comprised of american foresters want and need in this legislation, and i hope there

Bob Goodlatte

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Bob Goodlatte: will be bipartisan support. i know in the rules committee there was bipartisan support for bringing this amendment forward. and i ceainly hope that that will continue as i try to -- as we try to maintain bipartisan

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