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Thomas E. Petri

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Thomas E. Petri: with pending negotiations that the president has started and matter. the chair: does the gentleman wish to yield time? mr. mica: yes, mr. my original request i asked five minutes be allotted to mr. petri, our distinguished ranking member

Thomas E. Petri

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Speech By: Thomas E. Petri

Thomas E. Petri

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Thomas E. Petri: from wisconsin. the chair: the gentleman from wisconsin is recognized for five minutes. mr. petri: i thank my colleague from florida, the senior member of the transportation infrastructure committee for yielding me is time. in september of 2007 we passed a bill very similar to the one that we're considering today.

Thomas E. Petri

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Thomas E. Petri: unfortunately, the senate never acted so we find ourselves once again trying to enact a much-needed authorization bill. in the meantime, the program continues to operate under a series of extensions. the most recent one expiring september 30 of this year.

Thomas E. Petri

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Thomas E. Petri: the current economic downturn has alleviated some of the delays and congestions and complaints to the flying public. we know that once the economy recovers the system will again feel overwhelming strain. so the urgency for this legislation remains. the american society of civil

Thomas E. Petri

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Thomas E. Petri: engineers issues an infrastructure report ever so often. and the most recent 2009 report card gives the aviation a grade of d. this is actually a lower grade than the d-plus earned in the 2005 report card. so the condition of our aviation infrastructure is getting worse here in the united states, not better.

Thomas E. Petri

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Thomas E. Petri: the bill before us increases federal investment in aviation infrastructure for funding for the airport improvement program, provides grants from the aviation trust fund for airport improvements, increased to a total of $16.2 billion over four years. the facilities and equipment program has increased to $13.4 billion.

Thomas E. Petri

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Thomas E. Petri: it also increases the cap on the level of passenger facility charges that an airport can impose for capacity and safety projects. the cap was last raised nine years ago in the $4.50 maximum charge is now worth far less due to high construction costs and inflation. one of the most important

Thomas E. Petri

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Thomas E. Petri: initiatives under way at the f.a.a. is something known as next gen to modernize the air traffic control system. we need to move away from a 50-year-old ground-based system to one that is modern, satellite-based and which will increase the capacity of a system, lower costs and increase safety. the bill before us will move

Thomas E. Petri

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Thomas E. Petri: that modernization process forward. mr. chairman, there are a variety of other provisions to numerous -- to enumerate in this bill that will improve the aviation system in this country and which i strongly support. however, as occurredast

Thomas E. Petri

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Thomas E. Petri: congress, i'm in the rather odd position of fighting no for the subcommittee bill. back in the last congress the committee leadership worked together on a bipartisan basis to craft and introduce a good bill, but since that time and continuing in this new bill, various provisions have been added which makes it i for me at this time to support

Thomas E. Petri

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Thomas E. Petri: the bill. one provision is regarding air traffic controllers. the part of the provision for changes in future impasse procedures i do not object to, but it also reopens the cuently imposed contract and includes back pay under terms

Thomas E. Petri

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Thomas E. Petri: of the 1998 contract which is estimated to cost the taxpayers some $1 billion over the life of the bill. the second provision includes -- provides that we would move express carriers from being covered by the railway labor act of the national labor relations act which is really

Thomas E. Petri

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Thomas E. Petri: directed at just one company, and that is federal express. and really i don't think should be included in this legislation. i think we'll hear more about that from other members. other provisions raise concerns such as the foreign repair station language which could have unintended consequences so

Thomas E. Petri

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Thomas E. Petri: far as trade relations with europe are concerned. and another that would automatically sunset airline alliance antitrust immunity agreements three years after the enactment of this legislation which could again set in consequences we could not understand at this time. in conclusion, i'd like to

Thomas E. Petri

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Thomas E. Petri: thank chairman oberstar, my chairman, jerry costello, ranking member mica and certainly the staff on the committee for their dedicated work on this bill. and in conclusion, while i support the general goal and the overwhelming majority of this bill, i do not support it at this particular time. i yield back.

Thomas E. Petri

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Thomas E. Petri: the chair: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time.

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