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House Proceeding on Jun 4th, 2008 :: 5:31:00 to 5:34:26
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of this yet considerable loss of liberty. and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman from ohio. the gentlewoman from ohio. ms. sutton: i reserve my time. the speaker pro tempore:

Tom Price

5:31:00 to 5:31:16( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: the gentleman from florida. da mr. diaz-balart: mr. speaker, it's my priv ilege to yield three minutes to the distinguished ranking member, mr. mckeon. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman

Tom Price

5:31:00 to 5:34:26( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Tom Price

Tom Price

5:31:16 to 5:31:29( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: is recognized for three minutes. mr. mckeon: i thank the he gentleman for yielding, andfo i rise in opposition to this rule. schools around the nation are facing an immediate funding shortfall, but

Tom Price

5:31:29 to 5:31:40( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: it's not a lack of funds for green facilities maintenance. mr. speaker, like the rest of us, they're struggling with gasoline prices. for local school system, energy represents a significant

Tom Price

5:31:40 to 5:31:54( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: share of their budget. they pay for the fuel to operate the buses that drive children two and from school. they pay to heat their schools in the winter and school them in the summer. they

Tom Price

5:31:54 to 5:32:10( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: pay for electricity to light their classrooms and power their computers. and with the national average for gasoline -- for a gallon of regular gasoline reaching $3.98 today -- now that might

Tom Price

5:32:10 to 5:32:27( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: have been at the start of the debate. it could be $3.99 or $4. in california, it's much higher than this already. these costs have a share in the school budgets. for schools, rising energy

Tom Price

5:32:27 to 5:32:44( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: costs don't stop with school buses and utilities. the cost of fuel makes everything more expensive, from books and supplies to the food that goes into school lunches. so, yes, our schools

Tom Price

5:32:44 to 5:32:59( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: do have an immediate need. and we ought to be on the floor addressing that need today. we should be taking action on comprehensive energy legislation that will increase production, drive innovation and

Tom Price

5:32:59 to 5:33:12( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: promote conservation. unfortunately that's not what wear we're going to do today -- we're going to do today. instead the house will consider a bill that fundamentally changes the federal role

Tom Price

5:33:12 to 5:33:27( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: in education. i'm talking about legislation that begins with the process of federalizing the building and maintenance of individual schools and communities across this nation. agree or disagree

Tom Price

5:33:27 to 5:33:41( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: with what this bill is trying to accomplish, no one can deny that what's being proposed is a significant, perhaps even monumental, shift in education policy. in keeping with theattern established

Tom Price

5:33:41 to 5:33:56( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: by the majority, it is no surprise then that this bill is being brought up with limited opportunity for debate and amendment after being rushed througugan abbreviated committee process. of

Tom Price

5:33:56 to 5:34:13( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: the 20 amendments submitted by republicans, just four were made in order. that's one in five. not surprisingly, members of the majority party fared a little better. of the eight amendments

Tom Price

5:34:13 to 5:34:26( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: they offered and did not withdraw, fully half of them were made in order. several others were combined with amendments that were accepted or added to the manager's amendment, making sure that

Betty Sue Sutton

5:34:26 to 5:34:38( Edit History Discussion )

Betty Sue Sutton: in the end, virtually all of their concerns are going to be addressed. we can do better than this. we should do better than this. but after a year and a half under this iron-fisted majority,

Betty Sue Sutton

5:34:26 to 5:35:42( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Betty Sue Sutton

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