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Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: finance the outsourcing of these jobs. madam speaker, i yield b remaing time. the speaker o tempore: mr. jones, north carolina. the gentleman is recognized for five minutes. mr. jones: thank you, madam speaker. almost service members have served our nation in afghanistan and iraq. unfortunately many are returning

Walter B. Jones

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Speech By: Walter B. Jones

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: home with symptoms of posttraumatic disorder and traumatic brain injuries. on april, 2008, a study by the rand corporation found that nearly 20% of iraq and afghanistan veterans had symptoms of ptsd or major depression. the study also found that many service members do not seek treatment for psychological

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: illnesses because they fear it will harm their careers. of those who do seek help for ptsd or major depression, only about half receive treatment that researchers consider minimally adequate for their illness. if our government and the military fail to address problems associated with ptsd, the situation will only grow

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: worse in future years. tragically the worst cases can result in a service member causing harm to themselveor others. most recently a united states army sergeant who had done at least three tours in iraq had been charged with murdering five of his fellow service members at camp liberty in baghdad. a defense official confirmed the

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: sergeant had been a patient at the stress treatment center where the shooting occurred. when some members -- service members suffering from t.b.i. are not properlyreated, they end up self-medicating or experiencing other changes in behavior. this can lead to serious legal issues and the threat of separation from their service

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: without benefits or treatment. one marine stationed at lejeune in my district fell victim to this problem and has been pending involuntary administrative separation due to misconduct. his fitness report shows he was an outstanding marine his deployments. his medical board report states, i quote the board, and i quote,

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: his service in the marine corps caused his ptsd and indirectly his incidents and legal prlems. the marine corps failure to treat him in the past and him appropriately has done nothing but worsen theroblem. madam speaker, that's not my comment, that is the comment by the navy doctors at camp lejeune. if this marine would be administratively separated from

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: service, would he have no chance to be eligible for tricare benefits. he would difficult oaining -- difficulty obtaining a job, and it's unlikely a university would accept aim hymn as a student. luckily the marine corps has decided to give this marine another chce and he'll be transferred to a naval hospital for ptsd treatment, however this

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: is not an isolated problem. many service members may have already lost their benefits due to an administrative separation from the service. for this reason, i have introduced h.r. 1701, the ptsd-tbi guarantee review for heroes act. this legislation attacks this issue from two angles.

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: first, it creates a special review board at the department of defense for service members who were less than honorably discharged, and secondly, the bill would mandate a physical evaluation board prior to an administrative separation proceeding if the service member has been diagnosed with ptsd or t.b.i. by a medical authority.

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: unfortunately, this bill will help -- will help preserve the benefits of the service members upon leafing service. h.r. 1701 has already been en-ed -- endorsed by the national association nor uniform services, the national military family association, the military

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: offices association of america, the air force sergeants association, veterans of foreign wars, the military order of the purple heart, and marine corps league. madam speaker, this is a very impressive group of american service people who endorse this bill, h.r. 1701. i am grateful to have congressman gene taylor as a

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: lead co-sponsor, as well as bill pascrell, and todd platts, both co-chairman of the congressional brain injury task force. i hope that many of my house colleagues will join as co-sponsors of this important legislation for our nation's military heroes, and i look forward to working with the leadership of the house armed services committee to advan this much needed change.

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: madam speaker, before i leave, i have done this so many times over the past few years, i ask god to please bless our men and women in uniform, and i ask god to please bless the families of our men and women in uniform. and i ask god in his arms to hold the families who have given a child dying for freedom in afghanistan and iraq. i close three times, madam

Walter B. Jones

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Walter B. Jones: speaker, by asking god please,

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