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House Proceeding on Apr 14th, 2010 :: 2:27:35 to 2:32:35
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Edward J. Markey

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Edward J. Markey: people live in a better way of life. i encourage support of this bill. i thank the gentleman for bringing it. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentleman from virginia, for what purpose does do you rise? mr.oucher: mr. speaker, at this time i'm pleased to yield f to the gentleman from massachusetts -- five minutes to the gentleman from massachusetts, mr. markey, chairman of the subcommittee on energy and the environment of our energy and commerce committee. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from massachusetts is

Edward J. Markey

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Speech By: Edward J. Markey

Edward J. Markey

2:27:53 to 2:28:14( Edit History Discussion )

Edward J. Markey: recognized for five minutes. mr. markey: i thank the gentleman very much. and i thank the gentleman from virginia for his leadership on this critical issue, along with the gentleman from florida, in partnership with mr. waxman and

Edward J. Markey

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Edward J. Markey: with mr. barton. mr. boucher and i have been working on these issues for many, many, many years. and this bill that has been produced by his zpheet -- subcommittee is something that in my opinion is going to go a long way towards hoping --

Edward J. Markey

2:28:36 to 2:28:57( Edit History Discussion )

Edward J. Markey: towards helping our country to create a new boon economically in this wireless sector. we saw a great boom in the 1990's when we moved over 20 megahertz of spectrum creating the third, fourth, and fifth, and sixth cell phone license, combinedith the telecom act of

Edward J. Markey

2:28:58 to 2:29:18( Edit History Discussion )

Edward J. Markey: 1996, we saw actually a transformation in the way in which we communicate in our country. who would think that we could move from black rotary dial phones to black berries in almost 10 years? who would think that mr. stearns could be checking his blackberry even as i'm speaking out here on the floor.

Edward J. Markey

2:29:19 to 2:29:40( Edit History Discussion )

Edward J. Markey: that's something we are proud of. we are very proud of that revolution in the 1990's, ok. and i think that we have the potential here in this legislation to accomplish the very same kind of addition to the sectrum capacity. and mrs. blackburn is swing

Edward J. Markey

2:29:41 to 2:30:03( Edit History Discussion )

Edward J. Markey: how not only can we use these devices now for voice but also for video and to data. it's become a technology with a great deal of flexibility, but yet because of this technology, we are going to be able -- and i thank the chairman for this -- to inventory each radio spectrum

Edward J. Markey

2:30:04 to 2:30:24( Edit History Discussion )

Edward J. Markey: band of frequencies from 225 megahertz to 10 gigahertz. . that includes the radio services authorized to operate within each band of frequencies, the identity of each federal or nonfederal user within which such radio service authorized to operate in each band of the

Edward J. Markey

2:30:25 to 2:30:46( Edit History Discussion )

Edward J. Markey: frequencies. the total amount of spectrum, by band of frequencies, allocated to each federal or nonfederal user and an aproximate mation of the ex it tent to which each federal or nonfederal user is using each band of frequencies.

Edward J. Markey

2:30:47 to 2:31:08( Edit History Discussion )

Edward J. Markey: this basic goal that the legislation advances, to create possible for us to build on this revolution that occurred from the mid 1990's t 2005. where companies whose names did not exist, google, amazon, ebay, hulu, youtube, are now replaced

Edward J. Markey

2:31:09 to 2:31:31( Edit History Discussion )

Edward J. Markey: or added to with a whole new generation of companies, of technologies, of gadgets and applications that will give an incredible economic stimulus to our country. so, what whave here is a debate over the american economy. and it's central to our well-being. but yet in a lot of ways it just

Edward J. Markey

2:31:32 to 2:31:52( Edit History Discussion )

Edward J. Markey: doesn't get talked about as beinghe biggest part of what happened in the 1990's. and as it morphs into the 21st century, we're seeing thes technologies now be included in new energy technologies, new health care technologies, new education technologies. it now has infiltrated

Edward J. Markey

2:31:53 to 2:32:14( Edit History Discussion )

Edward J. Markey: technology after technology in our country and what the gentleman from virginia is doing in bipartisan partnership with the gentleman from florida is, in my opinion, central to ensuring that we have the leadership in this mobile innovation, that we have a smart spectrum policy that is put on

Edward J. Markey

2:32:15 to 2:32:35( Edit History Discussion )

Edward J. Markey: the books and then we can just get out of the way and watch these entrepreneurs, watch this whole tech community make it possible for us. with a little bit of luck, the applications become so great that perhaps he and millions of other americans will never again have to look up from their blackberry, they'll just be so

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