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Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: that's a big step forward toward making the world a more peaceful place for o and our children. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from north carolina, mr. jones, is recognized for five minutes. mr. jones: thank you. mr. speaker, america's colleges and universities are training

Walter B. Jones

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Speech By: Walter B. Jones

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: the future leaders in an academic setting all viewpoints on matters of public policy deserve the chance to be heard. this tradition of academic freedom must be protected. unfortunately, last week at the university of north carolina at chapel hill, students were denied the opportunity to hear a talk by former congressman

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: tom tancredo, by propesters who interrupted i had speech. congressman tancredo had been invited by the university of north carolina chapter of youth for western civilization to speak on the topic of in-state tuition for illegal aliens and an issue that has been highly debated in the state of north carolina.

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: campus police shut done the event after protesters who shouted accusations of racism shattered a window of the classroom where the talk was to be held. following the ins department, i had the chance to speak with the university of north carolina chancellor by telephone. chancellor thorpe said he had

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: called congressman tan credit tow to apologize for how he was -- tancredo to apologize for how he was treated. the chancellor also issued a public statement about the incident. he said, and i quote, we expect protests about controversial subjects at carolina. that's part of our culture. but we also pride ourself on being a place where all points

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: of view can be expressed and heard. there's a way to protest that respects freedom of speech and allows people with opposing views to be heard. here, there's often meant that groups protesting a speaker have displayed signs -- display signs or banners silently expressing their opinions while

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: the speaker has his or her say, that did not happen during congressman tancredo's visit. i commend chancellor thorpe for extending a personal apology to congressman tancredo and for publicly voicing his disappointment that a visit to the campus was denied the opportunity to express his views.

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: on behalf of all taxpayers who support north carolina's public universities and their system, i also would like to apologize to m it all comes down to one simple point. if our public universities cannot protect freedom o speech on will? why, his opposition to intate

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: tuition benefits for illegal immigrants may be controversial to some, congressman tancredo is a respect the and knowledgeable leader in the immigration reform movement. it is a shame that those who with dissenting view points prevented from us hearing his comments. i hope disciplinary members

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: will be taken as warranted against any student or professor who participanted in disrupting congressman tancredo's talk. it is my understanding that the school is working with the students and would like to invite congressman tancredo back to campus to speak. in fact, mr. speaker, tomorrow former congressman good,

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: another opponent of illegal immigration, is also scheduled to speak at the school tomorrow and i hope his speech will be protecd. i hope the university will take steps to ensure that future student-sponsored discussions on the university campus at chapel hill do not get shut down by those with dissenting view points.

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: we have a right to agree and to disagree in this country. but if we cannot protect that at university, i don't know what the future holds, que frankly. again, in closing, i thank the administrators at university of north carolina chapel hill for working to protect the integrity of the university by allowing free speech to be

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: exercised on their cap pus. mr. speaker, i'm sorry close i was a little bit misrepresenting my thoughts but the thought is this, if our men and women in uniform or in afghanistan and iraq trying to protect the freedom in those countries,hen let's do what is possible in this country to protect the freedom of

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: different views at our universities and our colleges in america. because they are the future leaders of america and they have a right to participate in those who agree and disagree and with that, mr. speaker, i

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