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House Proceeding 03-25-10 on Mar 25th, 2010 :: 2:15:55 to 2:21:20
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Dan Burton

2:15:52 to 2:16:12( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: right he will help us fight. harder yet may be the fight. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. mr. jones of north carolina. the gentleman from indiana is recognized for five minutes. mr. burton: first of all, let me

Dan Burton

2:15:55 to 2:21:20( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Dan Burton

Dan Burton

2:16:13 to 2:16:34( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: say to my colleague who just spoke, we all abhor racial epithets and we all abhor prejudice. but one of the things that concerns me is that we have an awful lot of people who are upset about what's been going on here in washington, the tea party people and others, who really feel like they're not

Dan Burton

2:16:35 to 2:16:55( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: being listened to by the congress of the united states and i don't want to see them tarred by the same brush as a few people who got out of line. obviously we hate racial prejudice or anybody that says things like we've heard have been said, but all the people who are fighting against what's been taking place here in legislation that they didn't want passed like this national

Dan Burton

2:16:56 to 2:17:16( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: health care bill, they should not be condemned for coming to washington and fighting for what they believe in because a few people got out of order. obviously we're concerned about people that say those things and they shouldn't be saying those and they should be condemned. but, we should listen to the people who are here who are fighting for their rights and the things they believe in as far as health care is concerned.

Dan Burton

2:17:17 to 2:17:37( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: they don't want the government coming between them and their doctor, they don't want socialized micine and that's why they were out here. and if a few got out of order, they should be condemned. but we should not tar all the people in this country, over 60% of the people, who didn't want that bill passed with the same brush and sometimes i think that's what's happening.

Dan Burton

2:17:38 to 2:17:59( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: but, that's nowhy i came down here tonight. i was just responding to my colleague who just spoke. it was a very good friend of mine. what i came down here to talk about was the shabby treatment that benjamin netanyahu from israel has gotten when he has been here twice now to visit with the president. we met with the prime minister of israel this week, the foreign

Dan Burton

2:18:00 to 2:18:20( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: affairs committee on which i serve, and we talked to him about the threat of iran, which is a threat not only to israel in the middle east, it's a threat to the entire world. we get about 30% or 40% of our energy from the middle east and if that goes up in smoke because of a war, we're going to suffer economically because we are not energy independent. one of my colleagues was down

Dan Burton

2:18:21 to 2:18:41( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: here talking about not being able to drill offshore or in the anwr to move toward energy independence and we're not. we're still dependent on the middle east and south america and mr. chavez and venezuela, people that don't like us at all. and yet we still depend on them and we're not moving toward energy independence. so what happens if israel is forced into doing something

Dan Burton

2:18:42 to 2:19:03( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: about iran? and a war breaks out in that whole area? the whole world will suffer and we will suffer economically becae we won't have the energy with which to run our country and our economy. and so this is very important. now, when the president meets with netanyahu, it's obvious by his body language, the way he treats the prime minister of israel, that he doesn't agree

Dan Burton

2:19:04 to 2:19:24( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: with him on israel's goals to preserve and protect their country. and that's not the way it should be. because right now iran is not only trying to develop a nuclear weapon and we think they're very, very close, but they're also trying to develop a delivery system that will not only hit targets in the middle east like israel, but targets in parts of europe and they're trying to develop an

Dan Burton

2:19:25 to 2:19:46( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: intercontinental ballistic missile that could hit parts of the united states and if iran gets nuclear weapons, all those countries around them are going to want to have nuclear weapons and this world is going to be put on the precipice of a nuclear holocaust that nobody wants. this isn't bologna, folks. this is what's really going to happen, mr. speaker. and so we need to do everything we can to stop iran from

Dan Burton

2:19:47 to 2:20:07( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: developing nuclear weapons. they are a terrorist state that has waged war along with al qaeda and the taliban against us and our freedoms and against israel as well. and we need to do everything we can to make sure that they do not succeed. those people are terrorists and we're at war against terrorism and so we have to be absolutely

Dan Burton

2:20:08 to 2:20:28( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: committed to stopping them from developing that nuclear capability. and that means we ha to work with israel, our only really strong ally in the middle east who wants to do something about this. and netanyahu knows what's at stake. the millions of lives of israelis that are there will be the first target and they will be blown up and attacked if iran gets nuclear weapons.

Dan Burton

2:20:29 to 2:20:51( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: and israel's going to have to take action and if they take action by themselves it could be a catastrophic situation. they need our help and the president of the united states should know that the majority of this congress supports israel's right to exist and supports them in their effort to stop iran from developing nuclear capability. and so if the president were listening tonight, i would say

Dan Burton

2:20:52 to 2:21:12( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: this to him, mr. speaker, mr. president, listen, the majority of both the house and the senate supports giving israel the ability to defend itself and defend our interests in the middle east, to work with us to stop iran from developing nuclear weapons that will threaten not only the middle east but the entire world. and i think, mr. president, you ought to go out on the lawn of

Dan Burton

2:21:13 to 2:21:21( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: the white house and declare your support for israel, their right to exist, their right to survive and that we're with t

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