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Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: jay, thank you for all that you have done and will continue to do on behalf of our nation and our home communi. thanks from a grateful nation. thank you, mr. speaker. >> mr. skelton. for what purpose does -- the speaker pro tempore: mr. skelton. for what purpose does the gentlelady rise? ms. jackson lee: -- >> i ask consent to address the

Barbara Lee

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Speech By: Barbara Lee

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: house for five minutes. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. ms. lee: i joint with several of my colleagues today as an original co-sponsor in the introduce of hrment r. 5015, legislation that would require the president to submit to congress a plan and a timeline for the safe, orderly and expeditious deployment of united states armed forces from

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: afghanistan including military and security-related contractors. this legislation would also implement greater oversight and planning measures to reduce our reliance on contractors in afghanistan. and to curb waste, fraud and abuse in contracting practices which continue to breed corruption at the expense of the afghan people.

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: i'd like to thank representative mcgovern, jones and senator feingold for their leadership and for their hard work and collaboration on this very vital legislation. also i'd like to commend congresswoman woolsey for her stand and her work for global peace and security. tonight i understand it's her 350th time coming to this floor,

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: sounding the alarm against these wars and i'd just like to congratulate her for her steadfastness. she actually introduced the very first resolution calling for the redeployment of our young men and women out of iraq. it's been nearly a decade no since i voted against the authorization of the use of

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: force and this was september 14, 2001. this was an authorization, mind you, that i knew then was a blank check to wage war any time, anywhere and for any length. that was a resolution that really authorized wars without end. h.r. 5015 provides the president

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: and the congress the opportunity now to change the trajectory of united states foreign policy from one of open-ended military conflict towards a strategy which counters terrorism and extremism around the globe in a sustainable and more effective manner. i continue to believe the united

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: states' economic and national security as well as our values are undermined by a military first sttegy that many of us fear may lead us down a path of unending war in afghanistan. in september, 2009, general mcchrystal stated very clearly, if the people are against us, we cannot be successful.

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: if the people view us as occupiers and the enemy, we can't be successful. top military officials and experts agree that winning the hearts and minds of the afghan people should be the focal point of the united states' mission in afghanistan. yet i remain convinced that this will not be accomplished at the

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: barrel of a gun. with every death, with each increase in troop deployments and with every additional military contractor airlifted into afghanistan we provide a rallying point for al qaeda whose propaganda dehe pends on the perception that america's -- depends on the perception that america's aim is foreign occupation.

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: it is our stated policy and president obama has said this many times, as -- times that the united states does not seek a permanent military presence in afghanistan, pakistan, yemen, somalia or elsewhere. we've already sent more than $1 trillion to the pentagon for the ongoing wars in afghanistan and

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: iraq and the administration has yet to provide an estimate for the long-term costs of the united states military operations in afghanistan. it's been estimated that roughly 1/3, mind you, 1/3 of every tax dollar paid by the american people in 2009 went to the pentagon and military he-related expenditures.

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: the fact is -- military-related expenditures. the fact is, we can't even begin to talk about reducing the deficit without talking about reducing our military spending and this legislation sets us down that path by ending a policy of open-ended war in afghanistan that has ultimately made america less safe. i've been clear in my convictions as the situation --

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: that the situation in afghanistan will not be resolvinged with a military solution and i think many agree with that. that's why in last october i introduced h.r. 3699 which would prohibit any funding for increasing troop levels in afghanistan beyond current levels. as a member of the appropriations committee and as

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: congress csiders the president's -- $33 billion -- the president's $33 billion supplemental reest for operations in iraq, afghanistan and pakistan, i will be working to eure that congress is provided an opportunity to go on record regarding this grim prospect, mind you, of continued military escalation. rather than increasing our

Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee: military footprint in afghanistan, studying a timeline for the redeployment of our troops and military contractors is the single greatest step we can take to empower the afghan people and their government while stripping al qaeda of our indefinite foreign military presence used to justify the insurgency and the acts of

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