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House Proceeding on Mar 25th, 2010 :: 1:05:35 to 1:14:05
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Pete Sessions

1:05:26 to 1:05:46( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: speaker? the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady from new york has 24 1/2 minutes remaining. the gentleman from texas has 8 1/2 minutes remaining. the gentlelady from new york is recognized. ms. slaughter: i have no speakers at this time. i will reserve my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady from new york reserves the balance of her time. the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. sessions: thank you very much.

Pete Sessions

1:05:35 to 1:14:05( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Pete Sessions

Pete Sessions

1:05:47 to 1:06:07( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: it's my understanding i'm goin to go ahead and close now. the gentlewoman's time has expired would be through with y speakers -- the gentlewoman would be through with any speakers she may have. i want to thank the gentlewoman for the time she's extended to us and thank mr. mica for being on the floor. in closing, mr. speaker, i want to reiterate that the house is

Pete Sessions

1:06:08 to 1:06:29( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: operating under an unprecedented, restrictive rules process, once again continuing the four years -- into our fourth year of this very interesting process to deny members the opportunity to come and to place their ideas on this floor, to debate their ideas and a chance to vote on them.

Pete Sessions

1:06:30 to 1:06:50( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: i think it's a bad way to run the house. every time a rule is up we get to say, well, brand new record. brand new record here for the house of representatives. i think you hear the frustration that came from the gentleman who has devoted his

Pete Sessions

1:06:51 to 1:07:14( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: life not only to the transportation infrastructure areas of this country but also the f.a. and a lot of initiatives and ideas that he wishes he could have been a part of to make this better. once again, our friends on the other side refuse really to work with republicans. they refuse to allow amendments or even a motion to recommit

Pete Sessions

1:07:15 to 1:07:35( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: and then given them self martial law, same-day suspension authority and other circumventing activities just to get their job-killing agendas through t representatives. if it weren't just job killing it'd be simple for the amerin people to understand. it's also record taxing and spending.

Pete Sessions

1:07:36 to 1:07:56( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: big government. big government empowering government types of rules and bills on this floor, and we oppose that. if we continue to borrow, tax and spend down th pathway that the democrat majority has us that we've been pursuing

Pete Sessions

1:07:57 to 1:08:17( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: since 2007 we are going to keep finding that not only do we keep losing jobs but our country functionally will be broke. not just broken but bankrupt -type broke. we're noncompetive and we're doing nothing to create competitiveness around this world. as a matter of fact, we're

Pete Sessions

1:08:18 to 1:08:38( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: trying to play hardball with other countries. no wonder this president is seen and arica is seen in the world's eyes the way that we are. we're told that others diminished america's reputation, but what we're doing here today is swrust another opportunity to go stick

Pete Sessions

1:08:39 to 1:09:02( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: our finger in the eye of our friends around the world mr. speaker, i'm disappointed. we heard the gentleman from florida say he's outraged. all we can do is that which is given to us. we will vote no. we'll vote no on this rule. we'll vote to try and gain some opportunity to where we can

Pete Sessions

1:09:03 to 1:09:23( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: have balance back on this floor , and we will continue to stand up and talk about how we would like for this country to be -- this nation. we'd like to have this congress do its business. instead of part time or summer jobs, full-time jobs, employment and opportunity for

Pete Sessions

1:09:24 to 1:09:46( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: the american people. we'd like to se this congress take on the opportunity to say that we recognize that the way we'll have jobs is by lowering taxes and giving investors an opportunity, chance to place their hard-earned money into the free enterprise system, in

Pete Sessions

1:09:47 to 1:10:07( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: the free enterprise system where jobs can be built and grown. an opportunity to have the three political agenda items that this democratic party, this president, barack obama, and nancy pelosi, stand for.

Pete Sessions

1:10:08 to 1:10:29( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: this last weekend, as we were up in the rules committee, we were talking about the diminishment of jobs in -- or the guess of diminishment of jobs in this health care bill. and i stated what i believe was factually correct. around 4 1/2 million jobs would be lost. and one of my democratic colleagues said, it's only three million.

Pete Sessions

1:10:30 to 1:10:51( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: only three million jobs are expected to be lost by this health care bill. that is three million american jobs today that we are knowingly, willingly, voting to say, that's ok. we don't care about those jobs because what we want to do is take care of some 25 million

Pete Sessions

1:10:52 to 1:11:12( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: people who do not have insurance coverage and are uninsured in health care today and yet remaining another 25 million that are out there. the cost benefit ratios are staggering from this democrat majority. it is staggering what we are doing to the free enterprise system, to families, to jobs,

Pete Sessions

1:11:13 to 1:11:33( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: to people who want to have an opportunity to have a job, the dignity to take care of them self. it's staggering to me the amount of debt, the amount of spending that takes place from this democratic house of representatives. it's staggering to me to see that this leadership and the votes that are made on this

Pete Sessions

1:11:34 to 1:11:54( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: floor of the house of representatives day after day are for -- from our past and perhaps our future. we don't even care if we read the bill. we don't care about the process. we care more about our political agenda, a political agenda about making government bigger, about bankrupting this

Pete Sessions

1:11:55 to 1:12:16( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: country, about taking jobs from american people, about the cavalier nature in which this is done. and then we look at the opportunity as we go through the bill to see that athis health care bill and other bills like we're having here today simply empower other

Pete Sessions

1:12:17 to 1:12:37( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: people, bigger government. 16,000 new i.r.s. agents will be hired simply to make sure that this health care bill is enforced. it's these kinds of questions, mr. speaker, which republicans and i believe others are raise being the leadership of barack obama and the leadership of nancy pelosi.

Pete Sessions

1:12:38 to 1:12:59( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: and yet we look up and see day after day the votes that are on the floor, don't even worry about reading the bill. let's just get this done. this is why we are having problems in this country. we should open up the process. we should have open, honest, ethical debates. we should be willing to accept

Pete Sessions

1:13:00 to 1:13:20( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: republican ideas. we should not be gleeful well, when w rejected 80 republican ideas, job well done, democratic team. let's slam dunk those republicans. let's not allow their ideas. mr. speaker, for this country to work and to work properly, o take all of us

Pete Sessions

1:13:21 to 1:13:41( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: working together, not just the democrat majority because they have the votes to slam dunk republicans. we believe process is important. we believe ideas are important. we believe that the republican party has lots of ideas that we will continue to stand up for. we are an alternative party,

Pete Sessions

1:13:42 to 1:14:02( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: and we will continue to show up every day faithfully to the american people, faithfully to say that we believe not only in freedom and opportunity but we believe in the free enterprise system and the people to have the dignity of jobs and we are going to fight these job-killing democrat ideas. we are going to fight these taxes and the spending that takes place, and we will make

Pete Sessions

1:14:03 to 1:14:05( Edit History Discussion )

Pete Sessions: sure that the american people understand this is just another

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