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Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: from virginia rise? mr. wolf: ask unanimous consent to address the house for five minutes. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. wolf: mr. speake i rise on the floor again to raise awareness to the american people and to the congress that the safety of the united states could be put at risk should attorney general eric holder approve the release of trained

Frank R. Wolf

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Speech By: Frank R. Wolf

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: terrorists in our country. i repeat, release into this country, not held in jails, but let free in our neighborhoods and communities. and this eric holder now expects us to take his word that the detainees e not a threat and that is unacceptable. attorney general expects this congress to sit by and the

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: american people to sit by until he announces he has released the detainees held at guantanamo bay into your ighborhood. he will not allow career f.b.i. and government employees to even brief membs of congress on this so much for this

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: administration's promise of accountability. these detainees are trained terrorists who are caught in camps affiliated with al qaeda, those who would use terror are terrorists, no matter their intended target. there have been published reports that these were members

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: of the eastern islamic movement, a deadly movement affiliated with al qaeda. the detainees held at guantanamo bay are trained terrorists. they were trained at facilities affiliat with al qaeda and kalid sheik muhammad, the mastermind of 9/11 who took

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: pleasure in beheading daniel perl. the u.s. treasury froze the assets of the leader. they targeted him in his efforts to shut down. he had him desigted as a terrorist and eric holder wants

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: to release the members of the terrorist groups. upon making the designation, treasury under secretary for terrorism and financial intelligence said he commanded a terror group that sought violence and fracture international unity at the 2008 olympic games in china. what if our people had not

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: picked up these terrorists and they had gotten their training and gone back to china and blown up one of the olympic filities when many american citizens were there? what if? how is it that the u.s. treasury department can declare that this is a terrorist group that,

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: quote, sought to sew violence, while the u.s. justice department averts that members of the terrorist groups caught at terrorist camps should be released free and clear into the united states. and yet this congress and the american people are left in the darkbout the administration's

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: plans to release the detnees. if the congress doesn't really care and want to hold oversight hearings, then the american people have the right to know who the attorney general is asking to place in their communities. last friday, i called on this administration to declassify and provide the american people with information regarding the

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: capture, the detention and threat assessment of each detainee they intend to release inside the united states. regardless of their intended targets of terror, the american people deserve to know whether they have been further radicalized due to tir acres poshe re of al qaeda leaders

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: like kalid sheik muhammad. they have been down in guantanamo with some of the most violent people that have ever walked the earth. and now after the radicalization that may have taken place, eric holder now wants to release them into our neighborhoods, into our communities. i worry abou the impact that

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: these detainees released will have on our national security. i talked to former members who have worked in our intelligence communities this day to a pers they all believe this would be dangerous to the united states. they all said, what message does their release into the u.s. send to al qaeda and other terrorist networks?

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: in closing, how can attorney general holder guarantee that the released detainees will not stay in contact with al qaeda and provide them with intelligence within the united states. has eric holder never heard of radicalization in prison. some people go in prison and come out worse. if the attorney general cannot or will not answer these questions, then he should not

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: consider releasing them. i ask you, please, the american people need to have all this information before a decision is made. with that, i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: mr.

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: defazio of oregon. ms. kaptur of ohio.

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