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House Proceeding on Apr 22nd, 2009 :: 3:23:30 to 3:27:50
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Rosa L. DeLauro

3:23:27 to 3:23:47( Edit History Discussion )

Rosa L. DeLauro: 7-year-old daughter, my 5-yard line son and all the children of america, this budget should not be taken to conference. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentleman from south carolina. mr. spratt: mr. speaker, i yi gentlelady from connecticut, ms. delauro. the speaker pro tempore: the

Rosa L. DeLauro

3:23:30 to 3:27:50( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Rosa L. DeLauro

Rosa L. DeLauro

3:23:48 to 3:24:08( Edit History Discussion )

Rosa L. DeLauro: gentlelady is recognized for five minutes. ms. delauro: mr. speaker, i rise to and a budget that addresses our nation's priorities, confronts our economic cris today and makes critical investments in our long-term growth. with this budget we have laid out a clear path to cut the deficit by nearly 2/3, to cut taxes for middle class

Rosa L. DeLauro

3:24:09 to 3:24:29( Edit History Discussion )

Rosa L. DeLauro: americans. it reduces wasteful spending while making long overdue investments to get our country back on track. the truth is we cannot afford to wait. failure to reform and invest have produced eight years of the slowest growth in 3/4 of a century. every day i hear stories from

Rosa L. DeLauro

3:24:30 to 3:24:50( Edit History Discussion )

Rosa L. DeLauro: my constituents. a single mothewho lost her job and the health care coverage that went with it. now, she fights daily just to make sure her children can get the care they need to stay healthy. the small business owner struggling to stay afloat in a market where credit has become so tight simply making payroll is not a sure thing. the student who excelled in school won't be going to

Rosa L. DeLauro

3:24:51 to 3:25:11( Edit History Discussion )

Rosa L. DeLauro: college because he or she cannot afford it. and the homeowner who worked and saved and did everything right but still finds himself or herself underwater on the verge of foreclosure. our nation owes its citizens far better. there will be no growth, opportunity and no jobs unless we invest in our future.

Rosa L. DeLauro

3:25:12 to 3:25:32( Edit History Discussion )

Rosa L. DeLauro: we cannot fix our economy unless we take concrete steps to create jobs, transition to a clean energy economy, make health care more affordable and improve education. pursue true reform, get the big things right and focus on our national priorities. focus on health care by addressing the burdens tt the current health care system

Rosa L. DeLauro

3:25:33 to 3:25:53( Edit History Discussion )

Rosa L. DeLauro: places on families. aiming to improve quality, efficiency and accountability of health care in order to control costs and provide resources to expand access. there are no easy answers when it comes to making our health care system work for everyone, but one thing is clear. this is our window of opportunity. this budget is an essential first step to ensure quality,

Rosa L. DeLauro

3:25:54 to 3:26:14( Edit History Discussion )

Rosa L. DeLauro: affordable health care for all of our constituents. it gives us the flexibility to give people real choices when it comes to their health care. the choice to keep what they have now or to have a new choice of a private or public hlth insurance plan. focus on education, the key to economic opportunity, especially in these tough economic times.

Rosa L. DeLauro

3:26:15 to 3:26:35( Edit History Discussion )

Rosa L. DeLauro: when too many of our children and adults are not prepared to compete or when our region's work force does not meet the demands of our employers, our entire nation suffers. this budget increases funds for early childhood education, creates a new tax credit to help cover college costs and focus on energy independence

Rosa L. DeLauro

3:26:36 to 3:26:58( Edit History Discussion )

Rosa L. DeLauro: because from rising prices to rising temperatures to the dangerous actions of hostile regimes abroad, one thing is clear. if we do not take action, young people today, not to mention their children and their grandchildren, will face dire consequences. this budget builds a framework for developing and producing new energy and jobs, modernizing the electricity

Rosa L. DeLauro

3:26:59 to 3:27:19( Edit History Discussion )

Rosa L. DeLauro: grid to make it more efficient, secure and reliable, increasing the efficiency of federal buildings and helping make state and local governments more energy efficient. focus on infrastructure to create jobs to transportation, energy projects, maintaining highys, rebuilding bridges, transit, water systems. this budget lays the groundwork for our national infrastructure

Rosa L. DeLauro

3:27:20 to 3:27:41( Edit History Discussion )

Rosa L. DeLauro: bank to give these projects the priority they deserve and the leverage resources to maximize their imfact -- impact all to outsourced in keeping our nation competive. no matter where we focus our goals are clear. to move from recovery to growth. this budget builds on the powerful down payment we made

Rosa L. DeLauro

3:27:42 to 3:27:50( Edit History Discussion )

Rosa L. DeLauro: with the recovery package that president obamsigned into law this spring. mr. speaker, i urge my colleagues to stand behind this

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