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Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

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Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: they are homeschooled and very involved in music, including piano and violin. congratulations again to j-4 they make east tennessee proud. madam speaker, i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentlelady from texas rise? ms. jackson lee: to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered.

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

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Speech By: Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

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Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: ms. jackson lee: thank you, madam speaker. earlier today i recounted the calamity that we found ourselves in with the budget and the spending of money here united states. frankly, of course, the budgets over the past eight years and

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

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Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: the enormous expenditure of funds created a huge and growing deficit. i indicated earlier that we have spent $667 billion for the war. high unemployment. still ongoing. stories that you hear from constituents about mortgage foreclosures, inability to have

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

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Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: their loans remodified. so you can see the importance of the debate today. and i'm very proud that of the number of budgets that i had the opportunity to participate in and to argue for and to suggest the direction that they should take, they all focused on

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

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Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: restoring humanity and dignity of the american people. the congressional progressive caucus budget focused on reducing the deficit by 58% in fiscal year 2012. in addition, it targeted waste, fraud, and abuse. it repealed the bush tax cuts

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

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Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: for the top 1% of taxpayers. let me emphasize that. the top 1% of taxpayers. that means that 99% of the american people would not get a tax increase of any kind. in fact, alongside of that principle is is -- is the principle of the president's budget, the budget we passed

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

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Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: finally at guaranteed middle class americans a tax cut. the budget included in the osive -- progressive budget health care for all,ffordable health care so there would be no pradgedies such as young people, children needing transplants or transfusions and they can't get it because their insurance denies it.

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

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Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: we add an additional $300 billion as an additional part of the economic stimulus package so that there can be added assistance for unemployment insurance, food stamps, infrastructure spending, housing assistance, job creation. i come from the gulf region where we are still suffering both from hurricane katrina and rita and now hurricane ike.

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

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Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: my neighbor to the south, the city of galveston, the mayor and city manager and many of her constituents still facing the calamity of trying to build housing, trying to university of texas medical branch. we as a texas delegation worked with the district member to try and ensure that restoration.

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

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Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: the budts that were put here today respect the fact that there will be disasters in america, clamities such as fires and floods and of course hurricanes. storms, volcanoes that are spilling out such as in the havoc if those issues occur.

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

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Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: so this i to opt on the side of the people of america. the congressional budget puts in place $18 billion more in health care, $17 billion more on education and job training. what happens to a person who is unemployed? they look for jobs or they look

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

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Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: to steer themselves into another career. what do you need to do that? yoneed job traing whether it's in the community collegecies -- college system, like the houston community college, whether or not it's going into nursing school or going to become a truck driver or going into i. you need job traing. $8 billion on infrastructure so that the roads and the potholes

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

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Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: and the bridges and the tunnels can be fixed. more importantly people can be put to work as we make a new america. 5.5 billion on justice pro and 4.5 billion on veterans benefits and services. of all of these budgets, madam speaker, the congressional progressive caucus and c.b.c., the president's budget all reinforce our commitment to

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

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Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: veterans and our returning soldiers who put themselves and their families on the frontlines. because families like soldiers are likewise on th frontlines. i'm very proud to stand here today to say we did the right thing in voting on these budgets. we did the right thing in focusing on health care reform trying to fix the broken system

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

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Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: of some 44 million to 47 million americans who are still uninsured. . in that effort we managed to save $316 billion over 10 year, several provisions to improve quality and efficiency in health care and then as well,

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

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Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: we made a significant down payment on health care reform by putting these savings, along with $317.8 billion from a tax policy change into a $634 billion health reform reserve. we're holding a spot, madam speaker so we can fix this for the american people.

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

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Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: i mentioned education and energy that's going to bring about green jobs. we did the right thing for the

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