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House Proceeding 06-03-09 on Jun 3rd, 2009 :: 1:21:30 to 1:30:05
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Mike McIntyre

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Mike McIntyre: standard that justifies the recognition of the lumbee tribe. so with that, madam speaker, i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from washington reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from west virginia is recognized. mr. rahall: madam speaker, i'm most delighted to yield 10 minutes to the distinguished gentleman from north carolina, the lead sponsor of this

Mike McIntyre

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Speech By: Mike McIntyre

Mike McIntyre

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Mike McIntyre: legislation, and again commend him for his tremendous leadership. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from north carolina, mr. mcintyre, for 10 minutes. mr. mcintyre: thank you. i ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. mr. mcintyre: thank you, madam speaker. chairman rahall, members of the lumbee tribe, many of whom are here from the tribal council

Mike McIntyre

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Mike McIntyre: today, and i appreciate your support, strong support of the lumbee tribe in the past and willingness to co-sponsor this bill for federal recognition to bring the long overdue justice to the recognition of this tribe. madam speaker, i would like to ask unanimous consent to place into the record four letters from all of north carolina's governor's both democratic and republican, from theast 32

Mike McIntyre

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Mike McIntyre: years in recnition and desire this tribe be federally recognized. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr speaker. my colleagues, i was born and reared in robeson, north carolina, the primary home of the lumbee people. i go home there virtually every weekend and have the high honor of representing about 40,000 of

Mike McIntyre

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Mike McIntyre: the 55,000 lumbee who is live in my home county. there are more who live in my count than any other racial group. i have known many of them most of my life. they are important not only in robeson county but throughout southeastern north carolina. our entire state as evidenced by these letters from our governors and contributions to our nation.

Mike McIntyre

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Mike McIntyre: from medicine and law to business and banking, from the farms and factories, tohe schools and the churches. we had a lumbee indian come and right here as our guest chaplain the first thursday in may. from government, military, our veterans, community service, to entertainment, and athletic accomplishments the lumbees have made tremendous contributions to

Mike McIntyre

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Mike McIntyre: our county, state, and our nation. in fact in my home county the former sheriff, current clerk of court, school superintendent, several county commissioners including the chairman, school board members, and the person who represents me and my family in the state legislature are all lumbee indians. also judges on bothhe district

Mike McIntyre

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Mike McIntyre: court an superior court bench are lumbee indians. in other words, lumbee indians have achieved great accomplishments. their contributions have been recognized from the city councils and county commissioners to our regional medical center, goes on. they all have endorsed recognition of this tribe. let me say this in a broader sense. i personally visited with over

Mike McIntyre

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Mike McIntyre: 300 of my colleagues, many of you listening back in your offices right now and your legislative directors and chiefs of staff, this. in one aspect or another the united states congress has been dealing with this issue since 1888. during that time congress has directed the department of interior to exam the tribe's

Mike McIntyre

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Mike McIntyre: history. 11 times, 11 times this tribe has been examinedy the department of interior. this is not about going around the process. it's not about skipping over the b.i.a. it's not about setting a precedent some other tribe will say we'll skip the process. this tribe's gone through it, folks. they have been examined.

Mike McIntyre

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Mike McIntyre: over an over and over and over and over and over. we can go on and say that 11 times. so why are we still debating this? in 1956, the year i was born, it's been that long now, years later, 1956 this congress recognized the lumbees in name

Mike McIntyre

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Mike McIntyre: only but did not complete the process. there were two other tribes in america that had this dilemma, the friends from arizona the congress went back and completed the recognition in 1987 and 1978.

Mike McIntyre

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Mike McIntyre: so now there's one tribe in america left in this situation, one tribe. this is not setting a precedent for other tribes. in fact, the solicitor from the department of intearor said the only way to resolve this issue is to go back to congress. yeah, you have been through the b.i.a. 11 times. b.i.a. can't do it. go back to congress because what congress started congress should

Mike McIntyre

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Mike McIntyre: finish. that's why we are back here today. we in the 103rd, 104th, yes in our last session of congress, 110th, we passed this slaveplgts we had a 2/3 majority, republicans and democrats, liberals, conservatives, and moderates this isn't about philosophy or partisan politics,

Mike McIntyre

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Mike McIntyre: this is about doing the right thing. to think i go home on weekends and every weekend the folks from the lumbee doesn't our government still recognize we exist? we have tribal m today. do we not recognize as a nation that 55,000 people who have died for this country as veterans and served our country in the

Mike McIntyre

1:26:48 to 1:27:09( Edit History Discussion )

Mike McIntyre: military and law enforcement and the hospitals and banks and farms and factories and all the other places i mentioned earlier are people that deserve the dignity of recognition? this is not about gaming. please hear me friends and colleagues listening in the offices. they have agreed to prohibit gaming in the enacting legislation.

Mike McIntyre

1:27:10 to 1:27:30( Edit History Discussion )

Mike McIntyre: so if this is not about going around the process and it's not about gaming and it's not about a reservation of land. why? because they are fully integrated in society as i have already mentioned. enforcement, our doctors and our bankers back home in north carolina.

Mike McIntyre

1:27:31 to 1:27:51( Edit History Discussion )

Mike McIntyre: what is it about then? it's about getting the politics out of the way that have delayed this bill the last let's get on with it and complete the recognition that the solicitor has said only we can complete. it is a unique situation. they are the only tribe in america in this

Mike McIntyre

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Mike McIntyre: other argument about any other tribe. today our north carolina senators on a bipartisan basis support this bill. today 185 of my colleagues have co-sponsored on a bipartisan basis today the white house recognizes that this is an injustice that, yes, must finally be

Mike McIntyre

1:28:14 to 1:28:34( Edit History Discussion )

Mike McIntyre: the political leadership has stopped it since 1956. political leadership ought to help correct it. thank god they are willing to do that now. today we can take that step toward rectifying this wrong of 53 years ago. when we passed it those other times i mentioned, three other times, it got to the senate only to face inaction.

Mike McIntyre

1:28:35 to 1:28:56( Edit History Discussion )

Mike McIntyre: last year they, ran out of time before the general election. we don't want that to happen. that's why we are getting this done today so that they'll the rest of this year and all of next year hopefully to finally give this tribe its long overdue recognition. what congress started congress should madam speaker, in conclusion let me urge this house n to delay

Mike McIntyre

1:28:57 to 1:29:18( Edit History Discussion )

Mike McIntyre: anymore. justice delayed is justice denied. the evidence is clear, cogent, convincing. the examinations have we have heard the advisory opion from the solicitor. we know that only congress c resolve this. it is time to say yes. yes to dignity and respect. yes to fundamental fairness. yes to decrency.

Mike McIntyre

1:29:19 to 1:29:39( Edit History Discussion )

Mike McIntyre: yes to honor. yes toederal recognition. let's do what is right. people in america are tired of bickering in washington. they are tired of people pointing fingers and dreaming up executions not to get things done. -- excuses not to get things done. let's send a message today we

Mike McIntyre

1:29:40 to 1:30:00( Edit History Discussion )

Mike McIntyre: ar thing. to correct inequities that have occurred in our history. we have conservatives, liberals, moderates, republicans and democrats on this bill. it's not a philosophical or political argument anymore. it's only about doing the right thing. i challenge all of my colleagues and our united states congress

Mike McIntyre

1:30:01 to 1:30:06( Edit History Discussion )

Mike McIntyre: to do the right thing. it's time for discrimination to

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