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Peter T. King

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Peter T. King: like to acknowledge that at this time. mr. chairman, i reserve the balance of my time. the chair: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from new york, for what purpose does the gentleman from new york rise? mr. king: i yield myself such time as i may consume. the chair: the gentleman is recognized. >> at the very outset let me

Peter T. King

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Speech By: Peter T. King

Peter T. King

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Peter T. King: commend chairman thompson and his staff and on the majority side for the corporation that they extended on this bill, for making it a truly bipartisan effort. i also want to commend t chair of the subcommittee, sheila jackson lee, for her bipartisan spirit and also a special way, congressman dent, the ranking member of the subcommittee,

Peter T. King

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Peter T. King: this, as the chairman said, is a collaboratetive effort. there was tremendous cooperation. obviously there were differences between what we wanted and what ended up in the bill. this is basically a fine bill. and, mr. chairman, i also want to commend the outstanding men and women of the t.s.a. for the job that they do day in and day

Peter T. King

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Peter T. King: out in protecting us. i see mr. pascrell is here, just in the new york, new jersey region alone last year they expected 110 billion passengers coming through those airports and again last week alone they confiscated 23 illegal firearms that were going through airports. so they do a very, very

Peter T. King

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Peter T. King: dedicated and outstanding job and also as far as rail transportation, the viper teams have become a vital part of our homeland security apparatus. having said that, let me just mention some of the concerns that i do have about the bill. one is, mr. chairman, that there

Peter T. King

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Peter T. King: is, as of now as of yet no t.s.a. administrat also, my understanding is that there's not even anyone in the wings. there's no one being considered, no one's being mentioned to be the t.s.a. administrator. and yet we put together this bill which i think is a good bill but without any inputrom the head of t.s.a. and since this is a two-year authorization, we're going to be

Peter T. King

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Peter T. King: basically laying out a plan, a plan of action for the next two years, i would prefer that we could have waited until we got an administrator in place to work with his honor. nationally, mr. chairman, -- additionly, mr. chairman, the issue of an authorization bill

Peter T. King

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Peter T. King: and the issue of jurisdiction. this will be, as i see it, the second year in a row that the committee will not have done an authorization bill. and yet next week the appropriations subcommittee, the homeland security appropriations bill will be marked up and the

Peter T. King

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Peter T. King: appropriators will act without our committee's input on 80% of the department of homeland securi's budget. they will act without our input on 75% of the department of homeland security's personnel and they will consider funding programs like the 287-g program,

Peter T. King

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Peter T. King: border security, stude visa enforcement, fema fema capabilities, the coast guard's security programs, secret service protection of the president, to name a few, all without guidance from this committee. now, i believe the main reason for this, and i understand the position that the chairman is in, the main, as i see the reason is that because of the multiplicity of jurisdictional claims to homeland security, it is very difficult for our committee to move forward. the 9/11 commission recommended,

Peter T. King

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Peter T. King: one of their strongest recommendations was that homeland security be consolidated in one committee. several years ago there were 88 committees and subcommittees that claimed some piece of jurisdiction over homeland security. that number is now up to 108. and this should not be a partisan issue. both secretary sher to have in

Peter T. King

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Peter T. King: the previous administration and secretary napolitano in the obama administration have called for consolidation and yet the not being done. so, for instce, if we had gone forward and tried to do an authorization bill, with we couldn't authorize the coast guard or fema because the committee on transportation infrastructure would object. we couldn't authorize

Peter T. King

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Peter T. King: immigration ats could tums enforcement, immigration or u.s. citizen immigration services because the committee on judiciary would object and we can't authorize customers and border protection because the ways and means committee would object. so i think it's really important that we make an effort over the next year, during this congress, to implement, again, with the

Peter T. King

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Peter T. King: most fundamental concerns of the 9/11 commission. that was to consolidate jurisdiction in one committee. the homeland security committee. and i beeve that in 2005 and 2006 when this side of the aisle did control the committee, we did get authorization bills done and when there were jurisdictional dispurities, we won them.

Peter T. King

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Peter T. King: that's a direction we should continue to go in. i give the chairman credit. two years ago when we adopted h.r. 1 which implemented many of the 9/11 commission recommendations, but this fundamental one still has not been done. i realize that no one likes to see jurisdiction, no one likes to give up turf but we're talking about an issue which threatens the survival of our country.

Peter T. King

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Peter T. King: homeland security and so long as we have this dysfunctional system where jurisdiction is spread out over so many committees of the congress, i don't believe we can fully do the job that we should do. the chairman does a good job, the staff does a good job. we do have a -- a very good job on our side of the aisle buzz we're limited because of these jurisdictional limitations. as we go forward on this debate

Peter T. King

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Peter T. King: today, i would hope we would keep this in thank in mind. as we go forward through the course of the year, we keep that in mind also as we try to do the job we're established to do when we became a permanent committee back in 2005 and now, mr.

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