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House Proceeding 05-17-06 on May 18th, 2006 :: 2:55:18 to 2:58:44
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John M. Jr.Spratt

2:53:44 to 2:55:18( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: John M. Jr.Spratt

John M. Jr.Spratt

2:54:57 to 2:55:18( Edit History Discussion )

John M. Jr.Spratt: a family program. like a down paymenten a home, a college tuition -- down payment on a home, a college tuition, or money to launch a small business. american families have to prioritize their

Tom Udall

2:55:18 to 2:55:37( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: spending every year. they have to balance their budget every year. they should expect no less from their federal government. to achieve a balanced budget without increasing taxes, our budget

Tom Udall

2:55:18 to 2:58:44( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Tom Udall

Tom Udall

2:55:37 to 2:55:56( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: demands accountability, performance, and priorities. we propose the elimination of over 150 federal programs. after almost 20 years after the fall of the berlin wall, we should still notting funding

Tom Udall

2:55:56 to 2:56:13( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: radio free europe. the citrus canker program is not of priority to kevlar vests for our brave troops. we do not need other bridges to nowhere. our budget prevents the massive plan -- planned tax

Tom Udall

2:56:13 to 2:56:31( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: increase that threatens the new jobs that have been created since republicans enacted tax relief and pro-growth policies in 2003. our budget proposes to reform out-of-control entitlement

Tom Udall

2:56:31 to 2:56:53( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: spending and actually saving medicare as we know it for our children. the budget proposes a number of reforms like a constitutional line item veto, a sunset commission, an earmark reform all geared

Tom Udall

2:56:53 to 2:57:07( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: towards saving the family budget from the onslaught of the federal budget. mr. chairman, there is no doubt in my mind that soon democrats will stand up and call this something akin to a tough

Tom Udall

2:57:07 to 2:57:18( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: and heartless budget. but, mr. chairman, the tough and heartless budget is theirs. their budget ignores yot of control spend -- out-of-control spending and will lead the next generation to desperate

Tom Udall

2:57:18 to 2:57:31( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: economic times. according to the general accountability office and anybody else who has looked at the problem, without spending reforms, we will soon be faced with a choice of having a federal

Tom Udall

2:57:31 to 2:57:42( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: government consisting of almost nothing but medicare, medicaid, and social security, or actually doubling taxes on the next generation. that's the democrats' budget plan for america. but if we will

Tom Udall

2:57:42 to 2:58:01( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: simply embrace the principles of a balanced budget and limited government, our future is bright. we can ensure unlimited freedom and unlimited opportunity for this generation and the next. we

Tom Udall

2:58:01 to 2:58:14( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: should enact the contract with america renewed budget. mr. chairman, i reserve the balance of my time. the chairman: the gentleman from iowa. mr. nussle: i claim the time in opposition. the chairman:

Tom Udall

2:58:14 to 2:58:27( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: the gentleman is recognized. mr. nussle: mr. chairman, i would yield half the time to -- i would ask unanimous consent that i yield half the time to my friend, mr. spratt, to be controlled

Tom Udall

2:58:27 to 2:58:44( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: by the gentleman from south carolina. the chairman: without objection. mr. nussle: i would yield myself such time as i consume. first of all, it is my role and responsibility as the chairman of the

Jeb Hensarling

2:58:44 to 2:59:00( Edit History Discussion )

Jeb Hensarling: budget committee to draft and defend the majority budget. i have done so and that is the base resolution that we are considering tonight to which the republican study committee has provided

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