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House Proceeding 05-21-09 on May 21st, 2009 :: 2:16:05 to 2:20:50
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Barbara Lee

2:16:01 to 2:16:21( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: for so many years on so many issues. certainly the chairperson of the congressional black caucus. congresswoman, give us your thoughts on the progressive vision for health care in america, the debate going on right now and all across america. i yield to the ms. lee: thank you very much. i want to thank the gentleman for yielding and his generous comments and leadership.

Barbara Lee

2:16:05 to 2:20:50( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Barbara Lee

Barbara Lee

2:16:22 to 2:16:44( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: a couple things i'd just likeo say as i was listening to the discussion tonight. first of all, doctor, congressman mcdermott, i'm very pleased and delighted you laid out why a public option is necessary to reduce health care costs. that fact i think is often missed in this health care reform debate.

Barbara Lee

2:16:45 to 2:17:05( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: i personally i think that single payer, i have to applaud congressman nyers and all of those supporting h.r. 676, that's where we should start. that's where we should start. whether one agrees or disagrees with single payer, that option has to be on the table for us to even move toward a universal and fordable health care for all.

Barbara Lee

2:17:06 to 2:17:28( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: but i hope that we end up with single payer. when you look at medicare and when you look at single payer it works. it has worked for many of our veterans in terms of cost containmenof medical costs, the v.a. is allowed to purchase pharmaceuticals and drugs at a price that is lower than on the open market.

Barbara Lee

2:17:29 to 2:17:49( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: so it just makes a lot of sense. a public option is absolutely necessary and i'm very proud of the fact that the congressional black caucus has gone on record calling for a public option. also let me just mention the importance of closing health care disparities. i was listening to congresswoman watson earlier talking about that. when you look athe

Barbara Lee

2:17:50 to 2:18:11( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: disproportionate rates for example of h.i.v. and aids, or diabetes, or other diseases in communities of color, of course on top of that we have the poor, and rural communities. so when you look at the disparities, if we don't include closing health care disparities and a straty for that in health care reform, we'll end up

Barbara Lee

2:18:12 to 2:18:36( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: with another two-tiered system. we'll have health care reform for those who can afford it. but we'll have those, the millions of people who have historically have these disparities because of the economics of their life and because of the circumstances of their life, they won't be included at all inny new health care reform effort.

Barbara Lee

2:18:38 to 2:18:59( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: . i don't believe health care should be an industry. profits should not be made off sicknesses and illnesses. we should begin to understand that as we keep health care as a profit motive only, then we'll never have the type of system that's affordable and

Barbara Lee

2:19:00 to 2:19:20( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: accessible for all. prevention, what is it an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. we have to focus on prevention and health care reform. many of us have ended up in emergency rooms with their families and we've seen what happens in emergency rooms. many people, especially in communities of color, end up going to emergency rooms for

Barbara Lee

2:19:21 to 2:19:41( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: primary care or go to emergency rooms when it's really too late. when they could have had se form of preventive treatment. we have to look at prevention as key in this reform debate. also, community clinics. community clinics provide access to the poor and rural communities as well as to urban

Barbara Lee

2:19:42 to 2:20:03( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: communities and communities of color. i hope in any health care reform we have and debate, community clinics become central in that effort. mental health care. congressman mcdermott, you're a psychiatrist by trade, by profession. i'm a clinical social worker,

Barbara Lee

2:20:04 to 2:20:26( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: mental health parity, we fought for for year. thanks to patrick kennedy and senator kennedy is the law of the land. in health care reform efforts we have to include mental health as being as important as one's physical health. so congressman ellison, i'm pleased that you're continuing to beat the drum for the progressive caucus on health

Barbara Lee

2:20:27 to 2:20:49( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: care reform. and really putting up our vision for health carery form which is a vision that addresses the majority of americans in our country, it impacts all americans. the progressive promise, which the progressive caucus laid out several years ago is a promise for the entire country system of

Barbara Lee

2:20:50 to 2:20:51( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Lee: talking about that promise and

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