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Donna M. Christensen

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Donna M. Christensen: ms. fudge: thank you. i'd like to thank the gentleman from new jersey for his continued participation in our c.b.c. hour, our special orders on mondays. i would like to yield to the gentlewoman if the virgin islands, mrs. christensen. mrs. christensen: thank you, congresswoman fudge, and thank you for hosting this very

Donna M. Christensen

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Speech By: Donna M. Christensen

Donna M. Christensen

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Donna M. Christensen: special hour this evening. madam speaker, tonight i'm pleased to join my colleagues to pay tribute to a highly esteemed american who is both a historian and history maker. dr. john hope franklin passed away last week but left with us a rich legacy of scholarship that strengthened generations of people young and old who

Donna M. Christensen

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Donna M. Christensen: sought to understand race, racism, our country, and our place in the world. a prolific and important writer, as you've heard, he was most well known for his landmark 1947 publication "from slavery to freedom: a history of american negros" which has been credited with altering the ways in which the american narrative was studied.

Donna M. Christensen

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Donna M. Christensen: in a "new york times" article yesterday, one of his colleagues pointed out that the book empowered a new field of study as the story of the marginalized became part of the mainstream. the article also pointed out that dr. franklin and his scholarship became an important part of the movement for civil rights as he advised thurgood

Donna M. Christensen

1:13:49 to 1:14:10( Edit History Discussion )

Donna M. Christensen: marshall and his team of lawyers in the browns. board of education case. this as well as his participation in the march on selma led by martin luther king jr., he was part of the history he brought to the forefront and in doing so he changed it as well.

Donna M. Christensen

1:14:11 to 1:14:31( Edit History Discussion )

Donna M. Christensen: it was one of the highest privileges afforded me since coming to congress to be able to meet dr. franklin as a dinner hosted by congresswoman maxine waters in my early years. i was also privileged to be present as he was honored by the library of congress a few years ago, one of many, many

Donna M. Christensen

1:14:32 to 1:14:53( Edit History Discussion )

Donna M. Christensen: deserved honors heasms historian in the tradition of the africans whoontribute to the culture of people. in the virgin islands there are

Donna M. Christensen

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Donna M. Christensen: many historians, including dr. emanuel, bill syal, george tyson, karen tulane, dr. charles turnbull, edgar lake and many, many mo who work to preserve and tell our part of the caribbean-american story. dr. john hope franklin left us with a rich legacy of writings

Donna M. Christensen

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Donna M. Christensen: which continue to inform our journey in these united states of america. we thank him for his scholarship and dedication to truth telling and extend our condolences to his family and friends. madam speaker, as you've heard, march has also been designated as women's history month and the congressional black caucus is pleased to support the role

Donna M. Christensen

1:15:37 to 1:15:58( Edit History Discussion )

Donna M. Christensen: women have played throughout our history and many endeavors, many of them never recognized. i'd like to say a few words about two women with virgin islands homes who made historic contributions to the tappestry that is the -- tappestry that

Donna M. Christensen

1:15:59 to 1:16:20( Edit History Discussion )

Donna M. Christensen: is the virgin islands an also the united states. the rst is rebecca prouton, she was born a slave, the child of european and raffer can parentage. she lived in the 18th cent and remarkably for a black woman of that time, traveled between europe, the caribbean, and africa, bringing the word

Donna M. Christensen

1:16:21 to 1:16:42( Edit History Discussion )

Donna M. Christensen: of god tone slaved africans and europeans alike. she spent a lot of time in st. thomas, u.s. virgin islands, gathering the enslaved to the faith and was imprisoned for her work in assisting them in their needs. according to historian and whyographer john sensabaugh, she was a preacher and mentor a

Donna M. Christensen

1:16:43 to 1:17:03( Edit History Discussion )

Donna M. Christensen: provocateur and prophet, determined to take what she regarded as the bible's liberating grace to people of african descent. a member of the mo ravian faith, to which i also belong, which is credited with developing an education system for africans and their children in my home district, rebecca

Donna M. Christensen

1:17:04 to 1:17:24( Edit History Discussion )

Donna M. Christensen: may have been one of the first ordained black women and according to her biographer she stood where the three currents of the 18th black -- 18th century black atlantic world flowed together, the dramatic expansion of the slave trade, the freedom struggle and the rise of black christianity.

Donna M. Christensen

1:17:25 to 1:17:45( Edit History Discussion )

Donna M. Christensen: another virgin islands woman is known as the mystery woman of the harlem renaissance and wrote two novels, "quicksand" and "passing" which explores the difficulty of being a black woman in a society that marginalized both african-americans and women. while details about her life are vegas, according to the --

Donna M. Christensen

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Donna M. Christensen: are vague, according to a bographer, she was the daughter of a danish lady and a negro from the virgin islands, formerly the day anyone west indies. madam speaker and colleagues, both of these women defied the odds and expressed the causes to their souls, despite being black women in harrowing times.

Donna M. Christensen

1:18:07 to 1:18:16( Edit History Discussion )

Donna M. Christensen: their lives in riftryre further worth exploration by students of history as we take a fresh look at women's history month. i thank you, again, for

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