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House Proceeding 05-17-06 on May 17th, 2006 :: 0:40:12 to 0:42:47
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in any of this accounting, which is to keep the silt out of our streams. now, i respect that we might put a line in a book somewhere that will be over in the library of congress and will say presto

Tom Udall

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Tom Udall: chango, thweatt will be temporary -- these will be temporary. we need this amendment if this bill's going to pass. i reserve the balance of my time. the chairman: the time of the gentleman

Tom Udall

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Speech By: Tom Udall

Tom Udall

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Tom Udall: has expired. the gentleman from oregon. mr. walden: i yield myself -- hello? weems 30 seconds. the chairman: the gentleman is recognized for 30 seconds. mr. walden: i recognize i have two minutes remaining.

Tom Udall

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Tom Udall: this bill grants no new authority to build roads anywhere anytime. to say so is to make it up, it's that simple. it does not say go build roads anywhere anytime. that's not a new authority in

Tom Udall

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Tom Udall: this bill. i yield the remainder of my time to the gentleman from washington, mr. baird. the chairman: the gentleman is recognized for the balance of the gentleman's time. mr. baird: two quick

Tom Udall

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Tom Udall: points. it's a red herring in the least to say this is about giving president bush or the bush administration control over our federal forests. max peterson said about this bill, the forest emergency

Tom Udall

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Tom Udall: recovery and research act allows trained forest managers to act in accordance with carefully developed forest plans and in compliance with environmental laws to best restore, protect,

Tom Udall

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Tom Udall: and enhance the health of our federal forests. the legislation deserves favorable action by the house and the senate and approval by the president. that's not a bush appointee, it's a carter

Tom Udall

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Tom Udall: appointee, a democrat. let me also address this issue of 96% of americans opposing -- seeming to oppose the road element of this bill. that's specious. 96% of the american public did not

Tom Udall

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Tom Udall: say this. if there's been a catastrophic fire and you could use the wood responsibly and roads in would be built and paid for by the people pulling out the wood and they would be immediately

Tom Udall

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Tom Udall: decommissioned so that no permanent road would remain, how do you feel about that? that's not what they said. they said -- essentially i think they were saying in a healthy, green forest unimpacted

Tom Udall

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Tom Udall: by fire, should we keep the roads out? yeah, but that's a different question. it's apples and oranges. we're talking about a situation where you've had a catastrophic event, where you would try to

Tom Udall

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Tom Udall: get the wood out, and i really want to underscore this, this is not some additional tax on the taxpayers, the people extracting the wood would be required to post a bond, a bond saying they

Greg Walden

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Greg Walden: will pay for the removal of these roads. if they renege on that bond, they not only have to pay a penalty, but they also become ineligible for future harvests. so the taxpayers are not left

Greg Walden

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Speech By: Greg Walden

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