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Bill Shuster

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Bill Shuster: a delight to her family, especially her father. nance was a tenacious spirit who had great love for the lord. she was a dedicated member of her church and displayed a strong faith in

John Kline

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John Kline: the lord and a strong commitment to her family. nancy's commitment to family was manifested in everything that she did. she was especially fond of children and treated all of them as if they

John Kline

0:50:43 to 0:57:33( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: John Kline

John Kline

0:50:57 to 0:51:12( Edit History Discussion )

John Kline: were her own and they all adored her. nancy taught sunday school in her church and helped out in 4-h clubs and organized the after prom and after graduation parties. she was a key leader in

John Kline

0:51:12 to 0:51:25( Edit History Discussion )

John Kline: the booster club for both sports and academics at fortmore gan high school. she worked at pioneer elementary school for 15 almost 15 years. she was a leader in the teen parenting program. she

John Kline

0:51:25 to 0:51:44( Edit History Discussion )

John Kline: received a scholarship to attend college for her involvement in this teen parenting program. her passion for life was often manifested in music. she loves musicals, dancing, singing and

John Kline

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John Kline: she played the flute. nancy's activity in the community began when she participated in the morgan high singers and pom upon squad. she played volleyball, softball and later played in the

John Kline

0:51:59 to 0:52:12( Edit History Discussion )

John Kline: city leagues. she graduated from high school in 1977 with her classmate keth temple who would later become her loving husband. keith met nancy while she was waiting tables at the mouse's house

John Kline

0:52:12 to 0:52:35( Edit History Discussion )

John Kline: in brush, colorado, and their first date was dinner at her brother's home. keth and nancy married april 7, 1979. they would have been married 27 years this year. she loved all children and she was

John Kline

0:52:35 to 0:52:52( Edit History Discussion )

John Kline: blessed to have two of her own. tiffany was born on june 10, 1983 and becky was born november 5, 1985. she gained a son-in-law when tiffany married matt wolf and on january 6, 2003, her grandson

John Kline

0:52:52 to 0:53:05( Edit History Discussion )

John Kline: eric allen wolf was born. she was very close to her daughters and son-in-law and had a very special relationship with her grandson. she brought a light into his life that will shine through his

John Kline

0:53:05 to 0:53:22( Edit History Discussion )

John Kline: lifetime. she passed away unexpectly january 21, 2006. after she passed members of the community recognized her commitment and honored her for it. previously in 2003 nancy was one of the

John Kline

0:53:22 to 0:53:36( Edit History Discussion )

John Kline: first recipients of the crystal apple award. one of her students quoted, quote, she was my second mom, unquote. another man in the navy said, quote, nancy was the only one who kept in contact

John Kline

0:53:36 to 0:53:52( Edit History Discussion )

John Kline: with me while i was out to sea, unquote. i applaud her dedication to the community and urge my colleagues in joining me to recognize the legacy she left behind. she touched the lyes of many with

John Kline

0:53:52 to 0:54:03( Edit History Discussion )

John Kline: her caring spirit. the world was a better place for having known her and we will miss her dearly. we will always remember her zest for life, her inner heart and inner and outer beauty. may god

John Kline

0:54:03 to 0:54:16( Edit History Discussion )

John Kline: confident those who mourn her passing. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will read a letter. the clerk: honorable honorable -- the honorable the speaker, house of representatives,

John Kline

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John Kline: sir, i have been served with a grand jury subpoena for testimony issued by the superior court of the district of columbia. after consultation with the office of general counsel i have determined

John Kline

0:54:30 to 0:54:43( Edit History Discussion )

John Kline: that compliance is consistent with the precedents and privileges of the house. . the speaker pro tempore: mr. pallone of new jersey. for what purpose does the gentleman from ohio rise. mr.

John Kline

0:54:43 to 0:55:03( Edit History Discussion )

John Kline: kucinich: i request to claim this slot to proceed out of order. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. the gentleman is recognized for five minutes. mr. cue sin thank you very much. mr. speaker,

John Kline

0:55:03 to 0:55:16( Edit History Discussion )

John Kline: a -- -- mr. kucinich: a number of members of congress have come together for a ehearing for concerns about the auto industry, trade law, labor law and the delphi corporation filing for bankruptcy.

John Kline

0:55:16 to 0:55:31( Edit History Discussion )

John Kline: this evening a number of us will come before this house to make a presentation on behalf of people who participated in the ehearing. and to make clear the direction this country must go in with

John Kline

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John Kline: respect to our trade law, labor law, and with respect to the delphi case. i want to begin by thanking mr. miller who is the ranking member on our committee for his work in helping organize

John Kline

0:55:52 to 0:56:08( Edit History Discussion )

John Kline: this hearing. hopefully he will be here himself to participate but you'll be hearing shortly from mr. ryan of ohio and mr. holt of new jersey. much of the talk concerning the current crisis

John Kline

0:56:08 to 0:56:24( Edit History Discussion )

John Kline: facing u.s. auto maker revolves around the toll that wages, health insurance and pensions place on companies loss of these benefits would be a devastating blow for workers and families. consider

John Kline

0:56:24 to 0:56:49( Edit History Discussion )

John Kline: what my constituent said during our committee's recent ehearing. she said the way the auto industry is going afeatherweights us in so many ways. if my husband lost his job we would not be able

John Kline

0:56:49 to 0:57:01( Edit History Discussion )

John Kline: to raise our children properly. we can barely afford to buy them clothes my oldest son is getting ready to turn 3 and he needs speecher this pi. without insurance we could not take him to those.

John Kline

0:57:01 to 0:57:17( Edit History Discussion )

John Kline: but the discussion about the auto industry, mr. chairman, is not served when certain individuals mischaracterize the actual labor costs. there is a myth put fart about the c.e.o. of delphi

John Kline

0:57:17 to 0:57:33( Edit History Discussion )

John Kline: about the overpaid auto worker. he is claiming $65 per hour is a typical wage delphi plays for blue collar labor. delphi doesn't pay $65 an hour. this figure is a creation of delphi's media consultants

G. K. Butterfield

0:57:33 to 0:57:53( Edit History Discussion )

G. K. Butterfield: and lumps together all of delphi's labor costs and payments to unemployed but falsely allocates to the much smaller work force and that inflates the labor cost. actual average wage for

G. K. Butterfield

0:57:33 to 1:00:21( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: G. K. Butterfield

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