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House Proceeding 05-14-09 on May 14th, 2009 :: 1:03:10 to 1:07:10
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Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: improve their lives. the rule is the passageway for this injustice. thank you. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman yields back the balance of her time. mr. dreier: mr. speaker, let me at this time yield four minutes to the extraordinarily patient author of the amendment of which we have been speaking dealing with the issue of guantanamo, my

Frank R. Wolf

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Speech By: Frank R. Wolf

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: good friend and classmate fro the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from virginia is recognized for four minutes. mr. wolf: i want to thank mr. dreier f the time. i rise in opposition to the rule. i had an amendment which dealt with the guantanamo bay issue. let me sort of lay it out. there are several issues really involved.

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: one, there are detainees at guantanamo bay that eric holder was prepared to release into the united states. this is not a khalid sikh muhammad that we are transferring. to release into the neighborhoods of the united states. who are the detainees? they are members of the group called the eastern turning stand islamic movement.

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: many of them have been trained in al qaeda training camps in tora bora. that's something that the american people should know. also their leader is a man named abdul hawk. hawk is on the terrorist list of the u.n.. he's also on the obama

Frank R. Wolf

1:04:35 to 1:04:56( Edit History Discussion )

Frank R. Wolf: administration administration -- obama administration put him on their terrorist list last month, eric holder is saying, some people believe he was ready to do it two weeks agoriday, to release them, to release them with federal pay, if you will, so they could live on the environment, go to the shopping malls, do whatever. release them in the united states. without even telling the

Frank R. Wolf

1:04:57 to 1:05:19( Edit History Discussion )

Frank R. Wolf: congress anything. now, congress cannot be like pontias pilate and wash their hands and say we don't want to be involved in this. we don't want to know if something happens, it's your responsibility. the congress, the united states congress and the american people want us to be involved. that's why they sent us here.

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: so that's the ueghers. terrorists, tora bora, abdul hawk. the other one is they want to move some of these terrorists like khalid muhammad that mr. dreier mentioned to the united states. he's the one, he's the one who beheaded, beheaded daniel pearl.

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: he's the master mind of the 9/11 which killed 30 people from my district. now, is it ok for eric holder to say, well, we are not going to give awe report and it just so happens that no member of congress, eric holder has refused to allow the f.b.i. career people to come up and brief the congress. now, if attorney general

Frank R. Wolf

1:06:02 to 1:06:23( Edit History Discussion )

Frank R. Wolf: ashcroft had prohibited the f.b.i. from coming up to brief senatoreahy, this place would be up in arms. but hold's prohibitinghe f.b.i. up -- holder's prohibiting the f.b.i. up until maybe next week to come and brief on this iss everyone said we can hold him with that. don't forget officer peppi was stabbed in the eye by one of

Frank R. Wolf

1:06:24 to 1:06:45( Edit History Discussion )

Frank R. Wolf: these guys at the world trade center in the eye. and don't also forget the sikh, the bld sikh rahman was proceeding and the information out with regard to his lawyer. lastly many people would forget but the terrorists who were in american prisons were in communication to the madrid

Frank R. Wolf

1:06:46 to 1:07:06( Edit History Discussion )

Frank R. Wolf: bombers with the madrid bombing. eric holder said we are not going to give you a report. the congress says, we don't want a report. we don't really want to be involved. we really don't want to know. so you go ahead and do whatever you want to do. and lastly this. everyone at guantanamo is medium to high security.

Frank R. Wolf

1:07:07 to 1:07:11( Edit History Discussion )

Frank R. Wolf: the others have been released. of the others that have been

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