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James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: resolution and to insert in lieu thereof the provisions concurrent resolution 85 as adopted by the all points of order against that motion are waived. the senate concurrent resolution shall not be subject to a demand for division of the question of its adoption. if the motion is adopted and the senate concurrent resolution as amended is adopted, then it

James P. McGovern

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Speech By: James P. McGovern

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: shall be in order to move that the house insist on its amendment to the senate concurrent resolution and request a conference with the senate thereon. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from massachusetts is recognized for one hour. mr. mcgovern: for the purpose of debate only, i yield the customary 30 minutes to the gentleman from california, mr. dreier. all time yielded during consideration of the rule is for debate only.

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: i ask unanimous consent that all members may have five legislative days to revise and extend their remarks and insert extraneous materials into the record. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. . mr. mcgovern: madam speaker, the resolution provides for

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: further consideration of the budget under a structured rule. it makes in order four substitute amendments. first, let me once again thank chairman spratt and ranking member ryan for all of their incredibly hard work. they obviously have very different philosophies.

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: madam speaker, the rule before us today will allow members of this house to make a very clear choice. do you believe we should pass a budget that invests in the american people, or do you believe that we should pass a budget that makes the same old mistakesf the past? my friend and i, the gentleman from california, mr. dreier, had a good debate on the floor

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: and in the rules committee yesterday. i know that many of my colleagues will voice their but i'd like to take a bit of time to talk about the choice that members will make today. in addition to the democratic and republican budget, this rule makes in order proposals from the progressive caucus, the congressional black caucus, and the republan study group.

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: so a wide range of options will be presented today. i will vote proudly for the democratic budget. our budget reduces the deficit, it cuts taxes for middle-class families and it makes critical investments in health care, education and clean energy. we'll hear a lot today about the deficit.

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: so let's remember one thing. the obama administration inherited an economy and a deep recession with a projected annual deficit of over $1 trillion. this deficit didn't simply appear out of thin air. it was the direct result of the policies of the bush

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: republican allies in congress who inherited a large surplus and then proceed to squander it. now, my friends on the other side will say, don't talk about the bush administration. they're gone. as though three months ago is somehow ancient history. but we must talk aboutow we got into this mess. those who ignore bad mistakes

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: of the past are doomed to repeat it. we believe that the best way, indeed the only way to effectively reduce the deficit, is to grow the economy, to create good-paying jobs for the middle -- for middle-class americans, to improve the health and education of the american people, to invest in the cutting edge green energy

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: economy of the future. by contrast, the republican budget proposes slashes in health care and in nutrition for the most vulnerable americans. it ignores the educational needs of our people and it relies on the same dirty fossil fuels that threaten environment and increase our dependence on foreign oil.

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: now, i'd like to talk for a moment about a specific difference between the two budgets on hunger and nutrition. mr. dreier got very upset with me yesterday. i believe used the word shrill when i suggested that the republican budget would cut food stamps and other nutrition programs. of course, republicans care about hunger and to argue

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: otherwise would be class warfare. well, what do you know? when you actually look at the republican budget they do in fact cut food stamps. they rescind the food stamp increases included in the stimulus bill. in other words, cutting the program by over $20 billion in two years.

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: if that weren't bad enough, the republican budget instructs the agriculture committee to cut an additional $38 billion over 10 years. now, where would that $38 billion come from? it can only come from a couple of places. agriculture subsidies or nutrition programs. because that's what the agriculture committee does.

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: and mr. ryan said in the rules committee yesterday that they weren't proposing to reopen the farm bill. so that means it won'tome from the agriculture subsidies. that means that the additional $38 billion will most likely come from reducing nutrition programs for the most vulnerable americans. now, here's what that means to the people at home. because of the recovery package

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: that we passed a few weeks a, a family in massachusetts will see an increase in their food stamp benefits by around $39 a month. but the republican budget eliminates that increase, literally taking food out of the mouths ofamericans already struggling to make ends meet.

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: this increases about a dollar a day. many of my colleagues spend more than that on a latta. maybe $39 is -- that on a latte. maybe $39 is not a lot but it is for those impacted by this lousy economy. i believe it is wrong to cut food and nutrition programs for vulnerable people in order to

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: pay for capital gains tax cuts for wall street traders. madam speaker, we all talk about how bad things are on ma should be designed to help those who live on main street and on the side streets as well, whether that's in california or massachusetts or somewhere in between. but let me tell you how bad things are out there and let me tell you why the republican

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: budget will make things worse. school districts across this country are facing budget shortfalls, families are having hard times making ends meet. unfortunately, some families don't have enough money to pay for the school meals and the schools are taking drastic measures in response. according to a february 25 associated press article -- and

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: i'd like to ask unanimous consent to enter it into the record. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. mr. mcgovern: many schools are literally taking kids out of the lunch line because their parents can't afford to pay the cost of a reduced lunch and they're giving them a cheese sandwich or in some cases giving them nothing simply because their parents can't afford to pay for the reduced

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: price school lunch. according to this article, the school nutrition association recently found that half of school districts from 38 states surveyed have seen an incrse in the number of students charging meals while 79% saw an increase in the number of free lunches served over the last year. this means that more families are relying on federally funded school lunch program to help

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: feed their kids. yet, the republican budget would basically cut school lunch funding from the budget once again making it harder for our children to get the proper food and nutrition they need. now, my good friend from the other side of the aisle will probably say that this is class warfare, thathe democrats are demagoguing the issue. well, let me tell you that the

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: republican budget requires the education and labor committee to cut almost $23 mlion in their committee. one of the biggest program is the school lunch program. if they're not cutting school lunches, where are they going to make these cuts, funding for basic educational needs?

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: let me be clear. if you vote for the republican budget ia vote to cut programs that are essential and that are helping americans get through these tough times today. and it's a vote to ensure that people will not be able to improve their lives. madam speaker, those of us in this chamber earn a good salary. no matter what happens we'll all be fine, but there are a

James P. McGovern

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James P. McGovern: lot of people who we represent who won't be unless we provide some help. these are difficult times and we need to rise to the occasion. so, again, madam speaker, members will have the opportunity to make some very clear choices today. i urge my colleagues to join me in supporting the democratic budget, to believe in the potential of the american

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