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House Proceeding on Jun 3rd, 2009 :: 1:17:20 to 1:23:15
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Virginia Foxx

1:17:16 to 1:17:36( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: avoidance of a vigorous debate that i look forward to on cap and trade when that season is right. i yield back the balance of my time. massachusetts. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yield back. the gentleman from utah. mr. chaffetz: thank you, madam speaker. i yield as much consume to my distinguished colleague from the state of

Virginia Foxx

1:17:20 to 1:23:15( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Virginia Foxx

Virginia Foxx

1:17:37 to 1:17:59( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: north carolina, ms. foxx. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady is recognized. ms. foxx: i thank my colleague from utah and i thank the speaker for the recognition. i want to colleague from arizona made clear, we mean no disrespect, no denigration to the people for whom these post offices are being named.

Virginia Foxx

1:18:00 to 1:18:20( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: in fact we are all very proud mr. mchugh, the nominee for the secretary of the army, whose bill preceded this bill and i want to commend my colleague from maine for legislation to honor carl b. smith, with a post office named in his honor. however we know the way that

Virginia Foxx

1:18:21 to 1:18:41( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: things are handled around here. it's been all too pattern. when it comes time to debate the legislation that is of major significance to everyone in this country, we wind up with closed rules and we wind up with debate cut off.

Virginia Foxx

1:18:42 to 1:19:02( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: and so it is up to us to infor the american people at every opportunity that we have what the impact of proposed legislation by the majority is going to be. we hear over and over again when earmarks are requested by people on the other side that it's important that they bring home

Virginia Foxx

1:19:03 to 1:19:25( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: the bacon to their districts. it's important to our constituents that they be told is going to cost them. because many americans do not know it. and i would say that the things that i have heard in special orders and even in the one minutes where folks on the other

Virginia Foxx

1:19:26 to 1:19:49( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: sidere talking about cap and tax, it's as though we are talking about two different bills. so we are not really having a debate on the merits of a piece of legislation. we are hearing a lot of propaganda legislation, but we are not having a real true debate on it.

Virginia Foxx

1:19:50 to 1:20:11( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: so it's up to us to infor american people of the facts of the legislation. as my colleagues have before, the cap and tax bill that was passed out of the commerce and energy committee a couple weeks ago is a g

Virginia Foxx

1:20:12 to 1:20:32( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: planning scheme. it i choices in people's lives in this country up to the federal government level. it will stifle of private sector innovation. we are the most innovative country of the world because of the freedom that we have.

Virginia Foxx

1:20:33 to 1:20:55( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: and yet all the legislation coming through this congress is ai it is going to result in higher consumer energy prices. we know that. the president's admitted. one of our colleagues from michigan has admitted it's a huge tax. the president has saidhe

Virginia Foxx

1:20:56 to 1:21:17( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: prices are going to skyrocket. how can they deny it when their own leadership has said it? we know it's going to result in job losses, lower wages, and stock devaluation. it's not likely to reduce emissions. and it's -- there is no guarantee that reducing u.s. emissions is going to stop

Virginia Foxx

1:21:18 to 1:21:39( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: what's being called global warming. we don't even know that human beings are causing the warming. so we are using -- i'm not even sure can you call it bad science. i think using the federal science -- term science in conjunction with what's the underlying rationale for this bill is too strong a word.

Virginia Foxx

1:21:40 to 1:22:01( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: but republicans do have an alternative. contrary to what our colleagues are saying over and over, we are not the party of no. we are the party of do. and do right by the american people. the american energy innovation act, which is the republican alternative to this, encourages innovation within the energy market to create the renewable

Virginia Foxx

1:22:02 to 1:22:23( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: fuel options and energy careers of tomorrow. it promotes greater conservation and efficiency by providing incentives for easing energy demand and creating a cleaner, more sustainable environment. it increases the production of american energy by responsibly utilizing all available

Virginia Foxx

1:22:24 to 1:22:44( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: resources and technologies and streamlining burdensome we have an alternative. it is a viable alternative. but at bill will never be debated. you talk about wanting debate, you talk about wanting discussions, why not bring that bill up and let it be debated? why not put it up for a vote

Virginia Foxx

1:22:45 to 1:23:05( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: just like the cap and tax bill will be put up for a vote? no, that's not the way of this majority. the way of this majority is to stifle every idea that is good for this country. and say we won, we are going to do what we want to do. that's the attitude of the

Virginia Foxx

1:23:06 to 1:23:15( Edit History Discussion )

Virginia Foxx: that is not true debate. we would love to have true debate. we'd love to see the people on this floor have they are not being given choices. they are not being allowed to

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