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House Proceeding 05-19-08 on May 19th, 2008 :: 0:31:03 to 0:33:26
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Darrell E. Issa

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Darrell E. Issa: less consumption of gasoline, diesel, and all the other fuels that are in such short supply and so expensive. i strongly support this bill and would yield the balance of my time to the gentleman

Brian Bilbray

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Brian Bilbray: from california, the author of the bill, mr. bilbray. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. bilbray: mr. speaker, i stand -- i rise in support of h.r. 2649, a bill that is looking

Brian Bilbray

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Speech By: Brian Bilbray

Brian Bilbray

0:31:14 to 0:31:26( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: at a precious resourc that needs to be cleaned up and used. mr. speaker, i want to thank you working and speaking with me about other challenges we have environmentally around this conone

Brian Bilbray

0:31:26 to 0:31:37( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: of them being the fact that the federal government is still mandating the polluting of our air and the picking ever our pockets with the mandate of ethanol going into our gasoline. i don't know about

Brian Bilbray

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Brian Bilbray: in your state but in our state that impact has reached $6 of comparable gallon untaxed ethanol being forced into our fuel system by the misguided approaches here in washington. i look

Brian Bilbray

0:31:49 to 0:32:01( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: forward to working with you at eliminating that mandate and protecting our air and the consumers when we go to the pump. but as we talk about liquid gold, it is out west it's not just gasoline

Brian Bilbray

0:32:01 to 0:32:15( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: and ethanol that's liquid gold but clean drinking water. this bill would address a problem that's been created by a well-intentioned but misguided application of the endangered species act and

Brian Bilbray

0:32:15 to 0:32:26( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: other federal regulatory activities where lake hodges had traditionally had a clean water shed kept clear from debris and undergrowth, because of the federal agency's misguided application

Brian Bilbray

0:32:26 to 0:32:40( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: of our environmental regulation such as endangered species act, the local agencies in the community was not allowed to clear the water shed while the water was low so that once the water

Brian Bilbray

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Brian Bilbray: did rise back up, we did not have rotting organic maroterial in our water source. sadly, mr. speaker, that, has occurred and the water quality of the lake is now in violation of the

Brian Bilbray

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Brian Bilbray: clean water act, 303-d. and this bill will allow us to give a portion of the money, probably around one quarter of it to allow the local community now to purify the water so it can be compatible

Brian Bilbray

0:33:04 to 0:33:13( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: with 303 of the clean water act. i hope that we'll be able to work together, pass this bill, be able to work with the local community. i look forward to working with you, mr. speaker,

Brian Bilbray

0:33:13 to 0:33:26( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: notr. only cleaning up our water by cleaning up our air and taking that e thanol out of our gasoline. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of

0:33:26 to 0:33:39( Edit History Discussion )

his time. . the gentlewoman from guam. ms. bordallo: mr. speaker, i have no addithaional requests for time and would inquire of the minority whether they have any additional speakers. mr. issa:

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