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House Proceeding 04-28-09 on Apr 28th, 2009 :: 0:34:45 to 0:40:10
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Rosa L. DeLauro

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Rosa L. DeLauro: i do support the budget. it's a good budget. it calls for the change that president obama spoke about. and i hope we vote for it. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from. the gentleman from massachusetts. mr. mcgovern: i yield five minutes to the the gentlewoman from connecticut. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman from connecticut is recognized for five minutes.

Rosa L. DeLauro

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Speech By: Rosa L. DeLauro

Rosa L. DeLauro

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Rosa L. DeLauro: ms. delauro: madam speaker, i rise in support of this rule and the underlying budget conference report that we are considering today. as a member of the budget committee and a budget conferee, i was proud to have worked with chairman spratt and the other members of the committee on a 2010 budget resolution that re-invests in america and

Rosa L. DeLauro

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Rosa L. DeLauro: re-invests in middle-class families that make up e backbone of this country. the voters spoke this fall overwhelmingly, voting for change and a re-orientation of our priorities so we are strengthening the middle class and making the critical investments to build a better tomorrow.

Rosa L. DeLauro

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Rosa L. DeLauro: we began to bring that change with the economic recovery program and we continuon that path by providing a blueprint in this budget that will bring tax relief to hard-working families across this nation and make investments in health care, education, energy and elsewhere that are needed to move this economy from recovery to

Rosa L. DeLauro

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Rosa L. DeLauro: ng-term growth. our friends on the other side of the aisle will decry claiming that it will burden future generations with crippling debt. but let's be clear. it was under their leadership that a $5.6 trillion surplus turned into the historic budget

Rosa L. DeLauro

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Rosa L. DeLauro: deficit that president obama and this congress inherited. a deficit of well over $1 trillion in 2009. if you listen to my colleagues on the other side of the aisle, they were missing in action over this last eight years. it is hard to believe that they

Rosa L. DeLauro

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Rosa L. DeLauro: were in charge. it is a little bit like see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. they were gone frothe playing field over these last eight years. we will hear the other side rail against the instructions that are included in this resolution to bring about, what, education

Rosa L. DeLauro

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Rosa L. DeLauro: and long-awaited health care reform despite the fact that they used this same procedure to pass massive tax cuts for the wealthiest people in this nation. when it comes to health care reform, the american people have

Rosa L. DeLauro

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Rosa L. DeLauro: since 1993 to make a serious tempt to fix our broken system. health care reform, making health care coverage affordable, available to all, improving safety and quality and providing americans with a choice of health plans and physicians, including thchoice of keeping

Rosa L. DeLauro

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Rosa L. DeLauro: their current health plan as long, long ovdue. we will work to craft bipartisan legislation, but the american people are not interested in process. they are interested in results. we will not let a party of no stand in the way of a reformed health care system that the

Rosa L. DeLauro

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Rosa L. DeLauro: majority of americans so desperately want. along with health care, this budget invests in education by extending access and increasing funds for early childhood education and help college costs and raising the pell grant awards and invests in energy, and builds a framework for producinjobs, modernizing the

Rosa L. DeLauro

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Rosa L. DeLauro: electricity grid to make it more efficient, secure and reliable, increasing the efficiency of federal buildings, helping to make state and local governments more energy efficient. it invests in rebuilding america, including the establishment of a national infrastructure which would allow the government to object jecktively consider a wide range

Rosa L. DeLauro

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Rosa L. DeLauro: of infrastructure projects, leverage the private sector to fund those with the most significant economic and social and economic benefits. this budget reflects on the economic recovery program that we passed, including provisions to provide tax relief to middle-income families. this includes room to expand the child tax credit, lowering of

Rosa L. DeLauro

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Rosa L. DeLauro: eligibility threshold to $3,000 in the recovery act. we provide relief to hard-working families of nearly 16 million children, including 5.5 million newly eligible children. this budget builds on our efforts to create jobs, rebuild its economy through the economic recovery plan.

Rosa L. DeLauro

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Rosa L. DeLauro: it provides a forward-looking economic blueprint that makes strategic investments necessary to move from recovery to long-term economic growth while putting us back on the path to fiscal sustainability. and i urge my colleagues, i urge my colleagues to support this rule, to support the underlying

Rosa L. DeLauro

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Rosa L. DeLauro: resolution and do not let our colleagues on the other side of

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