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House Proceeding 06-03-09 on Jun 3rd, 2009 :: 3:33:30 to 3:37:40
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James Jordan

3:33:26 to 3:33:47( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: chrysler. the bad assets go to old chrysler, the new chrysl the good assets. the letter is clear if you don't sign the participation agreements and agree to whatever terms we think of, general motors. not much of a choice. we were talking about you, my friend. our friend from the western part of ohio, mr. jordan, and

James Jordan

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Speech By: James Jordan

James Jordan

3:33:48 to 3:34:08( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: we were talking a little bit about your experience in the judiciary committee. maybe you could share some humor there i tried to relate it the best you could, but chat about what happened. mr. jordan: why you should never start down this road where government is making decisio in private enterprise.

James Jordan

3:34:09 to 3:34:29( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: but the gentleman related last week in the judiciary or two weeks ago in the judiciary committee, we had auto dealers, we had experts on the -- two exports on the -- experts on the auto industry, we had real experts in there talking about the fact that these handful of

James Jordan

3:34:30 to 3:34:50( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: people who are making decisions that impact so many communities and so many feaments across this country -- families across this country really have just that, no experience whatsoever in manufacturing and particularly auto manufacturing. i just appreciate my colleague from the buckeye state pointing out, you know, here's what's

James Jordan

3:34:51 to 3:35:12( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: frustrating. the government causes this problem and now government's going to fix it? i mean, the cafe standards, artificially plucked out of the air which are the reason, frankly, one othe reasons that the stamping facility in the fourth congressional district was clotes -- closed down, announced a foreclosure this monday, the lack of what i call

James Jordan

3:35:13 to 3:35:33( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: a coherent, commonsense energy policy, let's remember where we were last sum that are started to lead this to situation. it was $4 gasoline and the fact we don't use the natural resources we have in this country to help this situation and industry, again, a failure of government to do the right thing, which helped bring to us this day. frankly, we're only going to make it worse, as my colleagues know, if we pass this crazy cap

James Jordan

3:35:34 to 3:35:54( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: and trade concept which will make it even tougher for manufacturing and auto manufacturing. that's the frustrating part and one last point before i yield back to my colleague, i was on a conference call sunday night with some of the members of the auto task force, briefing members of congress about what was going to happen with the

James Jordan

3:35:55 to 3:36:15( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: restructuring at general motors and frankly the announce thes that were going to occur the next day, june 1, 2009 when 11 g.m. facilities were announced -- the announcement was made they were going to close. one of which was in ontario, ohio, in richland county, in the fourth congressional district. a member of the auto task force

James Jordan

3:36:16 to 3:36:36( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: stated in his comments that the government, the auto task force, wasn't going to be involved in day-to-day decisions about general motors. they would only get involved if it was a, quote, major event. so when his comments were done and members of congss begano ask questions, finally got around to my turn and i said,

James Jordan

3:36:37 to 3:36:57( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: you indicated in your opens comments that you would only get involved in the government task force if it was a major event. it's going to be pretty major tomorrow when they shut down 11 facilities in 11 congressional districts. what's your definition of major? and here's the scary thing. he didn't have one. he said it could be a merger, it could be, you know, a major change in corporate philosophy. he didn't have a definition,

James Jordan

3:36:58 to 3:37:18( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: which just tells you they can do whatever they want, whenever they want and that's why it's so appropriate what mr. latourette and mr. tiberi are doing here on the floor of the house of representatives, showing the chaos they have caused in all kinds of congressional districts, in all kinds of families and communities around this country. i want to applaud again the member from ohio and his hard

James Jordan

3:37:19 to 3:37:39( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: work in trying to get to the bottom of this and letting the american people know what's really going on out there when this important industry in this our. with that i would yield back. mr. latta: thank you. i made a conference call the next day -- mr. tret -- mr. latourette: thank you. i made a conference call the

James Jordan

3:37:40 to 3:37:40( Edit History Discussion )

James Jordan: next day and hearing your

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