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Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

2:38:11 to 2:38:31( Edit History Discussion )

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: many issues and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. for what purpose does the gentlelady from texas rise? ms. j consent to speak out of order for five minutes. the speaker pro tempore: no objection.

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

2:38:20 to 2:44:40( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

2:38:32 to 2:38:56( Edit History Discussion )

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: ms. jackson lee: allow me to thank the distinguished gentlemen for his kind -- gentleman for his kindness and, madam speaker, thank you s much. i did want to leave an to my district without acknowledging how humbled america is in honoring the nation's mothers. i believe it was a great idea to

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

2:38:57 to 2:39:17( Edit History Discussion )

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: set aside a day to honor our mothers and to honor our fathers. and so this weekend is a nationally declared day to celebrate motherhood. and i rise today to be able to celebrate the mothers all over this nation who link arms with

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

2:39:18 to 2:39:38( Edit History Discussion )

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: those around the world who are in fact special. for mothers are in fact the nurturers and care givers that prepare our nation's young for the challenges that life may hold. that work may be inside or outside of the home or both and their kkses -- contributions to this society can never be fully

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

2:39:39 to 2:39:59( Edit History Discussion )

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: appreciated or valued. james definitely hit the needle on the head when she said the phrase, working mother is redundant. for obviously a mom, a mommy, a mother, works. in this day and ti, we find that mothers come in many shapes and sizes. today our first lady spoke eloquently about the challenges

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

2:40:00 to 2:40:20( Edit History Discussion )

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: of being a working mother. but as we have come to understand, a mom works at home, she works in the workplace, she's a volunteer, she does many things that constitute work but are her daily duties. our mothers are our first teachers and they should be celebrated everyday. however, like many thing,

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

2:40:21 to 2:40:41( Edit History Discussion )

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: sometimes we take this motherhood for granted. yes, we sometimes have teenage mothers or grandmothers as mothers, nurturing children of their children. we have aling mothers. we have mothers who have passed. and there will be many in our nation who will be celebrating or commemorating mother's day world trade center that you are -- without their beloved mom.

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

2:40:42 to 2:41:04( Edit History Discussion )

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: they'll be mourning the loss, maybe they'll be at gravesites but what i will say to them is that they will have the wonderful memories. i want the fact that this is mother's day to have us remember that being a mom is not easy. motherhood is not for those who might want to give up, but many times it is important that we circle our moms, give them the

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

2:41:05 to 2:41:25( Edit History Discussion )

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: strength to be able to carry on, be reminded that in addition to making dinnerer, they're doing bedtime stories. maybe there are mothers who don't have the capability, don't have the time, are not able to get home before 12:00 midnight, work the night shift, work around the clock, we should be sympathetic to them. i'm proud that this congress has recognized the importance of

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

2:41:26 to 2:41:46( Edit History Discussion )

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: mothers, one of the first bill that we signed was the equal pay bill. we also provided and signed the chips bill that provided for 11 million more children to have health care. that helps the mothers of america. we also recognize that 47 million americans are uninsured. many of them are mothers with

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

2:41:47 to 2:42:07( Edit History Discussion )

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: young children. many of them are mothers with ailments who have catastrophic illnesses or chronic illnesses. we want to say to them, thank you, by providing those mothers with full comprehensive health care. we know that mothers are caring and courageous women who make a difference in the lives they touch. as a jewish proverb says, god

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

2:42:08 to 2:42:28( Edit History Discussion )

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers and so this mother's day is a celebration for grandmothers, foster mothers, godmothers, mothers who take in children, mothers of all ethnicities, all backgrounds, all economic levels. we are to celebrate them. today thousands of mothers in this country have become active and effective participates in

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

2:42:29 to 2:42:49( Edit History Discussion )

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: public life and public certificate service, promoting change and improving the quality of life for men, women and children throughout the nation. i cannot find the words to thank all of these mothers who maybe legislators, -- may be legislators, lawyers, and i also thank those mothers who are waitresses, who are nurse's

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

2:42:50 to 2:43:10( Edit History Discussion )

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: aids, who drive buses, who are out on the constction sites, who are poets, who are authors. they're all part of our life. want to pay tribute to my own

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

2:43:11 to 2:43:31( Edit History Discussion )

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: mother, strong, elderly and frail now. but having raised us, i thank her for the integrity and the determination and the spirit and the love she gave. i'm grateful for my grandmothers , my aunts. i'm grateful for my aunt sara, i'm gratef for the extended family members. i'm grateful for the future mothers, my daughter, erica lee, and so i am thankful today that

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

2:43:32 to 2:43:52( Edit History Discussion )

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: truest friend we have when trials are heavy and sudden and fall upon us when adversity takes the place of prosperity, when friends who rejoice with us at our sunshine dessert us, when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us. and enavor by her preaccepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness and cause

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

2:43:53 to 2:44:13( Edit History Discussion )

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: peace to return to our hearts. a mother is the truest friend and we no that through an american author, washington ervin. and today, as i finish my remarks, i want to particularly say to those mothers who may be listening to, to our colleagues who are likewise mothers, to the

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

2:44:14 to 2:44:34( Edit History Discussion )

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: ian pacific mothers as we celebrate asian pacific month, wherever they might be, we want give them a helping handle. and through a mother, i want to be able to say, i want no child to ever go ahead hungry. we want no child to ever not have an education and we want you to have the fullest opportunity to raise children to be healthy and productive. the speaker pro tempore: the

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson

2:44:35 to 2:44:41( Edit History Discussion )

Jesse L. Jr.Jackson: gentlelady's time has expired. ms. jackson lee: i close by saying simply this, if you bungle raising your children, i don't think whatever else you do

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