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House Proceeding 05-05-09 on May 5th, 2009 :: 2:20:15 to 2:25:05
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Bob Goodlatte

2:20:11 to 2:20:31( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Goodlatte: house, and through the federal agencies are saying no to coal and no to nuclear when we have all these challenges that face us. mr. goodlatte: and they have no good anticipate in terms of what to replace it with. wind power and solar, two that are very commonly cited, produce just a tiny percentage of the electricity in our country

Bob Goodlatte

2:20:15 to 2:25:05( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Bob Goodlatte

Bob Goodlatte

2:20:32 to 2:20:53( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Goodlatte: today. i think wind power and solar are great and i think they have great potential and we should encourage more of them but there is no way that they are going to replace our traditional sources of generating electricity any time in the near future. and so the natural result is going to be that if you write legislation that heavily penalizes other sources of

Bob Goodlatte

2:20:54 to 2:21:14( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Goodlatte: energy, paicularly coal, what you're going to have as a result is much higher energy costs. and it's going to effect people all across the country in very dramatic ways and they're going to see it when they open their bill for their electricity, but they're also going to see it in ways that may surprise them terms of the cost of goods and

Bob Goodlatte

2:21:15 to 2:21:36( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Goodlatte: services and in fact in terms of their very livelihood because many jobs are going to go outside of this country to other countries like russia and china and india that have no intention of complying with the same type of a cap and tax system that is being proposed right here in this congress and therefore

Bob Goodlatte

2:21:37 to 2:21:58( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Goodlatte: they're going to have cheaper sources of energy. china and india right now are building one new coal-fir power plant a week. so are they going to comply with cap and tax? are they going to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions? no. they're going to amatically increase those greenhouse gas emissions and the end result is going to be that they'll be able

Bob Goodlatte

2:21:59 to 2:22:19( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Goodlatte: to produce electricity cheaper and therefore they'll be able to produce goods cheaper in those countries. they will be a magnet to draw jobs to those places, to be manufacturing bases, as they're already growing to be. it's just going to get worse. it's going to ac sell raw -- accelerate it. even though china has grown so

Bob Goodlatte

2:22:20 to 2:22:44( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Goodlatte: manufacturing, the united states is still the world's largest manufacturing country. we're going to lose that when this bill takes effect if we don't get the american people to speak out about it and let the members of congress know that this kind of damaging legislation that will cost jobs and raise the cost of living in this country is not brought to a

Bob Goodlatte

2:22:45 to 2:23:05( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Goodlatte: halt. and you know, every source of energy we have, whether coal, nuclear power, oil, solar, wind power, geothermal, or renewable biofuels, all of them have environmental issues attached to them. you can't name one that doesn't. wind power has all kinds of

Bob Goodlatte

2:23:06 to 2:23:28( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Goodlatte: environmental issues attached to them. people have attempted to build wind power facilities in my district and gotten great pushback on the effect on birds and bats and view sheds and on noise and so on. solar generating facilities that have been proposed for the southwest of this country have had lawsuits brought against

Bob Goodlatte

2:23:29 to 2:23:50( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Goodlatte: them torevent them from building the solar facilities because of the impact it will have on desert vegetation and desert wildlife and so on. ethanol and other production of renewable fuels have environmental opponents to them as well. so it seems to me that the all

Bob Goodlatte

2:23:51 to 2:24:11( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Goodlatte: of the above approach of the republican congress, opromoting the development of new sources of energy, promoting energy conservation and efficiency and promoting the development of all our sources of energy, including our traditional sources and producing them domestically to reduce our foreign trade deficit problems and create more jobs in

Bob Goodlatte

2:24:12 to 2:24:32( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Goodlatte: this country is the way to go here and that ought to be the alternative this congress turns to instead of a cap and tax government planning scheme that innovation, causes higher consumer eney prices, that's going to cause job losses and lower wages and stock devaluation, its potential for

Bob Goodlatte

2:24:33 to 2:24:54( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Goodlatte: abuse and corruption is great. it's a wind fall for certain people who didn't do anything to deserve the benefits they'll get when they find they have something to sell or something to trade under this system and it's not likely to actually reduce any emissions significantly. this idea that somehow we can reduce greenhouse gas emotions to the extent that we can turn down the thermostat of the world

Bob Goodlatte

2:24:55 to 2:25:05( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Goodlatte: when other countries are going to increase their co-2 emissions around the world is folly. that's what this legislation. is it has no guarantee that it

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