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House Proceeding on Apr 22nd, 2009 :: 4:25:55 to 4:32:05
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Allen Boyd

4:25:51 to 4:26:13( Edit History Discussion )

Allen Boyd: it's being used for a completely different purpose. and if tse ideas of the democratic majority are so meritorious then why can't they be debated in regular order? that's why i question. why use this budget sleight of hand. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. mr. hensarling: we need to reject that and accept this motion.

Allen Boyd

4:25:55 to 4:32:05( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Allen Boyd

Allen Boyd

4:26:14 to 4:26:34( Edit History Discussion )

Allen Boyd: gentleman from south carolina. mr. spratt: madam speaker, i yield five minutes to the gentleman from florida, mr. boyd. the speaker o tempore: the gentleman is recognized for five minutes. mr. boyd: thank you, madam speaker. and i thank my friend, the chairman, mr. spratt. madam speaker, i'm always intrigd by the rhetoric that comes when we start talking about budgets. and i'm so grateful for a

Allen Boyd

4:26:35 to 4:26:55( Edit History Discussion )

Allen Boyd: gentleman like mr. spratt who's not a rhetorical person but a personho wants to get practically get things done and get a budget that makes sense for the american people and how we collect and spend our government -- do functions. madam speaker, a budget is

Allen Boyd

4:26:56 to 4:27:16( Edit History Discussion )

Allen Boyd: supposed to be a road map that shows where you're going, how you're going to get there, what's your priorities are, how you're going to pay for those priorities and unfortunately over the last eight years under the leadershipf the previous administration and the other party we didn't have that. a budget was used as a sort of

Allen Boyd

4:27:17 to 4:27:38( Edit History Discussion )

Allen Boyd: rhetorical tool to say, you know, we're not -- we're going to balance a budget but then they come back a day later and say, well, wgot all this emergency stuff that we didn't put in the budget with you we knew all along we needed to do. for the first time in eight years you have before you an honest document which is an honest road map to -- that

Allen Boyd

4:27:39 to 4:28:00( Edit History Discussion )

Allen Boyd: explains our situation and lays out an avenue to get to a better place. now, honestly it's not a pretty picture but it's an honest picture. we haven't had an honest picture in eight years. it is -- it is an ugly picture when it comes to the numbers. but the nuers are honest and

Allen Boyd

4:28:01 to 4:28:21( Edit History Discussion )

Allen Boyd: it lays out a road map to get us out of this economic mess that we've -- that president obama has inherited. and so i'm proud of mr. spratt and the work that he's done and the house of representatives and their work in passing this budget. now, what does that road map

Allen Boyd

4:28:22 to 4:28:43( Edit History Discussion )

Allen Boyd: say and what does it do? it says first of all we are in an economic mess. revenue collections are going to be done, revenue collection is down. we all know about that. that wasn't the fault of this sitting president. it was the -- he inherited that mess. but what it does is say these are the problems that exist and have to be resolved for us to come to a better place.

Allen Boyd

4:28:44 to 4:29:05( Edit History Discussion )

Allen Boyd: and president obama believes strongly in a couple of things and he's -- we're trying to outline in how we deal with those things in this budget. number one is, he thinks that you can't really fix the economic mess until you deal with the health care issue. health care accessibility is a problem in this nation when you have 48 million or 50 million

Allen Boyd

4:29:06 to 4:29:27( Edit History Discussion )

Allen Boyd: people who cannot access the health care system. and it's also a problem in that costs are rising at t 3% to 5% above inflation. doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out it doesn't work too long. it only carries us deeper into the economic mess. so he says we got to deal with that problem. and this budget lays out that

Allen Boyd

4:29:28 to 4:29:49( Edit History Discussion )

Allen Boyd: avenue, that blueprint to deal with that problem. secondly, and this is another important factor relative to how we mess, and that is the energy crisis, the energy situation. . when you got a run-up in the cost of oil to $145 a barrel when it had traditionally been below 30, that was one of the

Allen Boyd

4:29:50 to 4:30:11( Edit History Discussion )

Allen Boyd: catalyst that is took us into this economic collapse. and we have known for a long time as a nation that we had to deal with this energy crisis. climate change, energy, all sort of interconnected. this budget also lays out an avenue or road map to get to how -- to get to this energy legislation.

Allen Boyd

4:30:12 to 4:30:32( Edit History Discussion )

Allen Boyd: doesn't go into details. the president hasn't even talked too much about detail. wants to leave that to congress. i do know one thing. to solve those two problems, madam spker, it has to be a bipartisan wor madam speaker, mr. ryan knows that, every piece of major legislation that's ever come out must be bipartisan.

Allen Boyd

4:30:33 to 4:30:54( Edit History Discussion )

Allen Boyd: we need bipartisan cooperation and support. we need constructive ideas. we as a minority need to be inclusive, but the majority party when it comes to the table needs to be constructive and not obstructive. i think that's what we as blue dogs who we consider ourselves the most fiscally conservative,

Allen Boyd

4:30:55 to 4:31:15( Edit History Discussion )

Allen Boyd: constructive folks in congress, 51 of us, and i serve as -- have been part of that group for a long time. we would like to work with the people on the other side of the aisle. in a constructive manner. but up to this p been unable to -- our attempts have been thwarted. we again thrust out that olive

Allen Boyd

4:31:16 to 4:31:36( Edit History Discussion )

Allen Boyd: branch to work on both sides of the aisle to solve these problems. you can't get -- you can't get out of this economic mess without dealing with the health care problems and energy crisis that we have in thi the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. mr. boyd: 30 seconds. mr. spratt: i yield an additional 30 seconds. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for 30 seconds. mr. boyd: in that process, the

Allen Boyd

4:31:37 to 4:31:58( Edit History Discussion )

Allen Boyd: president believes health care reform, he believes energy reform, he believes education reform, and thirdly -- fourthly, most importantly, fiscal responsibility. as the folks, mr. ryan and others have said consistently, we have to get back to being fiscally responsible. it's something we completely threw out the window over the last eight years.

Allen Boyd

4:31:59 to 4:32:06( Edit History Discussion )

Allen Boyd: we have to go back to a path that leads us down to a balanced budget. can't get there overnight, but this budget developed by mr.

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