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House Proceeding on Jun 4th, 2009 :: 1:28:50 to 1:33:20
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Peter A. DeFazio

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Peter A. DeFazio: committee levels. so i he my colleagues will join me in support of this rule and the bill. thank you, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman's time has expired. the gentleman from florida continues to reserve his time. the gentleman from colorado. mr. perlmutter: mr. speaker, i'd like to yield three minutes to my friend from or defazio. the speaker pro tempore: the

Peter A. DeFazio

1:28:50 to 1:33:20( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Peter A. DeFazio

Peter A. DeFazio

1:29:07 to 1:29:27( Edit History Discussion )

Peter A. DeFazio: gentleman is recognized for three minutes. mr. defazio: i first bill to enhance screening of aviation in 1987. i saw the extraordinary deficiencies of the system back then, fought for two decades with the airline industry and

Peter A. DeFazio

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Peter A. DeFazio: it took a horrible tragedy to transform the system. even two years before that, bill lipinski and i looked at the work force, minimum wage wage, hightureover, some of them illegal aliens. the industry fough it took a tragedy.

Peter A. DeFazio

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Peter A. DeFazio: out of that, this bill will move it along tremendously, both in aviation and surface security that we need to protect our nation. this bill represents tremendous progress. tripling the funding for surface transportation. an oversight program that will require the airlines give meaningful training to flight

Peter A. DeFazio

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Peter A. DeFazio: crews, something that some of the airlines still aren't doing. they say it costs we will have new standards for foreign repa we have a huge loophole. many of our planes are getting heavy maintenance overseas where there's no security. just imagine what a terrorist operative could do to sabotage

Peter A. DeFazio

1:30:33 to 1:30:53( Edit History Discussion )

Peter A. DeFazio: one of o planes over there. it helps with the last line of defense. our federal flight deck officer program. and it makes other tremendous improvements. i am a bit demused by th gentleman from indiana in somehow ledging that this bill somehow might allow some terrorists to somehow who is known not be on the no-fly

Peter A. DeFazio

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Peter A. DeFazio: list. we have a wholbunch of really bad people in prison. not just down at guantanamo. but in our supermaximum security prisons here. some who attacked the twin towers before 9/11. a guy called the unibomber there's a whole bunch of bad characters in there. guess what, they're not on the no-fly list because they aren't going anywhere.

Peter A. DeFazio

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Peter A. DeFazio: and if they did escape they certainlwouldn't be flying under their own name. so we don't routinely put people who are in maximum, supermaximum security prisons on no-fly lists. but what the bill says is if and when any one of those people who was detained at guantanamo is in any way capable of getting out and

Peter A. DeFazio

1:31:38 to 1:31:59( Edit History Discussion )

Peter A. DeFazio: getting on an airplane, if they're sent to a foreign nation for disposition, and we don't know what that disposition would be, their name must go on the no-fly list. so his arguments about somehow we're underming security or threatening the public are particularly puzzling to me. and as one who has advocated long and hard for enhanced security, you know, i'm a bit

Peter A. DeFazio

1:32:00 to 1:32:20( Edit History Discussion )

Peter A. DeFazio: insulted by that. now, we need better technolog for the federalized work force to use at the point where they screen passengers. and one of those things is a walk-through device where you'll be able to see any concealed contraband on the person that is a tremendous step forward. they've been using it for years

Peter A. DeFazio

1:32:21 to 1:32:41( Edit History Discussion )

Peter A. DeFazio: at heathrow. it's an option at heathrow. mr. perlmutter: i yield to the gentleman one more minute. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. defazio: i thank the gentleman. you can be intrucively frisked at heathrow. it's mr. moran: intrucive here. or you can walk through that screening device.

Peter A. DeFazio

1:32:42 to 1:33:04( Edit History Discussion )

Peter A. DeFazio: more than 85% of the people choose to walk through the screening device. and as we're prosing here, it has extraordinary privacy protections. the person monitoring the dumbed down image of the person's body will be remote from the actual screening area. won't be able to see that person. it's dumbed down. it's not very revealing.

Peter A. DeFazio

1:33:05 to 1:33:22( Edit History Discussion )

Peter A. DeFazio: and, you know, this is forward that will enhance our security. there are ways now to smuggle devices onboard and we have to deal with them. and this is one of them. we also have to deal better with liquids and explosives, a major thre.

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