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House Proceeding 03-31-09 on Mar 31st, 2009 :: 3:15:45 to 3:22:30
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Betty Sue Sutton

3:15:41 to 3:16:01( Edit History Discussion )

Betty Sue Sutton: to protect and defend us and yet that is a huge component of the cost of the war that we have been prrkting. i think you have made -- prosecute -- prosecuting. i think you have made an excellent point. we are going to be honest with you. we are in a difficult time economically but it's time for the american people to hear the plain truth about what it cost to run this government and put

Betty Sue Sutton

3:15:45 to 3:22:30( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Betty Sue Sutton

Betty Sue Sutton

3:16:02 to 3:16:23( Edit History Discussion )

Betty Sue Sutton: us back on a positive track. i thank you for that. and with that i'm going to yield to my good friend from ohio, betty sutton, who has been a strong advocate for milled class values, populist messages, and for the working trade group. i would like you to share with us some of the reasons why you

Betty Sue Sutton

3:16:24 to 3:16:44( Edit History Discussion )

Betty Sue Sutton: decideto join us and where you see this venture going. ms. sutton: i thank my friend. i, too, want to just extend our appreciation for your vision in organizing not only this evening and all that we are here to do by way of introducing the populist caucus, but for forming the caucus in the first instance

Betty Sue Sutton

3:16:45 to 3:17:05( Edit History Discussion )

Betty Sue Sutton: because it is so critical that the people across this country know that their voices matter and we are going to be a part of expressing those voices within the halls of this congress, putting a face on the statistics that we so often rely on here. and sometimes it kind of gets

Betty Sue Sutton

3:17:06 to 3:17:26( Edit History Discussion )

Betty Sue Sutton: away from some that those statistics actually refer to people and to families. and what is happening to them. so i am very, very proud to be a member of the populist caucus. and be a part of bringing members together who believe that investing in the middle class as well as in those who

Betty Sue Sutton

3:17:27 to 3:17:48( Edit History Discussion )

Betty Sue Sutton: aspire to the because we know that that is what is vital for the strength of america. as a caucus we are committed to restoring, as my friend from new rk has said, and you have said, mr. chairman, that we are committeto restoring the core middle class values that made this country great. and to ensure that our government's policies are in

Betty Sue Sutton

3:17:49 to 3:18:09( Edit History Discussion )

Betty Sue Sutton: line with thosealues. a vibrant growing middle class has been the hallmark of the strength of this country. it was the middle class that built this great nation. . a strong america depends on a strong middle class. without a strongiddle class, our country does not achieve as

Betty Sue Sutton

3:18:10 to 3:18:30( Edit History Discussion )

Betty Sue Sutton: much as we all know it is worthy of. the middle class is the heart of this nation. it's the engine that drives productivity and reflecting back on my yth, i grew up in a, you know, a blue collar community in ohio by the name of barberton.

Betty Sue Sutton

3:18:31 to 3:18:52( Edit History Discussion )

Betty Sue Sutton: i was the youngest of six kids. and the proud daughter of a man who worked in the boilermaker factory, my mom worked at the city library and because of their hard work, our family of eight, we had a good chance, we had food on the table, and we had the promise of the middle

Betty Sue Sutton

3:18:53 to 3:19:13( Edit History Discussion )

Betty Sue Sutton: class before us: and all the opportunity that it delivered. we took advantage of it. but that was a time when people could depend upon a good job. oftentimes, those good jobs were manufacturing jobs and you could rely upon them. sometimes work as my dad did in the same place for many years. but now, it's much more

Betty Sue Sutton

3:19:14 to 3:19:35( Edit History Discussion )

Betty Sue Sutton: difficult. with health care costs rising and insurance not available to all, with pensions a little shaky out there, to say the least, with many things that we as young people had the benefit of at risk in this country, the promise of the middle class is

Betty Sue Sutton

3:19:36 to 3:19:56( Edit History Discussion )

Betty Sue Sutton: slipping away from far too many. after eight years of failed bush policies, the middle class, frankly, and the country, has been sorelyit. they pushed through economic policies that benefited the wealthy and well-connected and it's not just that, they did so

Betty Sue Sutton

3:19:57 to 3:20:19( Edit History Discussion )

Betty Sue Sutton: at the expense of the rest of us. they allowed the banks and wall street to have seats at the table, often leaving working families left outside. they watched as millions lost their jobs, lost their health care, lost their homes, and sadly, lost their dreams. the tional unemployment rate

Betty Sue Sutton

3:20:20 to 3:20:40( Edit History Discussion )

Betty Sue Sutton: has risen to a staggering 8.1% in ohio it's at 9.4%. those are the statistics i'm talking about. attached to those statistics are families. families going without even though all they want is a chance to make a living. they don't want things handed to them.

Betty Sue Sutton

3:20:41 to 3:21:01( Edit History Discussion )

Betty Sue Sutton: they just want to have the opportunity in this great country to have a job that they can go to work at and provide the things that we all had the great ben kit of -- benefit of having as young people. the economic recession continues to challenge the resolve of the middle class as

Betty Sue Sutton

3:21:02 to 3:21:23( Edit History Discussion )

Betty Sue Sutton: they strive to pay for life's basic necessities. here with this caucus and our colleagues in this congress, we are called on to chart a new path. one that's in line with the needs of the middle class. one that's in line with the hopes and dreams of those who aspire to get there.

Betty Sue Sutton

3:21:24 to 3:21:44( Edit History Discussion )

Betty Sue Sutton: that's the reason i was proud to join this caucus to help find the road back to the middle class values and ensure that that dream becomes a reality again. the needs of the middle class have been ignored for far too long. we the members of the populist

Betty Sue Sutton

3:21:45 to 3:22:09( Edit History Discussion )

Betty Sue Sutton: caucus will focus on the policies that strengthen and improve the lives of the american families, not policies that leave them behind. we must make the promise of the middle class in the 21st century what it once was, the moral and economic back bone of our nation. i think that the comments that

Betty Sue Sutton

3:22:13 to 3:22:31( Edit History Discussion )

Betty Sue Sutton: you and reprentative arcuri have made are so important because when we talk about the economic back bone of the nation, nothing refleblingts that more than the budget. your points about the budget and what is contained in the budget and thons -- and the honesty of the budget are all critical to our government

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