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House Proceeding 05-18-09 on May 18th, 2009 :: 2:28:55 to 2:35:10
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John R. Carter

2:28:51 to 2:29:11( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: promises that were made. so maybe the just a memory problem. memories. how about that? i yield back. mr. carter: reclaiming my time. i'm reminded of when i was in law school, a beautiful spring day and the baseball team s playing off in the distance and professor called on every member on the back row to

John R. Carter

2:28:55 to 2:35:10( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: John R. Carter

John R. Carter

2:29:12 to 2:29:32( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: respond to a case. and every one of them stood up and said i'm unprepared, i'm unprepared and when he finally went all the way across the back row of the auditorium he said, everyone stand and look around. you're seeing the greatest conctration of ignorance in the history of man. maybe we're witnessing the

John R. Carter

2:29:33 to 2:29:53( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: greatest lapse of memory in the history of this continent. because if you give them credit for getting, they sure have forgotten a lot -- forgetting, they sure have forgotten a lot. there are those who say that the way you should -- politics should work is you tell people what you're going to do in the

John R. Carter

2:29:54 to 2:30:15( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: campaign and then you do it and then you tell them what you did. he elect -- to be elected the next time. and of course the new modern world is, you tell them over and over and over what you're going to do, you don't do it and you tell them over and over and over that you did it. maybe that's where we are. all of these things are

John R. Carter

2:30:16 to 2:30:36( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: curious. but the reality is, we've raised enough issues here tonight that we don't meet anywhere close to this standard. i want to ask the speaker how much time we have left? the speaker pro tempore: six minutes. mr. carter: thank you.

John R. Carter

2:30:37 to 2:30:57( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: i thank my friend from texas. a wise counsel to look at that and decide maybe we're not having any untruths here. maybe we're just have having a guy began tick lapse of memory -- gigantic lapse of memory by the democratic leadership of this house and some of its participants but i don't think

John R. Carter

2:30:58 to 2:31:19( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: all of the participants. there are open, honest, ethical men and women in this house. i think their voices all should be heard on both sides of the aisle, resolve these issues, madam speaker. make the ethics committee work, make your office work, follow

John R. Carter

2:31:20 to 2:31:41( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: the rules and procedures as mr. kirk says, if we have the top leader of the house of representatives saying a federal agency has lied to members of congress and toity leadership then file charge and let's go take them -- charges and let's go take them to task on this and find out if they

John R. Carter

2:31:42 to 2:32:03( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: did lie and then let's open the pages of the books and let's look at the events and let's decide. the burden of proof will be on the state. that's fair. our founding fathers created that. they don't have to defend themselves other than sit there if they want to but the state has to prove that they're lying. but if someone's accusing them

John R. Carter

2:32:04 to 2:32:25( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: of untruths, i just used the word i swore i wouldn't use, then the law says, telling a falsehood to the congress is an actionable offense, as mr. kirk pointed out. let's take that action. if the c.i.a. has been lying to this body, let's take them to court. let's find out.

John R. Carter

2:32:26 to 2:32:47( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: let's have a trial, a hearing before this body. let's find out. and let the sunlight of day shine upon this issue between the speaker of the house and the c.i.a. and by the way, the c.i.a. director appointed by president obama confis what the other c.i.a. directors and

John R. Carter

2:32:48 to 2:33:09( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: other members of this congress who were present said that there was a briefing. maybe it's part of mr. goal earth's famous -- gohmert's famous memory lapse or just forgetting. maybe that's the defense to all of this. that we've talked about. ybe all of these issues we

John R. Carter

2:33:10 to 2:33:31( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: raise, these solution -- the solution is, i forget. maybe -- i forgot. maybe all the ethics issues raised before this congress, someone would think could be resolved by, i forgot that was a rule. not the way it works and that's not the way it should work. week of got issues before this congress that are issues that divide this nation.

John R. Carter

2:33:32 to 2:33:53( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: we are about putting back this nation together, not dividing it. that's what our presidents told us -- president's told us. we in this body are about putting a healthy -- putting this body back together, in a healthy way. d.t.v. forgot -- but if they're

John R. Carter

2:33:54 to 2:34:18( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: only words, we hear lots of words around this place. there's more than just words involved in everything we do. there's actions. let's resolve these issues. that's all i ask, that's all the members of congress ask. and i think that's all that the american people ask.

John R. Carter

2:34:19 to 2:34:39( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: let's resolve these issues. i guess the ultimate resolution will be at the polling place but that's not really the solution that we should have. there should be more pride in this institution than having to settle it at the ballot box. that's kind of like settling it out in the street in gun smoke. that's not the law we want to

John R. Carter

2:34:40 to 2:35:05( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: have in this country. let's settle these issues. i thank the speaker for his patience and i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: i thank the gentleman. under the speaker's announced policy of january 6, 2009, the chair recognizes the gentleman from illinois, mr. kirk, for 60

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