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House Proceeding 04-27-09 on Apr 27th, 2009 :: 2:22:00 to 2:31:00
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Phil Gingrey

2:21:56 to 2:22:18( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: their own. dr. gingrey from georgia is one of them. and, mr. speaker, at this time i would like to yield my time to dr. gingrey from georgia. mr. gingrey: mr. speaker, i thank the louisiana for yielding. we thought we'd spend a few

Phil Gingrey

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Speech By: Phil Gingrey

Phil Gingrey

2:22:19 to 2:22:39( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: minutes this evening talking about another problem. a huge, huge problem and of course that is with our health care system in this country. and the fact that the administration has made one of their top priorities for this congress heal care reform.

Phil Gingrey

2:22:40 to 2:23:01( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: and those of us on the republican side of the aisle, mr. speaker, the minority, feel that our health care system does need some reforming. but not in the way that the president has proposed, not in a way the majority party has suggested the road in which

Phil Gingrey

2:23:02 to 2:23:22( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: they want to travel in regard to health care reform. i've got an opportunity this evening to be joined by a number of doctors on our side of the aisle. in fact, we're part of a new caucus in the house, the republican or jop doctors

Phil Gingrey

2:23:23 to 2:23:44( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: caucus. we have about 12 members in that group, mr. speaker, and i was trying to get my staff to real quickly this evening estimate the number of years of medical provider experience that in the aggregatee have got in this group.

Phil Gingrey

2:23:45 to 2:24:05( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: and that estimate is just -- was just given to me by one of my colleagues. 331 total years of medical practice among the g.o.p. republican doctors caucus. let me repeat that, mr. speaker. 331 years. now, i'm not going to say that

Phil Gingrey

2:24:06 to 2:24:26( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: that necessarily makes us experts, but it certainly does give us in the republican doctors caucus a perspective, an experience that we should definitely be heard on this issue. of how to best reform this

Phil Gingrey

2:24:27 to 2:24:47( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: health care system. we love to say and proudly say is the best in the world. we know that it's not perfect. and we know that when statistics are thrown out by the united states census bureau, that 47 million

Phil Gingrey

2:24:48 to 2:25:10( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: americans everyday, throughout the year, go without health insurance. that is a staggering statistic. and my colleagues on both sides of the aisle, un-- an unacceptable statistic. now the truth of the matter is, when you peel back that onion, though, of 47 million people

Phil Gingrey

2:25:11 to 2:25:34( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: that have been determined by questions of survey that's done in the typical census bureau fashion, what you find is that this is just kind of a snapshot, mr. speaker, of any point in time there may be 47 million people who are without health insurance, but many of them, in fact, it's estimated

Phil Gingrey

2:25:35 to 2:25:56( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: that as much as 1/4 of that number, or many even as much as 40%, within tw months to three months to four months at most will have insurance. they may have lost it temporarily because a job change or an illness or they just happen to let thr people are yums lapse and they regain that -- premiums lapse and they regain that health ins

Phil Gingrey

2:25:57 to 2:26:17( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: but one of the things that's without question as we look at the statis is that there are million of them, mr. speaker, who clearly can afford -- i'm not saying they live in luxury, but they could afford to provide health insurance for themselves and

Phil Gingrey

2:26:18 to 2:26:38( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: probably for their family as well, because 18 million of the 47 million make more than $50,000 a year. 18 million of the 47 million have an income more than $50,000 a year and 10 million of that 18 million make more

Phil Gingrey

2:26:39 to 2:26:59( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: than $100,000 a year. so there are people in this country that just simply -- they're probably, i would guess, demographically, between the ages of 22 and 35, who are healthy and young and in many casesingle, have a good job, professionals, just don't want to spend the mey.

Phil Gingrey

2:27:00 to 2:27:22( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: i just feel like if i get sick i'll pay it out of my pocket. i think it's a mistake, i think it's a huge mistake and i certainly don't recommend that. i think peoplere playing russian roulette almost by doing that. because some catastrophic illness, a broken neck and a motor vehicle accident that would leave a person disabled

Phil Gingrey

2:27:23 to 2:27:45( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: for life, i mean, that's a worst-case scenario, i guess you could could think of. but that just shows you that the number is not as bad, that 47 million. and then it's estimated that 1/4 of those are people who are not even citizens of this country. you get down a start peeling

Phil Gingrey

2:27:46 to 2:28:07( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: the onion, start peeling the onion, and you may have 15 million in this country, 10 million or 15 million who through no fault of their own, they're not poor enough to be eligible for our safety net programs like medicaid and maybe the chip program, children's

Phil Gingrey

2:28:08 to 2:28:31( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: health insurance program. they're not old enough to be eligible for medicare. they're not disabled, thank goodness, but they don't make enough to be able to afford it. i can tell you that every member of the doctors' caucus, the

Phil Gingrey

2:28:32 to 2:28:52( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: republican doctors' caucus, we will do something about it. there are a number of things that need reform in our system. we'll talk about that tonight. i'm joined by a couple of my colleagues as we look across the chamber and i see dr. murphy from pennsylvania, i see dr. fleming from louisiana and i

Phil Gingrey

2:28:53 to 2:29:18( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: think others will join us as we get deeper into the hour but i'm going to engage sort of in a colloquy, maybe an open mike with my colleagues, mr. speaker, talking out what we feel needs to be done, but more importantly, what we feel absolutely should not be done.

Phil Gingrey

2:29:19 to 2:29:39( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: as we bring to you the 331 total years of working with patients constituents now that we have morphed into proud members of theongress. but to understand what they want, what the doctor-patient relationship is all about, some of our colleagues, mr. speaker

Phil Gingrey

2:29:40 to 2:30:00( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: have not had that unique opportunity and it's our only fwation to share it with them as they share with us their experience in their professional lives. that's why we're here, that's what we're all about. anyone that says republicans are the party of no, they have no opinion, just show up and vote no, that is absolutely an unfair

Phil Gingrey

2:30:01 to 2:30:21( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: characterization, mr. speaker. we do have a plan. we have a second opinion, as i point to this first sle before yielding to my colleagues. we have a second opinion. on everything. on every issue. we heard from mr. scalise a few moments ago about spending, a

Phil Gingrey

2:30:22 to 2:30:42( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: second opinion we republicans have on the budget. a second opinion that we republicans have on the energy and commerce committee in regards to what kind of comp reshensive energy bill this country needs that is not this cap and trade and the silent

Phil Gingrey

2:30:43 to 2:31:01( Edit History Discussion )

Phil Gingrey: hidden tax of $3,000 per family that hits middle class americans so hard. that's what the second opinion that mr. scalise was given in regard to that issue. well, i -- that by way of introduction, mr. speaker is what we're talking about here for the next 45 minutes.

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