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Steve King

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Steve King: have been victims of hate crimes and acts of violence. thank you and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman yields back. the gentlewoman from north carolina. ms. foxx: thank you, mr. speaker. i now would like to yield four minutes to the distinguished gentleman from iowa, mr. king, a member of the judiciary commit excellent amendments that were rejected by the committee.

Steve King

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Speech By: Steve King

Steve King

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Steve King: mr. king. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for four minutes. mr. king: thank you, mr. speaker. i thank the gentlelady for yielding the time. this issue was debated for two days before the judiciary committee. there were many, many amendments offered before the committee, every one of them was rejected and shot down out of i think a desire to preserve

Steve King

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Steve King: the bill to be whatever it was that was presented to the committee. now here we are with a rule that results in a closed rule, mr. speaker. a closed rule because as the gentlelady from north carolina said, there's a fear that there could be amendments that would succeed that would be offered here. one of those that i happen to have offered before the

Steve King

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Steve King: judiciary committee was to exempt pedophiles as a special protected status thunder bill. the rational thought on the other side i couldn't follow, mr. speaker, but i think it would be rational for this full body of the house of representatives to make a decision on this. i think that there was a fear on the part of the rules committee that that would also

Steve King

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Steve King: be a decision that would be made. i have before me a list from the american pchological seerks of the paraphelias, that being proclivities in my vernacular, among them are pedophiles and a whole list of other kinds of activities, but

Steve King

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Steve King: they are -- there are 547 of them all together. we can't even exempt pedophiles, let alone the other proclivities that are there, for special status. we can't define the language in the bill. the language in the bill that says gender versus sex. gender isn't the same thing as using the word sex. sex is what an individual can

Steve King

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Steve King: determine someone else to be, gender is what a person thinks they are in their head, mr. speaker. so the blurry language of gender replaces the clear language of sex that's been in our law for a long time. sexual orientation is another one of those. we're figuring out what's in people's heads, the perpetrator and the victim.

Steve King

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Steve King: under sexual orientation, you have a mental definition, the head of perhaps the victim, what's going on there. the plumming of the victim, that's a differentefinition and the act that might be carried out by someone of a specific sexual orientation. no definition exists in law. gender identity is another

Steve King

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Steve King: broad category. how does someone discriminate against someone else, how do they determine what these particular proclivities, mr. speaker? these are the broad, mushy areas of w that lead us down a path that ends up with any combination of liberal activist judges will turn this into a mass of special protected

Steve King

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Steve King: status people. sacred cows walking through our society, the gentleman from florida mentioned the immutable characteristics. no, that's not in the bill. we tri to put it in the bill. but that amendment was shot down. i wish we could protect immutable characteristics, i think they should be. those characteristics are those characteristics that are

Steve King

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Steve King: independently verified and can't be willfully changed. that's the subject matter, 1984, george orwell. i brought this up the last time we debated this i think it's important that we look at the book that was written in 1949 and predicted by george orwell that by 1984, we'd be where we are today in 2009.

Steve King

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Steve King: he was writing about the new totalitarians who learned from the nazis and russian communists. they said the party is not interested in any overt act, e thought is all we care about. wen do not merely destroy our enemy we change them. we are not content with negative obedience or the most abject submission. when final you surrender to us,

Steve King

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Steve King: it must be of our own free will. it is intolerable to us that an erroneous ought should exist anywhere in the world. george orwell, "1984," anticipating we'd be having this debate in 1984, today it's 2009, mr. speaker. we should punish all perp trailtors. there should be no special victims. all perpetrators should be

Steve King

0:37:44 to 0:37:50( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: punished the same. i think 25 years for assault on anyone is enough but to the gentleman from colorado that

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