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House Proceeding 05-14-09 on May 14th, 2009 :: 1:07:30 to 1:12:40
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Harold Rogers

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Harold Rogers: support of his motion. mr. rogers: i thank the speaker. mr. speaker, i am submitti this motion to correct what i believe are three gross errors in the bill. whether it's funds to support the needs of our troops, proper support for pakistan engaged in a vital counterinsurgency effort or funds to fight the

Harold Rogers

1:07:30 to 1:12:40( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Harold Rogers

Harold Rogers

1:07:41 to 1:08:02( Edit History Discussion )

Harold Rogers: treacherous drug war raging along our border with mexico, this bill falls short. how in all good conscienccan we increase foreign aid by nearly $3 billion and yet shave support for our troops overseas and our law enforcement agencies here at home? how can we take away support for

Harold Rogers

1:08:03 to 1:08:25( Edit History Discussion )

Harold Rogers: pakistan's counterinsurgency efforts and give the money to the state department? mr. speaker, emergency supplemental bills are about fig our priorities. this motion gives the members of this bill the opportunity to do just that. on supporting the needs of our troops, the current bill cuts

Harold Rogers

1:08:26 to 1:08:48( Edit History Discussion )

Harold Rogers: the 2009 regular defense budget. it cuts defense and prohibits d.o.d. from using those resources on critical requirements that are sadly unfunded. so this motion would simply restore the $3 billion of 2009 moneys current year that are cut in this bill.

Harold Rogers

1:08:49 to 1:09:10( Edit History Discussion )

Harold Rogers: on the pakistan counterinsurgency capability funding program, or pccf, counterinsurgency, this bill puts it in the defense department but the first day of new fiscal year it would then move -- be moved to the state department for fiscal 2010.

Harold Rogers

1:09:11 to 1:09:31( Edit History Discussion )

Harold Rogers: well, state does great diplomatic work, but counterinsurgency is not state department's forte, and that's re facing. let's be clear. pccf is not a diplomatic tool. it's a military tool designed for aiding what is arguably one of the most important military

Harold Rogers

1:09:32 to 1:09:52( Edit History Discussion )

Harold Rogers: counterinsurgency efforts in history. i need not emphasize to the members of this bo the profound importance of keeping pakistan's nuclear weapons out of the hands of the taliban and al qaeda. the secretary of defense has been clear toes not feel

Harold Rogers

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Harold Rogers: the state department currently has the capacity or ability to administer this counterinsurgency program. the troops need the flexibility and agility that this fund provides, especially in deali with a nontraditional pakistani military forces in remote sections of that country.

Harold Rogers

1:10:16 to 1:10:38( Edit History Discussion )

Harold Rogers: finally, on the mexican drug war. this bill fails to include one red cent for the vital work of our law enforcement agen fighting the cartels along our border with mexico and their tentacles reaching into every city in america. a press release i have in my hand just came out says that the largest seizure of

Harold Rogers

1:10:39 to 1:11:00( Edit History Discussion )

Harold Rogers: methamphetamine in the eastern -- methamphetamines in the eastern united states has just taken place in atlanta, georgia, and we can name birmingham or chicago or new york or any other city in america where the drug cartels in mexico, who control 90% of the cocaine entering this country, are waging their battles. and it's spilling over now into america.

Harold Rogers

1:11:01 to 1:11:23( Edit History Discussion )

Harold Rogers: this is a war with severe consequences. more than 90% of the cocai comes to us through mexico dispersed through a distribution network that touches virtually every major city in america. not to mention methamphetamines and the other dangerous drugs. now, the $350 million in this bill that says it's for counternarcotics operations

Harold Rogers

1:11:24 to 1:11:44( Edit History Discussion )

Harold Rogers: along the southwest border, smoke and mirrors, these funds will go to unaccompanied alien children and serve as a contingency fund should we need the national guard there. both important efforts but sadly nothing to support the needs of our law enforcement agencies engaged in this bloody war.

Harold Rogers

1:11:45 to 1:12:06( Edit History Discussion )

Harold Rogers: and that's what e problem is now. it's an anti-organized crime cartel fight on that border, and you need law enforcement there, not a penny in this bill for it. this motion that i have would support -- would shift 7% of the foreign aid in this bill and

Harold Rogers

1:12:07 to 1:12:28( Edit History Discussion )

Harold Rogers: invest that in the security and rule of law here at home. just 7% of the increase in foreign aid that's in this bill. this motion takes $200 billi of the $300 billion and puts it to potent counterdrug programs in the department of justice, programs that can help break

Harold Rogers

1:12:29 to 1:12:40( Edit History Discussion )

Harold Rogers: the back of these heinous cartels on our southern border and in our cities and towns. mr. speaker, i urge my colleagues to support this motion that will keep up our military assistance to

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