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Marcy Kaptur

2:20:17 to 2:20:38( Edit History Discussion )

Marcy Kaptur: those most directly affected by the tragedy remain deeply in our prayers. god bless poland and god bless both of you. ms. kaptur: congressman franks, i want too thank you, i kn what a long day you've had, you ban on -- you began on c-span this morning, but for you to

Marcy Kaptur

2:20:20 to 2:26:40( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Marcy Kaptur

Marcy Kaptur

2:20:39 to 2:21:03( Edit History Discussion )

Marcy Kaptur: pay tribute, particularly with your responsibilities in the area of defense. i know people of poland are listening and people of polish descent across this country, and they are helped to be healed by your words, by the words of congressman donnelly, today we were all part of that important moment when the congressman from chicago,

Marcy Kaptur

2:21:04 to 2:21:24( Edit History Discussion )

Marcy Kaptur: congressman lipinski who co-chairs the polish caucus, asked for a moment of silence and the entire chamber, it rose above partisanship, it was just the expression of the american people as the ambassador from poland was in the gallery and we remembered those who had

Marcy Kaptur

2:21:25 to 2:21:45( Edit History Discussion )

Marcy Kaptur: lost their lives and we prayed for the strength of poland today, for the courage of her people to endure, and as we were expressing that respect, i kept thinking my last trip to

Marcy Kaptur

2:21:46 to 2:22:07( Edit History Discussion )

Marcy Kaptur: poland, last august. i've traveled there for many, many decades and when it was under communist control, i remember how the people, how their faces, their eyes, their expressions were and then in 1989, when the berlin wall came down, traveling to poland and seeing this moment of

Marcy Kaptur

2:22:08 to 2:22:28( Edit History Discussion )

Marcy Kaptur: possibility and the anxious,ness at that particular period and then to try to -- rns,ness at that particular period and then -- anxiousnes at that particular period, and then to see their eye the eyes of young people who will be leaders of the 21st century and

Marcy Kaptur

2:22:29 to 2:22:51( Edit History Discussion )

Marcy Kaptur: they had been raised in a free country. for the first time in over a centur and they had the same possibility as the poles who during world war -- right after world war i attempted to build a free country and then it was taken away from them by naz and soviet aggression. this is really the first

Marcy Kaptur

2:22:52 to 2:23:12( Edit History Discussion )

Marcy Kaptur: generation in 20 years to see the look of hope in those young people's eyes, i shall never forget it. i told me the world had progressed and polandad progressed and her deepest held dreams lived in these young people. so i wanted to put that on the record tonight and also to mention that many, many members, cerinly the speaker,

Marcy Kaptur

2:23:13 to 2:23:37( Edit History Discussion )

Marcy Kaptur: the vice president, secretary of state, members of our house, like congressman quigley, have worked their way to the polish embassy to mourning that is at the embassy for interested members and citizens, the polish embassy is overwhelmed with the outpouring of support and friendship of

Marcy Kaptur

2:23:38 to 2:23:59( Edit History Discussion )

Marcy Kaptur: the american people, the street , just north of dupont circle where the embassy is located, the whole entire front is full of flowers and candles. americans were walking by, attempting to gain entry to the embassy to express their sorrow. it was quite a powerful sight to behold. i know there are memorials being held around the globe as well.

Marcy Kaptur

2:24:00 to 2:24:23( Edit History Discussion )

Marcy Kaptur: president obama has announced he will be leaving -- leading america's delegation to poland this weekend for the president's funeral. so the outpouring of love from the american people to the polish people is a bond that will only be strengthened by this great tragedy and i wanted to also play -- place on the record if i could this evening

Marcy Kaptur

2:24:24 to 2:24:44( Edit History Discussion )

Marcy Kaptur: a poem by andrew, in english, andrew vita a polish filmmaker, about katyn, where the past generation and this generation of poles has now paid the greatest price. and he says, there are no great walls there at katyn, no towers leaning or not leaning.

Marcy Kaptur

2:24:45 to 2:25:07( Edit History Discussion )

Marcy Kaptur: declaring some king's success or mocking another's failure, no gleaming cathedral where you can pray for forgiveness or watch the cycle of shadows play through the coolness of the day, and soon not even the names of those who died will be remembered, names like

Marcy Kaptur

2:25:08 to 2:25:29( Edit History Discussion )

Marcy Kaptur: scripinski, or anthony mokarik. their harsh voices and tearing ourage are lost in the wind, he writes, but their true monuments will always be there in the dust and gray ashes and the mounds settling over the bodies over which no prayers were ever whispered nor tears shed by a grieving mother or trembling sister.

Marcy Kaptur

2:25:30 to 2:25:52( Edit History Discussion )

Marcy Kaptur: is team of polish leaders journeyed to katyn, russia, in order to begin to unravel this story. this story that for seven decades, three quarters of a century, was denied. i have to say that the prime

Marcy Kaptur

2:25:53 to 2:26:13( Edit History Discussion )

Marcy Kaptur: minister of russia, vladimir vladimir putin is to be commended royally for his attention to what happened and in addition to that, for having the courage to look history in the eye and not be afraid of it and to know that we are living in a new millennium and to

Marcy Kaptur

2:26:14 to 2:26:34( Edit History Discussion )

Marcy Kaptur: allow the film "katyn" to be shown on television in russia before the crash and then after . and so to make history right and the president of russia, mr. medvedev, to be able to move on and to work together with the deep heritage that our

Marcy Kaptur

2:26:35 to 2:26:41( Edit History Discussion )

Marcy Kaptur: people all have together and to use our power to make the world a better place, what a mont

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