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Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: states we do know about them, we care about them and that we freedom. thank you very much, madam speaker. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the statements will be read into the record. the gentlelady from california, speaker pelosi, reserves the balance of her time.

Frank R. Wolf

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Speech By: Frank R. Wolf

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: yields her time. the gentleman from texas. mr. poe: madam speaker, i yield five minutes to the gentleman from virginia, mr. wolf, the ranking member of the appropriations subcommittee on commerce, justice and science and also he's the co-chair of the tom lantos congressional human rights commission. mr. wolf: i thank the gentleman.

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized five minutes. mr. wolf: i thank the gentleman and want to thank the chairman and the ranking member and the speaker for their efforts to bring this important resolution to the floor. 20 years after peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators gathered in tianmen square and were brutally crushed, the human rights situation in china remains bleak.

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: . the government is in the business of actively rewriting history, almost ke the communist governnt did in russia. "washington post" submits an op ed which opens with the exchange with the author. the chief of the "washington

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: st" beijing bureau in the late 1980's, references his time as a reporter in beijing now reports on june 4, 1989. he writes, quote, it soon became clear that june 4 meant nothing to her. chinese had erased all mention

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: of that. the human rights situation in china is made worse by america's diminished commitment to raise these issues, to be a voice for the voiceless. i'm sad to say today that it's been true of successive administrations of both political parties. in her first trip to the region, secretary state clinton

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: failed to make a public mention of human rights, saying, quote, that those issues can't interfere th economic security or environmental matters. why would the secretary of state say that? a "washington post" editorial falling her trip and dismissive comments on human rights in egypt said that secretary

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: clinton is quote, sending a message that the abuses won't be taken seriously by this administration, end of quote. nor were they taken seriously the wanning days of the last administration. we traveled one month prior to the commencement of the

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: olympics. we presented to ambassador lee, the current chairman of the foreign affairs committee and pressed for the release of all political prisoners in china. one night on that trip, we were scheduled to meet with several human rights lawyers for dinner, all but one scheduled

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: was detained or otherwise prevented by the chinese security forces. one activist with whom we were able to meet with later that evening and he and his family continue to face harassment by security forces. very little was done by the state department in the last administration when that took ace.

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: silence was their response basically to this problem. now we see just this week, news reports indicate that treasury secretary geithner desperately sought to assure china, our bigge of dollars in u.s. debt was not a liability. why didn't geithner at least raise the issue of human

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: rights? couldn't he have said something about it? couldn't he have made a statement about it? couldn't something be done about it? perhaps he will correct the record and at least say something. our own economic reality has i he cantively silenced the voice, a tragic loss for all

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: those political dissidents who languish. the christians who worship secretly in their homes. and they have plundered tibet. they are being per persecuted and muslims and the catholic church, there are 43 bishops in

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: jail today in the catholic church and no one speaks out on behalf of the catholic church and others who have suffered so much. since my first trip to china in 1991 with congressman smith, the human rights situation has gotten worse despite promises to the contrary during the

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: debate. has this institution ever cast was to give this evil empire if you will, in china, the most favored nation trading status. during this trip we visited beijing prison number one. they informed us that 40 tianmen square protestors

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: were in prison. our request to visit the demonstrators were denied but we found them making socks for export to the united states where they were working on free and cheap labor to sell things to the united states. unbelievablely, 20 years after tianmen, our own state

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: department human rights -- the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expid.. mr. wolf: the chinese government still has not provided an accounting of those detained in connection with the 1989 demonstration. tianmen is not commemoration of past events. dozens of people are still

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: believed to be in prison and millions more of chinese citizens hope to the end of their oppression. in a constitutional speech, president reagan described the united states constitution as a covenant we have made with mankind. in closing, we have an obligation to ep the covenant

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: and i continue to pray as many people prayed during the days of the evil empire, prayed for the collapse of the chinese government, many, millions are praying here in the united states for the fall, the fall of the chinese government whereby there will be freedom. the government will be changed

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: and the people of china, the good people of china and there are good people, will be able to live in freedom and there can be a rally in tiananmen square and rally in tianmen square, a prayer meeting in tiananmen square where millions can come and worship in peace, freedom and democracy.

Frank R. Wolf

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Frank R. Wolf: we must rememb those who suffered. they are the here gs of china

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