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House Proceeding 04-01-09 on Apr 1st, 2009 :: 3:33:20 to 3:36:35
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James Jordan

3:33:16 to 3:33:36( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: it's the republican alternative. we'll see you tomorrow. the chair: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentleman from wisconsin. mr. ryan: madam chair, at this time i'd like to yield three minutes to the gentleman from ohio, a member of the budget committee, mr. jordan. the chair: the gentl ohio is recognized for three minutes. mr. jordan: thank you, madam chair. i thank the gentleman for yielding. i just would say, madam chair, the passion that the gentleman from wisconsin displayed in his

James Jordan

3:33:20 to 3:36:35( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: James Jordan

James Jordan

3:33:37 to 3:33:57( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: opening remarks was right on target. it was totally appropriate because this budget is an assault on liberty. it's an attack on freedom. and it does so in four ways. first of all, the largest tax increase in history which attacks the liberty and freedom of current taxpayers. we have to pay more in taxes. we understand that. it diminishes our opportunities to go after our goals torques

James Jordan

3:33:58 to 3:34:19( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: pursue those things that have meaning to them. it's an generations of americans as we have heard because this budget piles up the largest debt in history. more debt in the next six years than it took presidents to accumulate. we didn't accumulate as much debt as this budget will do.

James Jordan

3:34:20 to 3:34:42( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: think about this,23 trillion, trillion dollar national debt this budget takes us to. to pay that off, think about this, to pay that off we first have to get to balance, then we have to run a trillion dollar surplus for 23 years. that's not even counting the interest. that's what we have to do to pay this. that's how big this is. two other ways to tax freedom.

James Jordan

3:34:43 to 3:35:03( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: the cap and trade from california talked so eloquently b this is going to be a tax on every single america. it's going to make it that much tougher for us to compete in the international marketplace. particularly against our emerging competitors in china and japan. finally, the nationalizing, further nationalizing of health care. the money setaside in this budget to create this board

James Jordan

3:35:04 to 3:35:24( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: that's going to now decide what kind of health care treatment you and your family -- not you and your doctor or family, a bunch of bureaucrats in washington decide what kind of health care you get. it is -- it's not alarmist talk. this is the facts. the liberties and freedoms of americans are at stake. and it's important we recognize that. i want to close with this, madam chair.

James Jordan

3:35:25 to 3:35:45( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: 12 days ago in our district, olin beck was born, nine pounds, three ounce, named after his grandfather. little does he know but he already owes more than $30,000 in deb and if this budget passes before this young man can even write his name he will owe $70,000. that's what this budget does. one of the things that makes

James Jordan

3:35:46 to 3:36:06( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: this country great is the willingness of parents to make sacrifices for their children so they could have life better than they d they in turn become adults and they do the same thing for the next generation. it's been that cycle that's allowed the united states of am nation in history. when we begin to break that trend, break that process, that's when we have problems. and that's what this budget does.

James Jordan

3:36:07 to 3:36:29( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: that's why i urge a no vote and yield back my time to the ranking member. mr. ryan: at this time i yield two minutes to the gentleman from south carolina, mr. barrett. the chair: the gentleman from south carolina is recognized for two minutes. today in opposition to this budget resolution. .

James Jordan

3:36:30 to 3:36:35( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: mr. barrett: people who work for a living, they understand you can't spend money you don't have.

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