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House Proceeding 04-06-06 on Apr 6th, 2006 :: 4:19:50 to 4:22:57
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americans. in addition to being unfair, the republican budget is also immoral through its cut to c.d.c., n.i.h., and veterans' health care programs, this budget ignores the health care crisis

Jo Bonner

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Jo Bonner: that our nation faces today. mr. speaker, the republican budget is not only unfair and immoral, it is also unreasonable. pell grants and the public school program get no new funding. assisting

Jo Bonner

4:19:50 to 4:22:57( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Jo Bonner

Jo Bonner

4:20:04 to 4:20:18( Edit History Discussion )

Jo Bonner: our needy and most vulnerable americans is not a choice, it is a moral obligation. by reducing funding for public housing and food stamps, the republican budget falls short of this moral

Jo Bonner

4:20:18 to 4:20:30( Edit History Discussion )

Jo Bonner: obligation. the plubt -- republican budget is unfair, is immoral, and is unreasonable. both the democratic and c.b.c. provide a better way, a more excellent way to help all of our people.

Jo Bonner

4:20:30 to 4:20:39( Edit History Discussion )

Jo Bonner: i urge all of my colleagues to vote yes on the democratic and c.b.c. alternative, to vote no on the republican budget resolution. thank you, mr. speaker. the chairman: the gentleman from iowa.

Jo Bonner

4:20:39 to 4:20:47( Edit History Discussion )

Jo Bonner: mr. nussle: at this time i would yield two minutes -- excuse me three minutes to a member from alabama and a member of the committee. the chairman: the gentleman is recognized for three

Jo Bonner

4:20:47 to 4:20:56( Edit History Discussion )

Jo Bonner: minutes. mr. bonner: i thank the chairman. since i was over here a few minutes ago speaking about what this budget does to protect our homeland security, mr. chairman, i went back to my office

Jo Bonner

4:20:56 to 4:21:07( Edit History Discussion )

Jo Bonner: and turned on the tv and listened to some of the comments. so i came back over to thank you. thank you for having the pashese of job and the wisdom of solomon -- the patience of job and the

Jo Bonner

4:21:07 to 4:21:18( Edit History Discussion )

Jo Bonner: wisdom of solomon, because you'd have to have both to know the difference between some of the allegations and distortions from our friends, and they are our friends. they love this country the

Jo Bonner

4:21:18 to 4:21:28( Edit History Discussion )

Jo Bonner: way we do but see things a slightly different way. their view of america versus the facts and reality that this budget is helping to set the record straight. one program in particular, mr. chairman,

Jo Bonner

4:21:28 to 4:21:38( Edit History Discussion )

Jo Bonner: i also want to thank you for listing is the community development block grants. several weeks ago, the mayors of america, the county commissioners and other community leaders came to this body

Jo Bonner

4:21:38 to 4:21:51( Edit History Discussion )

Jo Bonner: and said this is a program that works. it allows the federal tax dollar to go to communities and put the money where it works for the people that live in these communities, that pay those

Jo Bonner

4:21:51 to 4:22:03( Edit History Discussion )

Jo Bonner: taxes that allow us the privilege of working up here. and so whereas there had been a proposal to make cuts last year and this year in the budget, your budget, our budget, the budget we passed

Jo Bonner

4:22:03 to 4:22:14( Edit History Discussion )

Jo Bonner: last year and the budget hopefully we will pass this week, not only takes those cuts and puts them aside but restores additional funding. last year, it was $1.1 billion more, and this year, under

Jo Bonner

4:22:14 to 4:22:28( Edit History Discussion )

Jo Bonner: your mark, mr. chairman, it's $1.3 billion more to a program that we know has great merit in the cities and counties throughout this country. so really, i just came back over, mr. chairman,

Jo Bonner

4:22:28 to 4:22:38( Edit History Discussion )

Jo Bonner: to say thank you. thanks for listening to us as you have. this will be your last year to chair this process, but the legacy you leave behind is one that makes all of us who have worked

Jo Bonner

4:22:38 to 4:22:47( Edit History Discussion )

Jo Bonner: with you proud and i know it especially makes the people of iowa very proud of the work you've done. thank you very much. the chairman: the gentleman from south carolina. mr. spratt: mr. chairman, i

Jo Bonner

4:22:47 to 4:22:57( Edit History Discussion )

Jo Bonner: yield a minute to the distinguished lady from texas, ms. jackson lee. the chairman: the gentlelady from texas is recognized for one minute. ms. jackson lee: thank you, mr. chairman. i appreciate

Sheila Jackson-Lee

4:22:57 to 4:23:09( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: the kindness. thank you. i ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks. the chairman: without objection, so ordered. ms. jackson lee: thank you very much, mr. chairman. the last time

Sheila Jackson-Lee

4:22:57 to 4:24:33( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Sheila Jackson-Lee

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