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Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: family leave should have been passed years ago. i rise in support of the bill and i thank the gentleman for yielding me time. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman from texas to close. mr. sessions: i appreciate the gentleman from virginia not only gentleman from california for

Pete Sessions

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Speech By: Pete Sessions

Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: allowing me an additional speaker. madam speaker, i we should have a different title for this bill. this bill should be, the bill wh congress needs to do to expend federal benfits to federal employees, while knowing in april, there were 611,000

Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: private sector jobs that were lost. that is what should be the name of the bill. this is what congress is going to do some some three million jobs that have been lost while this administration has been in power. this is the answer to three million job losses in the private sector.

Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: we're going to extend benefits, further benefits to the federa government. i understand that, because federal government employment has risen about 100,000. and with car companies and banks and everything else, no telling how many federal employees we'll end with at the end of this year. maybe i was wrong. maybe there is a strong demand

Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: for federal government employees who want additional benefits. but we should remember that back home where i'm from and where a lot of people are from, 611,000 jobs disappeared in the month of april. and this is the response from our democrat majority and our president.

Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: let's go spend more money. new benefits for fedal government employees. i get it. i think you will, too, madam speaker, when we hear from people back home. in closing, i would like to reiterate the horrible precedent that this legislation sets. those americans who today that i just talked about, some 611,000

Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: in april alone in the private sector who lost their jobs. millions of americans are jobless and due to the out of control spending of this democrat congress, no analyst or white house official believes jobs will bounce back this year. nobody. matter of fact, the democratic party is on record that it's going to get worse next year and

Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: we're planning on it already. we already understand that. we ought to be saying that instead of extending benefits that's going to cost another $1 billion. why are my friends on the other side afraid of risking more taxpayer dollars to federal employees who have the most job security and excellent benefits? why are they afraid to back away

Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: and wait on this? why are they pushing this? i wonder. i wonder really who is more important and who they're hearing from, because evidently it's not people back home. maybe it is the government workers that they're listening to. maybe government workers are

Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: more important to this party than people back home. maybe that's why this is happening. the republicans are providing quality solutions. we think we understand what the through. we understand what's happening

Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: with the taxing, borrowing and spending. huge deficits and unemployment rates continue on and on and on. i oppo this bill. and i hope that the american people understand that the taxpayer was heard today on the floor of the house of

Pete Sessions

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Pete Sessions: representatives. they were heard by the speakers of the republican party, which says we should not be extending benefits right now and increase the spending to the cost of $1 billion the next five years.

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