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House Proceeding on Apr 15th, 2010 :: 1:21:40 to 1:25:20
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James P. McGovern

1:21:36 to 1:21:57( Edit History Discussion )

James P. McGovern: to the gentleman from massachusetts, my colleague on the rules committee, mr. mcgovern. mr. mcgovern: i thank the gentlewoman for yielding to me. i want to associate myself with her remarks. my republican friends talk about fiscal responsibility and they talk about how we need to focus on the economy and let me just

James P. McGovern

1:21:40 to 1:25:20( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: James P. McGovern

James P. McGovern

1:21:58 to 1:22:18( Edit History Discussion )

James P. McGovern: -- let's review the record here. george bush inherited from bill clinton a sound economy and a surplus. republicans came in and they basically eliminated the surplus and they drove this economy into a ditch. what president obama inherited was the worst economy since

James P. McGovern

1:22:19 to 1:22:39( Edit History Discussion )

James P. McGovern: great depression. that is what they did. my friend from north carolina wants to talk about arrogance. what about the arrogance of creating this enormous debt? of taking the surplus that they inherited and just forfeitering it away and -- frittering it

James P. McGovern

1:22:40 to 1:23:00( Edit History Discussion )

James P. McGovern: away and creating this all-time high national debt. tax cuts for rich people that weren't pa for. that went on to our debt. two wars we are fightin none of it paid for. trillionsof dollars on our debt. no mention when they were voting for all this stuff about the implication to average families.

James P. McGovern

1:23:01 to 1:23:23( Edit History Discussion )

James P. McGovern: a prescription drug bill, not paid for, hundreds of billions of dollars added to our debt. you want to talk about arrogance? that's arrogant. that's what they gave us. they gave us the worst economy since the great depression. they drove this economy into a ditch and how they are complaining about the size of the tow truck. it is tax date. at this moment in our history we have to clean up a mess.

James P. McGovern

1:23:24 to 1:23:44( Edit History Discussion )

James P. McGovern: it's easy, it's fun to create a mess. when we were kids it was always fun to mess things up. it wasn't so fun when our mothers told us you have to clean things up. we are cleaning things up. we are cleaning up their mess. i wish we didn't have to, but that's what they left us. and the -- in terms of tax relief, we have the american recovery reinvestment act that

James P. McGovern

1:23:45 to 1:24:05( Edit History Discussion )

James P. McGovern: had tax cuts for average working families, tax incentives for businesses, to create bs by increasing bonus depreciation, allowing small businesses to imme equipment purchases. and providing a five-year carryback for net operating losses. they had an oortunity to vote for that. they voted no. no. on health reform, tax credit,

James P. McGovern

1:24:06 to 1:24:26( Edit History Discussion )

James P. McGovern: paid for health care coverage. the cost of health care has become obscene and there are tax credits for small businesses to help them offer coverage to their employees. what did they do? they voted no. hiring incentives to restore employment, the so-called hire act. a payroll tax holiday for business that is hire unemployed workers and retain them.

James P. McGovern

1:24:27 to 1:24:47( Edit History Discussion )

James P. McGovern: how did they vote? no. theyvoted no on that. small business and infrastructure jobs act, tax incentives to help spur investments in small businesses. they all talk about small businesses. how do they vote on that? no. permanent state tax relief that ensures nearly all the state, 99.8%, are exempt from taxes, how did they vote? no.

James P. McGovern

1:24:48 to 1:25:08( Edit History Discussion )

James P. McGovern: on every measure -- could i ask an additional 30 seconds? ms. pingree: 30 seconds. mr. mcgovern: on every measure provides relief to average no. i am sorry, i say to my republican friends, we are not trying to accommodate the donald trumps of the world. we a providing more tax rates for big

James P. McGovern

1:25:09 to 1:25:20( Edit History Discussion )

James P. McGovern: corporations and big financial institutions that created this mess on wall street. we have a different set of priorities and that is to help average working families get through this economic crisis that they created. and we are going to do that with

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