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House Proceeding 05-13-09 on May 13th, 2009 :: 1:19:50 to 1:27:25
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Adam B. Schiff

1:19:46 to 1:20:06( Edit History Discussion )

Adam B. Schiff: this is long past due. i thank the gentleman from california, mr. schiff, for taking the lead on this important legislation an reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from minnesota reserves. the gentleman from north carolina is recognized. mr. watt: i yield to the lead sponsor of this bill, the gentleman from california, mr. schiff. the speaker pro tempor

Adam B. Schiff

1:19:50 to 1:27:25( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Adam B. Schiff

Adam B. Schiff

1:20:07 to 1:20:28( Edit History Discussion )

Adam B. Schiff: chair recognes the gentleman from california. mr. schiff: i thank the gentleman for yielding. i rise today to speak in support of this legislation granting the congressional gold medal to the 100th infantry battalion and the 442nd regimental combat team for their dedicated service to our nation during world war ii.

Adam B. Schiff

1:20:29 to 1:20:49( Edit History Discussion )

Adam B. Schiff: it's an honor and pleasure to offer a humble contribution to this storied and inspirational group of men who answered the country's call in the face of tremendous adversity. they have served our nation at great risk and those who sacrificed all for our freedom. these men served the nation at a

Adam B. Schiff

1:20:50 to 1:21:11( Edit History Discussion )

Adam B. Schiff: moment in our history december playing their courage on two fronts, abroadgainst fascism and at home against racial injustice. after the bombing of pearl harbor, doubts in many americans about the loyalty of japanese americans, these men enlisted to protect our nation and were faced with segregated training

Adam B. Schiff

1:21:12 to 1:21:34( Edit History Discussion )

Adam B. Schiff: conditions, families and friends relocated to internment camps and repeated questions about their combat ability. to answer the call of duty requires exceptional courage and sacrifice. to respond with the vigor and persistence unaffected by those who sought to align those. at a time when they could ha

Adam B. Schiff

1:21:35 to 1:21:56( Edit History Discussion )

Adam B. Schiff: turned their backs on a country which sent their families to internment camps, these men chose to serve and inspire. knowing at every step to successful missions and failures, they would be judged not on effort and ability, but by the color of their skin, these men created a shing example of patriotism, courage and skill.

Adam B. Schiff

1:21:57 to 1:22:18( Edit History Discussion )

Adam B. Schiff: the story of the japanese american regiments, begins six weeks after december 7, 1941rks the attack on pearl harbor by the japanese navy. inspired by hysteria in late january, 1942, the u.s. army discharged all japanese americans in the reserve officer training corps and made them

Adam B. Schiff

1:22:19 to 1:22:42( Edit History Discussion )

Adam B. Schiff: ineligible for the draft. similarly, japanese americans in the military on the mainland were segregated out of their units. following president roosevelt's issueance of executive order 9066 which authorize the internment of thousands of american citizens of japanese ancestry and resident aliens

Adam B. Schiff

1:22:43 to 1:23:05( Edit History Discussion )

Adam B. Schiff: from japan, on may 3, 1942, a general issued exclusn order number 346, ordering all people of japanese ancestry, whether citizens or noncitizens to report to assembly centers until they could be moved to permanent relocation centers.

Adam B. Schiff

1:23:06 to 1:23:26( Edit History Discussion )

Adam B. Schiff: . in 1942, second generation japanese members of the hawaiian battalion were shipped from haye to oakland where they were activated, then shipped to

Adam B. Schiff

1:23:27 to 1:23:48( Edit History Discussion )

Adam B. Schiff: wisconsin for training. thanks to the training record, letters from civilian and military personnel convinced president roosevelt and the war dept to reopen military service to these second generation americans.

Adam B. Schiff

1:23:49 to 1:24:09( Edit History Discussion )

Adam B. Schiff: they trained with a regimental combat team. though the combat team was ready to dep thereafter, the ba tallwas refuse by general eisenhower due to the lingering concerns over their poi pais trotism eventually, their exemplary training record convinced the

Adam B. Schiff

1:24:10 to 1:24:31( Edit History Discussion )

Adam B. Schiff: naysayers and they were deployed to the mediterranean, where they entered combat in italy on december 26, 1943. members of the battalion were ordered with six awards of the distinguished service cross in the first eight weeks of combat. the 442nd combat team arrived

Adam B. Schiff

1:24:32 to 1:24:52( Edit History Discussion )

Adam B. Schiff: in italy in 1944, where the 111th battalion was integrated as part of theegimental combat team. as a unit theyought for the last 11 months of the war with selfless distinction, earning the nickname, the go-for-broke reg hments.

Adam B. Schiff

1:24:53 to 1:25:13( Edit History Discussion )

Adam B. Schiff: they won several awards for combat, including seven presidential unit citations, 211 medals of honor, 29 distinguished service crosses, 4,000 bronze stars, 22 legion of merit medals, 15 soldiers' merits and over 4,000 purple

Adam B. Schiff

1:25:14 to 1:25:34( Edit History Discussion )

Adam B. Schiff: heart, among numerous other distinctions. for their size and length of service, the 100th infantry battalion and the 442nd regimental combat team were the most decorated units of the war. their performance in combat revealed their ability as remarkable soldiers, but their

Adam B. Schiff

1:25:35 to 1:25:56( Edit History Discussion )

Adam B. Schiff: poise, courage, and patriotism showed also they were very remarkable men. they looked to support from their interned family, friends, and communities, and in turn, their service and commitment inspired those back home to pursue aspirations of their own. the go-for-broke regiments were

Adam B. Schiff

1:25:57 to 1:26:17( Edit History Discussion )

Adam B. Schiff: not the only people of asian descent who served in world war ii. we also recognize those groups who faced difficulty at home and abroad, the 522nd field and artillery battalion, the 299th,

Adam B. Schiff

1:26:18 to 1:26:39( Edit History Discussion )

Adam B. Schiff: the women scouts, the go-for-broke and others who edeserve our continual rededication and appreciation. the debt we owe them sim measurable. without their service, our country would surely not shine so brightly, or stand so freely. as our nation endures these trying time we can look to

Adam B. Schiff

1:26:40 to 1:27:00( Edit History Discussion )

Adam B. Schiff: their example to provide us with courage for the future. these men left a segregated country to fightnd unfortunately returned to one. they defended america with no guarantee their own freedom would be defended in return. their true heroism lies in how they fought for america, equality, justice and

Adam B. Schiff

1:27:01 to 1:27:22( Edit History Discussion )

Adam B. Schiff: opportunity, even when those values were not fully extended to tm. we will continue to look toward their example to unite around our common bonds. men and women are able to serve their country today without regard to ethnicity, race, or nationality because of what these men endured and accomplished. please join me in honoring these courageous men by

Adam B. Schiff

1:27:23 to 1:27:28( Edit History Discussion )

Adam B. Schiff: supporting the granting of a congressional gold medal,

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