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Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: i urge, mr. speaker, all my colleagues to join me in supporting this resolution, and i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves. the gentleman from new york. the gentleman from new york. mr. nadler: mr. speaker, i yield four minutes to the distinguished gentlewoman from new york, the chairperson of

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Speech By: Louise McIntosh Slaughter

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: the rules committe the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady from new york is recognized for four minutes. ms. slauter: thank you, mr. speaker. and today i want to speak about the senseless killing of a good man, as he was volunteering as an usher in his place of worship. dr. george tiller was shot to death as most of us know at his church in wichita, kansas, on the 31st of may.

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: a single gunshot fired by a man who apparently has a long history of animosity to the women's right to choose, ended the life of a man who has dedicated his life to helping others and was a stark reminder to all of us a raw emotion surrounding this issue. in the days since the arrest of the shooter we have now heard reports that even more violence may be planned against doctors

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: who believe in choice. and while this kind of violence is deplorable, it seems to me that this act is particularly villainous because it took place in a house of worship. this place, where people look for peace, safety and protection was in an instant transformed into a place of shocking, senseless violence. our places of worship are meant

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: to be peaceful refuges for those who seek serenity in times of turmoil. the sanctity of these places is honored at all times and without regard to denomination. there should be no exception to this rule and provides for a structure with other faiths and beliefs. only the most evil can bri

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: violence in these most sacred buildings. to devour them with bloodshed is nothing less than villeainous and we should not -- villainous and we should not tolerate it. our churches, synagogues, mosques and others have been the centers of communities, places of scholarships, places of love among humankind.

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: there is more to a place of worship than its physical presence. there is the sense of community and accord and safety where worshipers can share their faith. but when we look at our recent history we have seen a disturbing rise in violence at churches that we have taken no note of in the house of representatives. as mentioned, 68 persons have

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: been shot, dead or wounded or assaulted in violence in religious institutions here in the united states. this is more than deplorable. deepening the tragedies there has no expression of outrage -- violence in the house of worship. it shakes the foundations in

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: our communities, our principles and our nation. it's not an islamic issue or any one faith. it's a test as we as a society are willing to tolerate and reminder that some people in this nation do not respect the sanctity of a house of worship. . in march of 2009 reverend fred

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: winters was killedhile at the pulpit by gunfire at the first baptist church in illinois. on after the gun malfunctioned members of the congregation subdued the shooter to prevent further fatalities. reverend donald fairbanks jr. was fatally shot at the ninth street baptist church in kentucky in november of 2008.

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: people who attempt add funeral for a woman with relatives in his congregation and grief turned to fear as the gunman opened fire in the church. july, 2008, an usher and guest were shot and killed during the opened act of a children's play in knoxville, tennessee. the gunman walked into the sanctuary carrying a guitar case with a 12-gauge shotgun.

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: he's said to have fired over 40 shots. killing two and injuring seven. in may, 2006, five family members killed by a gunman who opened fire during a church service in baton rouge, louisiana. the whole family was wiped out and the shooter's wife was abducted from the church and killed nearby. one of the most upsetting in

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: recent memory started in 1999 when a lone gunman massacred seven worshipers and wounded seven others at a youth celebration. 150 teenagers that were all taking place in the sanctuary of the wedgwood baptist church in fort worth, texas. 150 teenagers. the assault was one of the worst

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: ever and i know there was a trem sense of loss after that lawful act. why doesn't america care about this? why have we said absolutely nothing about it? why are we allowing concealed weapons being carried in federal parks where i hope most people will not be able to go with any notion they might not com out alive. dr. tiller's family held a memorial service for him over

Louise McIntosh Slaughter

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Louise McIntosh Slaughter: the weekend after his burial on friday and he was remembered by all four of his children for his care and devotion as both physician and father. it's a sensele tragedy and so

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