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Marsha Blackburn

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Marsha Blackburn: i urge my colleagues to join me in supporting h.r. 1817. i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the chair recognizes the gentleman from california. mr. issa: thank you, madam speaker. it's with great pleasure i yield such time as she the gentlelady from tennessee, the author of the bill, marsha blackburn. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady is recognized.

Marsha Blackburn

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Speech By: Marsha Blackburn

Marsha Blackburn

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Marsha Blackburn: mrs. blackburn: thank you, madam speaker. i want to thank my colleague from massachusetts for his wonderful words about governor wilder. i will tell you, though, we probably are having governor wilder and some of his friends listening in summerville, tennessee, today who are saying we need an interpreter on tha

Marsha Blackburn

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Marsha Blackburn: one so that they can understand that wonderful new england accent in our -- to our southern ears. thank you so much for those gracious words. it is indeed an honor to stand and to recognize governor wilder. as the gentleman from massachusetts said, today's his birthday.

Marsha Blackburn

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Marsha Blackburn: he is 88 years old so it is wonderful that we are having this resolution come forward today. and being able to desiate the post office in summerville, tennessee, for this dedicated public servant. you kno democrat.

Marsha Blackburn

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Marsha Blackburn: but he center. and it is so amazing when you look at his career and all that he accomplished because, madam speaker, he chose to build a bipartisan governing, conservative governing coalition. and he really took a great

Marsha Blackburn

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Marsha Blackburn: amount of pride in the fact that he established that for the state of tennessee. indeed, when you look at the fact that the legislatu in the state ofennessee is a co-equal branch with the executive branch, you see governor wilder's handprints on this.

Marsha Blackburn

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Marsha Blackburn: those of us who had the opportunity to serve in the state senate and serve with goff goff wilder -- governor wilder did have the opportunity to participate in the way he addressed that coalition. he really is the embodiment of public service. and as has been stated, he

Marsha Blackburn

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Marsha Blackburn: served under the leadership of both parties. our now senior senator, senator alexander, who was governor, lieutenant governor wilder was indeed the lieutenant governor under his time of service. indeed governor wilder is the one who granted governor

Marsha Blackburn

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Marsha Blackburn: alexander an extra three days on his term when governor wilder moved forward with what he called, impeachment tennessee style for the incumbent governor who was in place prior to senator alexander taking the reins as governor of our state. indeed, luent

Marsha Blackburn

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Marsha Blackburn: served -- lieutenant governor wilder served as lieutenant governor when my predecessor in the seventh district, congressional seat, former congressman and former governor, don sundquist, was in office. so lieutenant governor wilder has a storied clear. i also have the opportunity to

Marsha Blackburn

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Marsha Blackburn: serve as his member of congress now. when he was in the state senate and speaker of the senate and lieutenant governor shared the representation of many of those west tennessee counties with governor wilder. so he h truly had such an

Marsha Blackburn

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Marsha Blackburn: incredible career in public service that it is an honor for me to be able to stand here and to recognize him. and to make certain that we in this body pay tribute to him by naming that post office for him

Marsha Blackburn

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Marsha Blackburn: there in summerville,ennessee. at this time i will yield back my time because i know some of my colleagues have come floor to speak on this resolution. madam speaker, as we all know in the state of tennessee any who serves in public office has sought the advice of john wilder, so whether you served

Marsha Blackburn

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Marsha Blackburn: with him in the state senate or not, everyone went to him for advice and counsel as to how they carried forth their public duties. and how they served in the s of tennessee. so i thank the gentleman from california for yielding. i thank the gentleman from massacsetts for his very kind

Marsha Blackburn

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Marsha Blackburn: words, and i thank my for joining me on my resolution, h.r. 1817, to appropriately

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