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Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: international terrorism. so i hope we pass this resolution. it pvides us on the right path to getting out of afghanistan and to ensuring our national security. thank you. the speaker pro tempore: mr. burton from indiana. mr. burton: i a unanimous conse to address the house for five minutes, revise and extends my remarks. the speakerro tempore: there's no objection, the gentleman is recognized.

Dan Burton

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Speech By: Dan Burton

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: mr. burton: i was in my office today, mr. speaker, and i was watching the joint economic committee and one of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle was talking about how one of his employer -- one of his companies had 300 employees that were in entry level positns and they were getting minimum wage and the employer was telling him how they were

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: going to have to lay a lot of them off because of the inability of them to get loans and for other reasons. and the reason i came down and talked about this is because there's no question that if we have a tight money policy that it's going to affect small businesses. in addition to that, when we load additional regulations and

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: costs onto small businesses, it's going to cause them problems and they're going to have to lay people off. you know, i was reading in the paper ts week, the new health care bill is going to cost at&t $1 billion. they're going to have to take that out of their bottom line. it's going to cost the john

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: deere company $150 million, caterpillar, $100 million, three he minnesota mining manufacturing, $9 million, very larow energy, $20 million. all of these companies are going to have to pay for that and they're either going to have to take it out of their profits or they're going to have to take it out of the hydes of their -- hides of their employees by

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: letting some of them go or they're going to have to send some of their operations offshore. as long as we have more government and more government programs it's going to cost jobs. because somebody has to pay for those. the money doesn't come out of the sky. and so if an employer gets a regulation that costs him money,

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: if an employer is taxed and it's going to cost him money, then he has to find some place to get that money in order to have a bottom line profit. unless you believe the government should run everything and we should have socialism in this country or socialized economy. some people think that's where we're head and i think that's very unfortunate. but let's just take a look at

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: some of the things that the administration has done since they've taken office that has been a burden to small business and has cost us jobs. ins lentdy, i'd just like to say that -- incidentally, i'd just like to say that all the programs the obama administration had was supposed to keep unemployment below 8% and it's still around 9.5% or

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: 10% and no indication it's going to go down. the economic stabilization act which was last year and part of it was this year and part of it was last year, in 2008, so we can't blame all of that on obama. but the tarp bailout was $700 billion. and then in january we had $73.3 billion in the state children's health insurance

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: reauthorization. a worthy program, but it cost a lot of money. the stimulus bill was $1.16 trillion when you add in the interest. money we don't have. in february we had the omnibus spending bill which was $625 billion when you add in interest. in june, $105.9 billion in the

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: supplemental. in december, we -- in december we had, let's see, last year in december we had the son col dated appropriations -- consolidated appropriations mini omnibus bill, no, that wasn't december, that's the wrong date, but we had an omnibus spending bill of $3.55 trillion. again, money we don't have. and then in march of this year

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: we had the health care bill which is estimated to cost, if you talk about 10 years of taxes and 10 years of coverage, about $3 trillion. you load all this on the back of small business and there's no way they can continue to keep everybody employed. you're going to tax them. mr. waxman, the chairman of the

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: commerce committee, is bringing into the -- bringing before his committee the chairman or c.e.o.'s of at&t, the deare company, caterpillar, because he says they really shouldn't be telling people these things because these aren't accurate figures. well, they are accurate figures. the $1 billion it's going to cost at&t, the $150 million it's

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: going to cost john deere, the $100 million it's going to cost caterpillar and on and on and on. they have to report that by law. because they reported it, mr. waxman wants them to come before the committee he to try to make them look like they're blowing these figures up. the fact of the matter is business and industry in this country is suffering and because of that we're going to see more unemployment. now, you add to that that by the

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: end of this year the tax cuts that were put in by the previous administration are going to expire and the president has said he's going to let them expire which means those tax cuts are not going to be there so that will in effect be a tax crease. and then you add to that that mr. volcker, as i said into my previous one-minute, is talking about a value and a tax of about

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: 50% to 20%. that's going to be -- 15% to 20%. that's going to be a terrible thing for the economy and jobs. i'd like to say to my colleagues, if you want to

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