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Phil Gingrey

1:12:56 to 1:13:18( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: i've got a lot of friends who have arrived. my friend phil gingrey has arrived here from the great state of georgia, he was the first one here, let's let him talk a little bit about the first 100 years. mr. gingrey: i appreciate very much the gentleman from texas for yielding and giving me the portunity to join him on the

Phil Gingrey

1:13:00 to 1:18:55( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Phil Gingrey

Phil Gingrey

1:13:19 to 1:13:39( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: floor tonight as we talk to our colleagues our impression of the first 100 days. i was actually on fox news sunday, just yesterday, basically talking about the same thing. my comment then was, well, you know, what bothers me more than the first 100 days and the

Phil Gingrey

1:13:40 to 1:14:00( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: performance of the president is the fact that yesterday was national debt day. was the day at which the federal government has spent every bit of the money that we've taken in. all the revenue has been spent on expenses, on discretiona spending and mandatory spending.

Phil Gingrey

1:14:01 to 1:14:21( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: now for the rest of the year, it's borrowed money. we're going to be spending borrowed money for the rest of the year. and the striking, shocking almost, thing about that, mr. speaker, is that this is occurring 3 1/2 months earlier,

Phil Gingrey

1:14:22 to 1:14:42( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: than it did last year. could stand before my colleagues and say, that i would give the president a good grade on this. my worthy opponent in the marity yesterday as we always have a republican and a democrat

Phil Gingrey

1:14:43 to 1:15:04( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: on these television shows, said, well, you know, the president ought sob scored on a curve, i guess he meant compared to the last president, president bush, the previous administration and in his opinion, this gentleman, the president should get an a on the curve.

Phil Gingrey

1:15:05 to 1:15:27( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: . he is a harvard lawyer and accounant and maybe a ph. d. there is no curve, no grade inflation at georgia tech. and i hope my friends at georgia tech won't get on to me about

Phil Gingrey

1:15:28 to 1:15:50( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: this, but i'm a georgia tech graduate and i speak for myself, but i would give president obama's first 100 days a c minus. and one of the things that bothers me the most is this recent released declassification and release of these memos that

Phil Gingrey

1:15:51 to 1:16:13( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: were written by attorneys in the previous justice department in regard to enhanced interrogation, to try to make sure that anything we did as a country was done legally and within the bounds of the law and within t bounds of our great constitution. i'm sure they struggled. it was a difficult thing to do.

Phil Gingrey

1:16:14 to 1:16:36( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: and in good conscience said to the president, this is what you can do, this is what you cannot do. we are in a desperate situation. we have just been attacked, 3,000 or more people were killed when the twin towers came crashing down after the islamic extremists, the terrorists, the global terrorists, i guess we

Phil Gingrey

1:16:37 to 1:16:58( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: call that overseas contingency operations. i guess we can no longer talk about terrorism. but we were in a desperate situation, mr. speaker. and to think that the president -- and i heard and i read this in the paper about how he spent 5 1/2 hours with his type-level

Phil Gingrey

1:16:59 to 1:17:20( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: people over in the west wing debang pro and con whether or not to release these memos, declassify them and embarrass, i administration and our country to the world that after 5 1/2 hours of debate, pro and con, the president made a decision to release those memos.

Phil Gingrey

1:17:21 to 1:17:41( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: and then, of course said, but, you know, we need to move forward. i'm a leader, and i hope and pray that he is, that wants to lo to the future. we've got a lot of problems. everything we've done, nothing really -- we're just right back to where we were as far as the

Phil Gingrey

1:17:42 to 1:18:02( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: dow goes and continuing to lose jobs, so we need to move forward, not focus on the past and we are aren't going to be prosecuting these people because what they did they did in good faith. and six da i'm not so sure about that. mr. speaker, this is dangerous stuff.

Phil Gingrey

1:18:03 to 1:18:23( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: and i think the president really needs to rethink this. and this business of gotcha and saying that everything is the fault of the previous administration i think has got to stop. if he wants to get a good score in his first 100 days, let's

Phil Gingrey

1:18:24 to 1:18:46( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: 100 days. i'm ready to give him a good score if the 44th president of the united states, if he does not try to take over our health care system and bring us towards socialized medicine and a single-payer system, if he

Phil Gingrey

1:18:47 to 1:18:56( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: doesn't tax the middle-class to death with this idea that is crazy in these economic times, if he wants a decent score in

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